LATAM 787 Economy Class flight review

Come and try Economy Class on the LATAM 787 from Sydney to Auckland on my latest flight review video.

LATAM is the biggest and best airline in South America – it’s the recently rebranded combination of LAN and TAM.

On this 787 Dreamliner flight review I test out LATAM economy class. As always my flight review features boarding, take-off, the LATAM economy class cabin and seat, the in-flight dining and LATAM’s inflight entertainment system.

Check out LATAM Business Class on the 787 here:


Jose Vera says:

Nice video and aircraft !! I view from Venezuela!

J D says:

Hi from Chile

Luke van den Berg says:

absolutely brilliant review Denis i will be on this plane on the 9th of April. this was my first time watching your video’s and you earned yourself a subscriber and i gave this video a like

Kiwi NZL says:

Yeah! economy there looks ok,but if i was to fly on a long haul flight again.,i think i’d splash out & go business & enjoy the flight more.Great videos by-the-way Dennis,you’re awesome!

H S says:

nice video!quick question.How often do you fly?

Croz Over Carrillo says:

very nice

Keshia Dolce says:

Not gonna lie – that sandwich looked damn good! Hahah

Willamis Bezerra says:


FS2004looney says:

Loved this video. Came here because of a last minute, and somehow cheaper, decision to fly LATAM over Virgin Australia. Seats 32L and 32K for my girlfriend. Travelling to Auckland for our first holiday together, just the two of us, then off to Queenstown before heading back.

Isaac Ferrr says:

tam brasileiro latam brasileiro e sul americano

Ancupola says:

Thank you for sharing

The PD says:

hey man i like that song at 1:00

Mónica Grace says:


Dolly Sutton says:

necesito saber el numero de latam aca en los angeles por favor gracias

Father Bertolucci says:

I used to like flying in their A340 back when they were called LAN. They are a good airline.

Gaurav Gogia says:

i like the moodlighting

Unknown !!! says:

cool video as always !!! I have watched u r every video for at least 2 times . only question I. have to ask is what do u do for living and where do u live ???

Bromleycafc says:

I’m a big fan of your videos. I’m heading to Australia in December for the ashes and your videos have helped me decide which airlines to use for the internal flights. With Avios you get amazing deals on Qantas business class. Keep up the good work and avoid BA!

Francisco Daniel zarazaga says:

I have a fly, bad bathrooms, bad food, unconfortable seat, good intertament, and good services.

rohan adukia says:

Do a Air India First Class!

sagar hubli says:

Hey Dennis when is your next video coming out?

M Naeosh says:

Did it have WiFi on board? I’m flying soon :’)

Samwalton85 says:

I just checked your subscribers and you’ve reached over 20K. I am so happy for you and I can’t emphasize how lucky I am to discover your channel. Your reviews are very refreshing, very smooth, easy to watch, and the energy and vibes are just what i need in the morning before heading to work. Keep up the superb work!

Dialoguematters says:

Great video 🙂 but the 787 is extremely uncomfortable..I prefer the A350 airbus

alan jansen says:

Hello Dennis,
I am flying with LATAM to auckland next week however their inflight and your video is awesome, i have found that the customer service when ringing their contact centre to be extremely basic and not that helpful as well as their online manage booking to be also basic.

Kirsty Walker says:

Now that’s an economy cabin where there’s some dignity for passengers.

Daniel Sedycias says:

Ha LATAM is the biggest but not the best! I tried to look for flights from JFK to GIG but those idiots keep adding layovers or operated by American Airlines. I hate AA, if your’e going to fly to Brazil, DON’T GO ON LATAM!

Aviatorspot says:

Great flight review! I subbed, sub back? The LATAM B787 is very spacious inside, looks like a good airline to fly in!

Jakeian Martinez says:

can u do a really long flight? like Sydney to Toronto? perhaps ? then try reviewing some north American Airlines like delta or westjet or even air Canada? thanks oh and try it with economy cause majority of the people will fly in economy

jack prasad says:

rather swim bac to aucks

marko1clw says:

Latam = i am flying… in Polish

Jose Alfaro says:

Latam Premium Economy

StarAviation - HD says:

My best friend Thays flies Latam and I’m planning to take this airline down to South America where she lives!

Ryan Silva says:

I flew on LATHAM to Brazil and it was very great!

Don Coleman says:

Nicely done review! If LATAM flew Brisbane-NZ I’d seriously consider them. The only worthwhile option for people who want to sit with their better half in business class on across the ditch flights is Emirates.

YXNG_SAV says:

The intro was so sophisticated

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