Korean Air Economy Class flight to Seoul – Airbus A330 Flight Review – Long Haul

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Part 2/3: This is a Korean Air Flight Review of our Economy Class (Coach) Long Haul flight from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) to Incheon International Airport (ICN), South Korea’s largest airport. Our flight is onboard a Korean Air Airbus A330 (Airbus A330-200) where the seat configuration is 2-4-2 in Economy Class and 2-2-2 in Business Class. This Korean Air Flight Review covers the walk to the gate at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport do the boarding of our Korean Air flight to Seoul. After boarding taxi begins out toward the runway and then we takeoff. Following takeoff we present the Korean Air Economy Class cabin, the Korean Air Economy Class seats, the Korean Air Inflight Entertainment System, Korean Air Inflight Meals, Korean Air Inflight Drinks, Korean Air Amenity Bag, Korean Air Duty Free shopping magazines, Korean Air Inflight magazine, Korean Air Onboard Safety Card, Korean Air Economy Class Lavatories.The video also includes our arrival at Seoul´s Incheon International Airport and our disembarkation from our Korean Air Airbus A330 (Airbus A330-200) Economy Class flight.

– The cabin crew onboard this flight were friendly professional and
very efficient, we would go as far
as to say, maybe the most efficient cabin crew we have ever

– The inflight food and drink services were very good. Very
noteworthy and appreciated was the bottle
of water waiting for us at our seat when we came onboard. Both
the dinner and breakfast served was
good and as Westerners we were very happy to get the chance to
try Bibimbap. The process of mixing it
up on the tray was great fun and it contributed to making this
flight a very memorable one.

– The legroom was adequate comparable to competing Asian
Airlines such as Thai Airways.
Maro did miss having a foot rest for her feet (like the ones found
on Thai Airways).

– The inflight entertainment system was excellent and offered a
very good selection of Western and Asian
movies to keep us busy during the flight. We were especially
happy to see that two external cameras
were also available to show the view outside the aircraft.

We enjoyed this flight from start to end. The efficient, friendly and
very smartly dressed crew members
created a positive atmosphere onboard and nothing was too
much to ask for. Experiencing Bibimbap was
one of the highlights of the flight, as it was a “unique” inflight
meal. We can highly recommend this airline
for your next flight to Asia. We look forward to flying Korean Air

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This Korean Air Flight Review footage is filmed by Maxi and Maro (Travel Vloggers) at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, onboard a Korean Air Airbus A330 (Economy Class cabin) and inside Seoul´s Incheon International Airport with our 4K Camcorder which can be seen on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2tyK6D9

Wiki writes about Korean Air, “Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd., operating as Korean Air, is the largest airline and flag carrier of South Korea based on fleet size, international destinations and international flights…”

Wiki writes about Incheon International Airport, “Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea, the primary airport serving the Seoul Capital Area, and one of the largest and busiest airports in the world…”

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Ellie Eunbee Baek says:

I love both of you!! I was born in South Korea and moved to Western Australia. Unfortunately, I haven’t had many chances to fly with Korean Air..You two made me feel like l’m flying with them and going to my home country. Hope you visit Korea someday, or Australia as well. ❤️

shanta shiwakoti says:

I am the pilot of this airlines

X Z Seng says:

Never trust someone that says it’s a short walk! I once regretted and almost made an entire fully booked a320 wait for 2 people… gosh was I sweaty and the looks on people as we ran and our names were called our across the terminal and finally the looks on the passengers when we boarded.

Adila Arwen says:

Oh wow! I love this vid of yours. I’m planning my first trip to South Korea with my two boys and was thinking of using Korean Air. It’ll be our first time too. I’ve researched other written reviews about the airline and all I read were just negative ones. But your vid has given me the full assurance and confidence now. Thank you so much and so glad you enjoyed your flight. My only problem about this aircraft was that it’s only a 2 seater at the windows? Hopefully the A380 is a 3 seater by the windows. Both of you are such a lovely couple to watch and your vids are top notch. All the best to you both and safe travels xx

eieifuf c says:

I’m Korean and I have some tip
Korean air give noodle when you talk to ‘I want to noodle’

Kiwi NZL says:

It’s a pity they don’t allow roller skating in these mega sized airports,that sure would be a quicker way of getting around (lol),enjoyed viewing yet another awesome flight review that you both do so well.

Jefferson Mason says:

Probably been said but that airport you saw was PEK airport.

Olivia Hosselton says:

At first I was like “oh I won’t watch this whole thing!” And then an hour later I was still watching it. THANK You! This video was perfect for showing me what to expect on our upcoming flight. My question is, if you ask for more water, is it from a bottle? And is the in flight entertainment complimentary? Also do they have WiFi? Also I’m so impressed you guys made it through security and got to your flight! It reminded me of the scene from Home Alone 2 (which always blows my mind, but it was a pre 9/11 U.S.)

rich guy says:

Korean air is world class.

peekaboo2u says:

True that you can not select your seats and the airline does that for you?

Suursaadik says:

Kas olete Eestist lennureisija?

surveyguyor says:

i don’t believe that was economy. it looks much wider. you were only 2 seats at the side.

Veby Oktia Hasibuan says:

Nice video! I flew Korean Air from AMS to ICN 5 years ago and surprisingly the service is still the same. Even the amenities

Slimanime Lover says:

I ate bibimbap at home because I am Korean.

roddy222 says:

I have just had a recent flight from Incheon to Osaka on a 787-9 with Korean-Air and found the whole experience excellent. Crew were outstanding in dealing with customers and one of the smoothest flights I’ve ever had from the pilots. Great Job Korean-air. Cheers.

Duck Koon Chung says:

Mucha tension…


인천공항은 INC가 아니라 ICN CODE를 쓰고 있습니다… 게시물 설명에 …. INC으로 되어 있네요 … ICN으로 고쳐주세요

norbel garcia says:

Nice video keep up the good work thanks for sharing us….

James Kirk says:

Like your videos, your positive and respectfull attitude.

Craftypro931 says:

How was it in Korea??

Jin Y says:

I always use Korean air. Service is excellent and seat has enough leg room. I found Korean economy class is better than American airline business class.

Han Ninh says:

The video is so helpful and interesting. I am selecting an airline to fly to an Asian country in my vacation. Korean Air really is a very good airline. Thank you for your video.


잘봤어 잘찍었네

Eric Nootebos says:

Those walks in Amsterdam airport..pff. But thanx for the video, i am taking this flight next month and good to see its no ryanair 😉

surveyguyor says:

bibimbap are fun, but that is so small !!!

Rj Yuggy says:

The first 5 minutes was so stressful.

J. L says:

Did the cabin smell of garlic for the whole duration after the dinner service?

김누리 says:

You guys are so cute!! Hope you liked Korea

Alex.T says:

That was close haha you made it !

Andrej Žnidarič says:

I fly with Korean Air to Incheong. First long haul. I had pretty same experience. Enough leg space, great service (Pretty much the same). It was first flight with wide body aircraft for me. It was perfect. But I couldn’t sleep.Se beacouse we had to put shaders down it was little off for me. I wanted to watch landscape at night and day. But I did take a peak at time to time and I’m not sorry for that (Baku was very pretty at night). On the way back the multimedia system Airshow was needed reset which was quite long (more than half an hour). But this looks like it is normal on board of A330-200 – HL8772 cause the coleege was fly with excatly that plane one week later and have the same problem on the way back to Europe.
Over all nice service and nice flight. I want fly again with Korean Air.

Joshua Han says:

good thing you guys made it. If you missed then you might have been put on a KLM operated flight. KLM and korean air are both sky team so not much hassle.

Daniel Ansari says:

Is there plug charger on Korean Air ?

Jhiho kymnn says:

The cabin crew looks flawless, the uniforms look stunning!

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