JetBlue A320 Core Class (Economy) Review

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Welcome onboard this JetBlue Airways Airbus A320
Class: Economy (Core Class)
Origin: Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL)
Destination: San Diego International Airport (SAN)
Flight Time: 5:02
Takeoff time: 5:17 (5 minutes behind schedule)
Landing time: 7:20 (29 minutes before schedule)
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Registration: N536JB
Recorded with: iPhone X

Disclaimer: This aircraft was the aircraft involved in the twisted emergency landing over 10 years ago. I was completely blanking out and didn’t even realize it until after this video was uploaded. Pretty neat…
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Welcome to iTripReport’s flight reviews, where we review everything from the service to the flight. We make sure to to put every single detail on each of our flights, from a first person real time perspective. We record everything from the cabin to the flight itself, this video will make sure to include everything you are looking for in a flight! Enjoy!


fred H says:

that boy flight attendant is my couson lol jk

MTA R Train says:

What was the font used in the video?

Alex Weissman says:

You went on the Norwegian Escape?! I’ve been on that ship 2 times

Nathan V. says:

I love jetBlue, don’t get me wrong. But I’m so thankful that they’re updating their product to have better seats and power ports.

Eli K says:

I am flying on the JetBlue A320 tomorrow! Very excited for the flight! Also, great video as usual! Keep up the incredible work!
Edit: 4:40, you spelled WiFi wrong.

Peter Lokey says:

Awesome Video. What Kind Trips Do You Have Planned This?

Kjax TV says:

To let you know you took off on the north runway of FLL (10L) I think I may have spotted you

banstaman says:

A lot of other airlines have more amenities on their planes; even their older ones. But in terms of in-flight service/attention/crews, no other airline comes close in quality, not even many first class offerings can match the quality of service of jetBlue.

Jared says:

Slight mistake you made: you said none of JetBlue’s planes have power ports… some of the newer airbuses that are 5 years old or less have power ports. I flew on one from Nashville to FLL and every seat had power ports to charge a laptop and/or USB products

James Hakimi says:

I think JetBlue and Delta are the best domestic airlines

eesti laatvi leedu says:

They are doing an A320 modern revamp

Brothers Travel says:

Good review… If you are interested in Jetstar economy, we have a 30 second review on our channel, with a full report coming soon (the Jetstar plane, like the JetBlue one, is also starting to show its age)

Christian Chin says:

I live in ft Lauderdale. Cooper City.

Carlos_ Destroyertv says:

Jetblue is the best airline it offered a lot good thing that sw,spirit,frontier dont have.

Blake Filippi says:

That same episode of Family Guy played on Adult Swim last night

planedudea380 says:

Wow that was rough missing the ship, I’ve heard they may allow some exceptions, but yeah usually the passport is a must. I love JBU, sadly they’ve had issues with updating their product and very little of their fleet has been upgraded, some planes really do need it.

fejic says:

I love JetBlue. And yes, FLL is really a disappointing airport. Needs an upgrade asap

Sky’sTheLimit87 says:

Jet Blue is updating all of their A320s with the new A321 interior

Richy says:

I read that jetblue are reducing their seat pitch from 34 inch to 32 inch 🙁 however they are installing their new slimmer seats to somewhat compensate.

CineRaphael says:

They use an airline that is 10+ year old? Dang they must have been renovated many times and it fool me into thinking that the airplane are less,than 5 years old.

BenjiMV says:

I hope to fly this airline soon!

Jason Moors says:

So if I understand your storyline,you’re at the cruise terminal at FLL,ready to board when suddenly you realize you forgot your visas back home in California! You book a last minute flight back to SAN on the spot,costing about $300,flying 5hrs home to retrieve the documents–what kind of turnaround time did you have in California to fly back to FLL to continue your Jamaican cruise? And if anybody else was with you ready to board the ship,what did they do while you did all this coast to coast flying?

Tavish Rowell says:

Ik this is old but I love JetBlue I think they’re great

CuteCubicOcelot says:

Sorry about you missing the ship.

Amtrakfan2009 says:

N536JB is the plane that was involved in the flight 292 accident where the landing gear twisted 90 degrees to the left.

QFS Aviation says:

Awesome video! Wow, I just realized that our channels are identical. Keep up the good work!

Silverwater456 says:

Bro delta has the 3 free stuff but probobly not a common as jetblue.

Tribo dos Ônibus & Tribo dos Aviões says:

Wonderful Vídeo Man!!! Receive Like.
I´m Brazilian, I have a channel about Flight Report. Watch After that.–vYCVPN_iZGcw?view_as=subscriber

Caden Fellows says:

I feel so bad for you. Did you make it on the cruise?

SJ Navaid says:

Why did you go on Norwegian? IMO they have the worst service of any major American cruise line. I suggest Carnival next time.

Jamie Bardon says:

A bit of a roller coaster of a take off! I hope your stomach held up!

SJ Navaid says:

OMG NO WAY I just got off a cruise from Miami and flew home on the 7th with a JetBlue a320 from FLL to BUF!!!!!

Aviator Molson says:

I am going on that ship next week lmao.

David Ramírez says:

Is this the Fort Lauderdale airport?

Jim Keller says:

Dear jetBlue: My two children, wife and I were flying to O’Hare from JFK on the early morning of July18th. After driving a long distance, paying for long term parking off-site, and taking a train to the terminal, I was informed AT THE TERMINAL, via voicemail that our flight was cancelled. After standing in a long line, we confronted one of your stone-faced agents who asked “what do you want to do”? I retorted “what do I want to do??? Go to Chicago.” She said the plane had technical issues and can’t fly. The options she offered were ridiculous. There were no other flights to Chicago that day. There were no spare planes (a first in my flight experience), and the only available flights the next day were at another airport with layovers in Boston or Florida. Online, I find that JetBlue has an abhorrent record concerning cancellations and delays, among the worst by US carriers. It turns out that on that day, jetBlue lead the pack with cancellations at O’Hare AND JFK! We could not rebook another flight as our vacation days cannot be moved. Cancelling our hotel reservations was arduous since it was less than 24 hours to check-in. The fact that a major airline, in a major hub could not provide another plane is, I feel, inexcusable. The paltry $100 service credit is an insult. Unfortunately, since my time off work cannot be moved our summer vacation plans have disappeared! My children ages 9 and 10 had been looking forward to the trip for quite some time. Needless to say I will never book with JetBlue again, nor will my family. I will surely spread the word.

Delta319 says:

Nice job #iTripReport

Crunchyspatient says:

In conclusion, you had to go back to your house in San Diego and watched a dead meme on the flight

21xd09 says:

Wow no thrust reverse landing? Also your really love ginger ale, same here!!

LifeIsGood says:

jetblue is the best domestic airline IMO

Defined Boundary says:

Best domestic airline in the USA

Jake Holland says:

my favorite low cost carrier is probably southwest because free snack and free live tv and cheap prices

Blake Edgington - Airborne says:

Great review. Looking at U.S carriers for a trip next year and JetBlue is high on the list.

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