How to Pick the Best Seat in Economy

Choosing a seat can make or break a flight on most airplanes. And being stuck in a middle seat is never the best option. Know Before You Go Travel Correspondent Alyssa Caverley looks at five ways you can boost your chances of getting a great seat in coach.


Adrian Lee says:

The Travel Corrpondent? seriously, if your spelling is not correct, then your a faker

Abhishake Mitra says:

ok, what the hell is a corrpondent?? 😛 0:15

captain Spaulding says:

if the flight is full , its going to be a shit show

aaround says:

Thank you for the INFO!!!

Gary Austen says:

I only fly every few years or so and never had heard of SeatGuru before booking my upcoming trip. I decided to go for broke and pay extra for Delta Economy Comfort and picked one of only 6 good seats on the 777 I’ll be taking to Israel (bulkhead, right behind business class, window seat). I cringed at the extra charge, but buying my own ticket vs the tour company making arrangements saved me $850 and I’m going fro my birthday so I decided to treat myself.

bacithefencer says:

love this channel but it looks like this video is from the 90’s…update the footage! still great tips nonetheless!

Daniel says:

I was able to snag the Crew Rest seat on a JFK-SFO flight on American’s 767 and was able to lie flat. I also look 24 hours before the flight to get a better seat. I always go  online  24 hours before and chose a better seat if its available.

Christy Krohne says:

This is a very outdated video; British Airways only open seat selection 24 Hours before departure. Otherwise, you can buy a seat of your choice. Obviously within your paid Class.

John Repecki says:

A very informative video and a good tip on seatguru.
Thanks for posting.

BritishMetric144 says:

My dad on Southwest Airlines yesterday was able to sit in economy seat 1A!

MRC AZ says:

Very good info. SeatGuru is great for selecting seats. Even if you don’t fly often, become a loyalty member. Certain airlines don’t loose status of miles after a year. You may loose the miles for that year, but your status over time only gets better. Also, always as a loyalty member, buy economy seat tickets, then at that 24 hour pre-check in, or in the first couple of hours, check-in, that is when you get the best prices for upgrades. I have saved thousands of dollars using this method, and in the last year, I was not able to upgrade to 1st Class once, all the other times I upgraded very cheap to First Class.

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