Game-changing new Economy ‘Skycouch’ seating at Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has brought beds to economy on their new 777-300 and 787.

CEO Rob Fyfe and Project Manager Ed Sims briefed the crowds on Tuesdays event in Auckland, and demonstrated what makes the Skycouch economy seats so remarkable, and also showed us one of the designs that were rejected after nearly making the cut.


joseph dunn says:

What about the big guys like me? Six footers. We’re the minority. All seating lately in Aircrafts in economy classes are very cramped.

Wolfie Productions says:

wheres my fush n chups bru


Ok the guy said the couch seat can hold up a 300pound person. What is that in kilograms. Because New Zealand has some hefty size ladies and men. Weather they be teenagers or adults.

Bruce Horne says:

very smart

Pearse Phelan says:

Cant wait for the headlines ” couple caught having sex on sky couch”

LOK Chu says:

this would only happen when the bookings are not full, and who will pay extra when such seating is available for just a bed sheet?

qgmlwy says:

They should make stackable L block chairs where you can sit down with your legs stretched out in front of you. It would be a repeating pattern that stacked like a pattern of Tetris L blocks. A better idea would be to make existing airline chairs better especially for tall people who don’t have tiny legs.

badger5079 says:

Do people still fart on planes?

Chip Carey says:

I know full well that on if fit into that seat cuz I’m fat af

Leo Cheung says:

6:51 LMFAOOOO skycouch porno?

OntarioStorms says:

Gonna be a lot of under the blanket handy J’s going on.

isawondfl1 says:

The mile high club will love this. I can hear them now. Mam, can you please stop moaning, my kid is in front of you.

Anil Lata Prasad says:


Haydn Payne says:


sangin Rai says:


Cheeky Kent says:

i can’t wait to try this and fart like fuck at the middle row

water bottle says:

3 some tho

James Blunt says:

When was the last time you had an empty seat next to you? Just flew back from America with Air NZ. Terrible experience, late crews for planes, downgraded from Premium economy to economy due to the late crew causing a missed connection, hours sitting at airports.. If you have the option, choose another airline.

jagara1 says:

As ridiculous as solar roadways – two short slim people spooning on a set of seats designed for three people.
People believe this shit!?

anotherblonde says:

When he says catalogue suppliers, I thought he was going to say cattle suppliers.

When will the capsule flight be invented? We get put into stasis at the departure lounge, loaded into a capsule, loaded like luggage, and woken up at our destination in the arrivals hall? Each capsule could have a parachute in case of engine failure. Just imagine, a perfectly comfortable, peaceful flight without duty free announcements or screaming toddlers, where you arrive refreshed and ready for your holiday. Bring it on.

Incidentally, under EU rules when shipping cattle and equidae for longer than 8 hours, animals must be able to stand up, turn round and lay down.

carol zebra says:

What if people in front of you decided to have their seat tilted back to sleep ….there won’t be space for two people to sleep in that “skycouch”
I wonder if this crossed their mind.

Rocco DiMeo says:

3:30 the new mile high club

John Kennedy says:

Stupid! Setting yourself up for mile high club for sure. Plus it does not look that comfy

Strider9655 says:

Looks like the results of a high school project……

It’s a reclining chair, shrunk down and bolted to 2 other reclining chairs.

And they cost the customer more? So if they cost more why can’t you just give more space for that money instead of cramming people into the same space on a seat that relies entirely on all 3 people wanting to do the same thing at the same time?
Charging more for the same space on the plane………. Need I say more?

Nobody has gone into that and thought “you know what, let’s rethink this entirely, let’s apply some logical thinking and come up with something truly different”, perhaps a little more life experience would have helped?

lesmoor kelly says:

sleeping with strangers cool

kklassen85 says:

There would be far too much sex going on these ‘sky couches’. You’d have to bring a UV light with you before sitting down on one.

Luiz Gustavo Lima says:

Let me understand: if the plane is not “fully full” you are not able anymore to catch 3 seats to spare yourself, free of charge? In a way, disappointing…

You have 2 cents, Chuck Norris has 1 cent. Chuck Norris has more money than you says:

Total crap. I’ll take my Audi A8 heated massage 18 way power seats.

Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen says:

200$ more for this? K I’m out.

Anish Reddi says:

Etihad new economy is much more comfortable

cherwell says:

did this actually happen

Paul Cheek says:

Will never work, couples will be having sex…

Paul Millr says:

this is just not living in the real world, put a very tall or overweight couple in there and then demonstrate the “game changing seats” – another lame duck by the air industry.

Sam Pochin says:

So much respect to air nz for doing this for economy passengers. I fly business on long haul mostly but would have no problem being on economy on this plane

Spacey Men says:

Makes it easy to join the Mile high club 😀 😉

Andrew Sitrin says:

Wait, people press the call button to get a drink?? I just go to the flight attendant in the front for one

Marcus LeeP says:

Very nice…

daro2096 says:

I thought this was an April Fools Joke at first.

Silath1996 says:

so.. there are 3 seats… and the bed fits 2 people
where the hell does the poor sod you’ve just kicked out of their seat go?

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