Food Review! EVA Air ECONOMY CLASS New York to Saigon Vietnam & First Day in Vietnam

I FINALLY traveled to Saigon in Vietnam! In this video, I visited my favorite New York bagel shop, attended a conference and reviewed Eva Air’s economy flight service and food.

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JIE GAO says:

Food Review! EVE Air ECONOMY CLASS New York to Saigon Vietnam & Frist Day Vietanam

Jereme Crane says:

You should introduce your travel companions from time to time it would be fun to learn who they are we know who you are !!!

Andrea Malvesado says:

Thank you Mike for all the information you give us as always.
I am flying you EVA this year to go from London to Thailand, I hope we have a good flight not for me but because my mom is coming and it is her first time going outside of Europe.

Keep it up with the good work 🙂

KratingDeng says:

Grab is the South East Asean version of Uber 🙂

Ryan Daniels says:

i wonder how many gallons of hot oil he has ate in his life

Ulysses Ingene says:

Mikey Chen

Irene kim says:

I saw The Philippine Airlines

snuss167 says:

So mikey my friend and i are flying to Japan in the last part of next year. Im a big guy , do you think economy is going to be comfortable, or should we premium economy? Thanks any help will be valuable.

Patrick Hockstetter says:

Mike you should go to Scotland one day, the food is absolutely amazing

Colin 3 says:

I love your hard working ethic luv ur vides

GalaxyMaster says:

YOU WATCH SUPERNATURAL?!?!?! my new favorite human

Winston Cheng says:

My mom can bring me food from first class if shes working in that flight lmao

JIE GAO says:

Published On Jan 2, 2018

Kaleen Jasperson says:

Your amazing. I love watching your vids. (Go team freewill) ( supernatural reference)

Ninja _Tyler says:

I’m in Saigon vietnam

NYC 777 says:

400 bucks you buy a mama san for 4 yrs.

Paul Kinman says:

Hey man, awesome video. What song is playing at 6:10? I have checked the links below bit couldn’t find it! Cheers.

Angelito Malinao says:

What nationality are you mikey xhen

Space Corgi says:

Omg im going to saigon with eva air too! Lol i got a layover at 5 in the morning too! Omg but im flying from Chicago lol

Zehao says:

Going to fly EVA to thailand at the end of the month. If they have calpis on the my flight thats my water for the next 16hours =X

BavarianRhapsody says:

My favorite bagel combo

Ulysses Ingene says:

Food Reivew EVE Air ECONOMY CLASS New York to Saigon Vietnam & First Day In Vetnam

Stephy Meow says:

idk how people can eat so much before a flight. i noticed you eat so much food in flushing before flying out of nyc or eat a lot in general before any flight… i mean how do you deal with the constipation with endless hours of immobility???

ricey boi says:

Lol I been in the same plane

Chester ferds castro says:

did you pay the food you’re eating in the plane or it’s package with the tocket you bought

Ralph Reyna says:

What was the name of the air b&b you went too?

Thanh Personal says:

every single pronunciation of hello, delicious, and thank you in Vietnamese was incorrect, but nice try

Denise Sancan says:

It’s not an “Asian” thing, Mikey!!!
It is because you are wonderful,
and have a great personality—
and appetite, for all that is good!!
Your parents raised you right, Sweetie!!



Ulysses Ingene says:

Pulished On Jan 2, 2018

Darren Tran says:

who else is Vietnamese and goes there about once a year and was recognizing so many buildings

Giggity 96 says:

EVA Airlines disliked this video 100 times

Kei Kurono says:

your hairstyle at 0:00-0:53 looks like Hitler

Christina Lee says:

Gosh words can’t describe how wholesome Mikey is !!

annyeong Nancy says:

Vietnam is so hot in the summer!! Like when you step outside you will start to sweat like crazy

Niet van belang says:

Hello Mikey, I booked a flight with Eva premium economy class from Amsterdam to Bangkok, in March and I served the bulkhead chair, do you no about that class? Thanks in advance. Greetings from Marcel

M T says:

Next time you fly to Vietnam, fly with Vietnam Airline’s

Steven Hyped says:

I’m Vietnamese l

Melody Lalala says:

The service in EVA air is not good. The flight attendant forgot my request for a drink. My throat was dry most of the flight.

21cents says:

I don’t like the food over there

Chelsea Divel says:

Love your videos so much

Bryan Rodriguez says:

Hi Mikey! Could you please tell me how did you get your visa to Vietnam? I’m an American Citizen. Thank you!

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