Flyer Beware: EasyJet A320 Economy Class Review | Prague – Gatwick – Munich

EasyJet has different policies from Ryanair and Norwegian. While I should’ve done my research beforehand, these policies are reason enough for me not to fly EasyJet again 🙁

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Airline: easyjet, EZY
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Flight number: U28998 to U28981
Airports: Prague Airport, PRG to London Gatwick Airport, LGW to Munich Franz Josef Airport, MUC
Flight dates: January 8th and 9th
Seat: 1st flight – 13D, 2nd flight – 29A
Route: Prague – London – Munich

Contact for general questions and business inquiries: info(at)

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BADBOI13111 says:

Easyjet has now changed there baggage policy and you can now take on a trolley bag, along side a personal bag, such as a handbag/man bag. small rucksack.

Josh Nesbitt says:

Love the new livery

Cal says:

I’ve never had any problems with easyJet and to date have probably done maybe 15 or more flights with them. The bag policy does seem to be open to abuse/interpretation depending on the staff – I often see people carrying on suspiciously large suitcases, yet on our last flight my friend was asked to give up his cabin bag because the plane was allegedly too full, all the while more and more passengers flooded on and stuffed their oversized bags into the overhead bins. That said I wouldn’t fly Ryanair – I never have and never intend to on principle alone; the guy that owns it is a grade A tosser.

John C says:

Better than the airlines where you have to put your carry on baggage in that container at the airport if it dose not fit you check it in

geekyfreek 125 says:

I have a workaround all you have to do is pinch a duty free bag, bag ur stuff and then they’ll let you take it on board! It’s a little evil but it’s not too bad…

Nakadu says:

Can’t agree with you here…each airline has their own rules (which you know about at time of booking) you can’t criticize them for enforcing their rules. easyJet (like Ryanair) are incredible value for money.

George Mateo says:

Please try Wizzair !!!!!

Gordon Gerrard says:

I will NEVER fly easyJet ever again because of their luggage policy and excessive penalty charge (Prague). easyJet need to address their customer service experience in Prague airport, it is poor. Jet2 is a much more pleasurable experience.

Josef Holzer says:

Can you really check a backpack in?

Tms Zr says:

Oh god in BSL airport we even check inside the duty free bags if passengers have no personnal bags in it… Btw the extra fee at the gate is 60€!

alk baba says:

the airline is a horrible one, I had such a bad experience with them and will never fly with them agian

Kenneth Drewary says:

I find that Ryanair has more legroom, very important for a tall me, and Ryanair are cheaper.

Owen l aviationjax says:

You should do an economy week comparing Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit!

0000jani0000 says:

Subgraibe From Finland

Liam Denver says:

easyJet is so good

Only Aviation says:

This video makes me thinking that in such a short period of time you’ve gained so many subscribers! But all are well worth!

Nik Boenicke says:

Here at 199,999k

starmonarA380 says:

Hi Dan, would just like to point out that the ground handling services i.e. steps etc, turnaround and check-in are provided by one of several third-party handling agents, contracted by the airline (in the UK anyway). From my experience of working at Manchester Airport for many years, easyJet always go with the cheapest regardless and this is reflected in service issues such as what you experienced on arrival at LGW with no steps (happened all the time at MAN). Interestingly Ryanair didn’t experience such issues as they went with higher quality ground handlers – they obvs decided it was a false economy if it compromised their 25 min turns. Thanks for another interesting vid!

Simon Clark says:

Thanks for the reveiw I am flying with easy jet soon

IMarkovic1995 says:

I love EasyJet! I took them and loved it so much. For the price it’s awesome. You have to know their rules before you take them. It’s cheap for a reason, you can’t take two bags on the plane with you… I knew that well before-hand.

Matt Leslie says:

as a empoyee of easy, ill do my own video!

gentle_sailing says:

The trick is to get a duty free shopping bag and use that as second bag with your cabin case

daniel sheldrake says:

Don’t forget with the carry on bag/suitcase you roll clothes up to save space get the biggest suitcase that Easyjet allow and its unlimited weight with easyjet.

geekyfreek 125 says:

I HAVE A TRICK– Whack the thing in a duty free bag and they won’t have any idea

Tom Jardine says:

Flew easy jet today, good cabin crew service, shame there wasn’t any announcements from the flight deck at all

Stewart Richart Ayre says:

My impression is you are very pro Ryanair and have formed an opinion of Easyjet without looking carefully into the facts. The size and weight of the hand luggage, on Ryanair the maximum size is 55x40x20 (0.044 cubic meters) and a maximum weight of 10 kg., on Easyjet the maximum size is 56x45x25 (0,063 cubic meters) with no weight restriction as long as you can lift the hand luggage into the overhead locker. Therefore the one piece of hand luggage on Easyjet is giving you almost 50% more volume which in my opinion is better that Ryanair, therefore in my opinion no need for a second bag.

Game Maddness says:

Can you do Azerbaijan Airlines VS Iran Air VS Turkish Airlines

Louie R says:

Nice honest review. For me easyJet have been good, I flew with them LTN-KEF return and will soon be flying STN-MUC return. I didn’t think the seats were amazing, and they forgot about my food order. However I can’t generalise the whole airline from the actions of one crew member

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