FIRST class vs. BUSINESS class vs. ECONOMY plus vs. ECONOMY class onboard Malaysia Airlines A350

WELCOME the first ever One World Flyer ‘seat review’ series. It’s my first attempt so I apologise in advance for any bad spots in the video. On 8th January, I flew Malaysia Airlines Berhad brand new Airbus A350-900 from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (BKK). Malaysia Airlines (MH) flies Boeing 737-800 regularly between the cities. However, for crew familiarisation purpose, MH put its A350 onto this short route for about a month.

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Malaysia Airlines and Thai Airways are two major airlines that fly between the airports. Interestingly, the Oneworld and Star Alliance airlines practise code-share on this route.

What you’ll see in this clip:
– Malaysia Airlines NEW economy class
– Malaysia Airlines NEW economy class plus (economy with extra legroom)
– Malaysia Airlines NEW business class (more specifically, throne seat)
– Malaysia Airlines NEW first class

Some useful information:
Airline: Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MH)
Flight number: MH782
Aircraft type: Airbus A350-900
Aircraft registration number: 9M-MAB
Origin: Kuala Lumpur Airport (KUL / WMKK)
Destination: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK / VTBS)
Flight date: 08-01-2018
Meal: Lunch
Flight duration: 2 hours

Booked future flights include:
– Japan Airlines B787-9 Tokyo NRT to Hong Kong (premium economy class)
– Qantas A330-300 Melbourne to Hong Kong / Hong Kong to Melbourne (economy class)
– Qantas A380 Hong Kong to Sydney (economy class)
– Qantas B737-800 Adelaide to Melbourne / Melbourne to Adelaide (economy class)
– Qantas B737-800 Sydney to Adelaide (economy class)
– Malaysia Airlines B737-800 Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur / Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong (business class)
– Malaysia Airlines B737-800 Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur (business class)
– Cathay Dragon A320-200 Okinawa to Hong Kong (economy class)
– Cathay Pacific A330-300 Adelaide to Hong Kong (economy class) – return
– Cathay Pacific A350-900 Hong Kong to Brussels (business class)
– British Airways A319 Brussels to London Heathrow (Club Europe)
– British Airways a380 London Heathrow to Hong Kong (Club World)

You may find flight reviews on British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Japan Airlines, Jetstar Japan, Malaysia Airlines, SriLankan Airlines, Cathay Dragon and Qantas on my channel.

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yiwen182 says:

Should just maintain the name First Class rather Super Business Class…sounds weird

Kay DoesStuff says:

Are you indo cause I think that sign in the beginning says “Keluar” which is Bahasa Indonesia

Az Zulski says:

I am from malaysia u want to see the prove ok understand this saya dari malaysia

Amir 2647 says:

Malaysia the best

Roadman Shaq says:

It sucks

Dika arman juliansyah says:

1st class MAS just like business class on Oman air

Kanna Chan says:

101 indonesia dislike the video…. sigh….

Dont jeleaous im malaysia 🙂

TaoMama says:

i keep listening to thai song. are u going to thai btw??

Bob Bisset says:

That’s not a A380

Kaneki Rize Touka says:

Who else came here just to check out some airlines food because I did

My sst !! says:


intaenetcrush says:

i rather prefer business class because it has massages btw hi from malaysia

The Travel Reviewer says:

Great review…… I’ve subscribed to your channel and look forward to seeing new video reviews. TR

Wen Xuan Ng says:

I life in malaysia

Erum Tauseef says:


Ethan Winters says:

Must be so lucky to become a rich person which the average and poor couldn’t afford to be in.

Jie Ha says:


Mr Miserable says:

Try the malaysia local airflight..i bet u gonna give a negative review for it..u gonna had ass cram up after sit it for long time..depend on which destination u going

Nurin Akmal says:

Such an informative and helpful video!

Adam Mohd Ghazali says:

It would be better if you could talk to the camera while making this video man

Lamb Sauce says:

What is with that music…

Andres The Best Jimenez says:

Nope it should be the super first class

Issac Wu says:

im malaysian

Zulhadi Kamarulzaman says:

The fact that you replied to almost all the comments below showed that you really aprreciate the viewers on your channel. Hat off for you. But didn’t you get enough of replying all those.?

Daffa Reyhan says:


Aiman Rahimi says:

The business class just for business people.

Nurabiatul Adawiyah Dabeny says:

thanks now i know the between of each classes great comparison review

Blue Zircon says:

As one of the citizen of Malaysia

I didn’t know our business class airplane is good

Roadman Shaq says:

Singapore airlines is way better

Nurul Iman says:

What song for the intro of this video?

One World Flyer says:

Once again, thank you so much for watching this seat review video! I hope to do more seat reviews in the future. Comment what area I could improve on please 😀
Also, may I add there is foot rest available in economy plus cabin, which you won’t see in standard economy.
Happy travels, and please subscribe if you haven’t (about 98% of people reading this haven’t subscribed yet! Come on, it’s free!!)
One World Flyer 😀

The Warrior says:

Well…you have money, you have a seat…you have so much money, you have the best seat…you don’t have money, don’t dream laa…

N R says:

The business class beds looks like coffins

kittiphat rattanavessuwan says:

The airline is malaysia but why is the music thai??

Hey. Freaks. says:


cool_person 234 says:

Premium business sounds better

justinofgrande says:

lmao i can never afford this, even the economy one bcs MAS’ flight tickets are more expensive than others hahaha so im just gonna watch your video. thanks!

dizzy thing says:



I like the business class

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