EVA Airline PREMIUM ECONOMY Food Review & First Day in Philippines!

In this video, I travel to the Philipines via Eva Air, made a stop in Taiwan’s awesome 7-11 and began my food adventure in a country I have never been before 🙂

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Ning3n says:

That first restaurant didn’t make my mouth water… 🙁
It gave my tongue a food boner so hard I need brain surgery to get it out of the top of my skull!

oki girl says:


stephanie wong says:

favorite book…..menu lol

Jerry Adams says:

Attendants could microwave the quiche

Andy Chih says:

Whole row to yourself on premium definitely bonus! I lucked out on that only on Phil airlines because my fellow row passenger was afraid I’d socialise haha

guitar singapore travels says:

Thanks. Useful video. I”ll be flying in Eva Premium Economy in a couple of months.

SomeGuyWhoQuitMC says:

And the best thing about Eva is, it barely had any crashes. So its one of the safer airlines.

Blagovest Pilev says:


Justin Yu says:

7:46 “shes handing out my favorite book right now”

John Rose says:

I enjoy your videos Miley keep up the good work you doing hey how about egg fun yung and fried rice dishes they are important Asian dishes as well like your eggs tomatoe rice dishes

szy szy says:

The Name Of the Song? That’s Plays From 0:00 – around 05:47 pleaSe HeLp!

tam phan says:

Why don’t you bring some hot oil on the plane

Baagii Su says:

He should eat alone. I think so.

Unlisted 01 says:

Dude your channel is awesome! Really dig the content.


so, you really not jackie chan ‘s son…
damn it…

林曉如 says:

I am Taiwanese

Sadaf Azari says:

who is the girl with him?

Christine Lorenzo says:

My whole family is so Filipino even my cousins

Tony Lee says:

Mike you need to dress better on your trip. You are not a high school kid.

vkw2010 says:

Have you tried the Kimchi Fries from JoJu next door? It is freaking divine! You must go try it!!!

Jack Harrison says:

For your future videos, entree is a french word for appetiser, so its a pet peeve of mine and I mean no offence but the beef was a main and the chicken with veg and salad were “entrees”.

Otherwise it was a brilliant video, great job!

Seth Rollions123 says:

U r the best

Charles M. says:

Hope you have a fantastic time here in the Philippines! x

Tj B says:

You look like Jackie chan

Nikko Johnston says:

Next time I travel to the Philippines, I will take EVA AIRLINES…though, I always take Japan Airlines/Korean Airlines…they do have good services, friendly…next time, we will try EVA AIRLINES & will see what their/how services we can experience from our next expenditure…

Gio68 says:

This video is exactly what i was looking for, I have a premium economy flight with eva coming up and was just wondering it they allowed you to keep a carryon over head plus a backpack by your feet?

Seth Rollions123 says:

I live At elmhurst

Kumu Momo says:

Hey Mikey! I am developing a crush on you. But anyway, I was impressed with Eva Airlines. It was only a short trip but they had essential oil spray and lotion in the bathroom.

Ineke says:

https://youtu.be/WEcj1jSgGh8…..you should check her out.

gary hsu says:

they taste like shiet

node says:

favorite book… the menu lmfao

Seth Rollions123 says:

The food is good

Avegail Pascual says:

I went to the Philippines this year I slept alot in eva air 1st and 2nd flight in 2018

Miss Kpop NightCore says:

Eva Airline was my first plane I attended and they are awesome I went to Vietnam with Eva airline and it was the first time I was in a plane and traveling to the other side of the earth I live in America btw

Elite Panda says:

Mike just walks into a restaurant orders a 3 course meal and thats just a snack and i love that

Big boy Eugene says:

Mikey Chen the man who would swim in a pool full of hot oil and then eat it

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