EVA Air vs. Cathay Pacific: Premium Economy 777 Experience

Happy New Year! For this video I decided to compare two 5 star airlines in premium economy. EVA Airways (BR) and Cathay Pacific (CX) both offer 2-4-2 premium economy seats with 38 inches of pitch so lets see where they differ. For me, BR offers better catering and amenity kit, wifi and more consistent service. CX’s main advantage is better connections and more flights from NYC. Both offer friendly, professional, and accommodating service onboard and you can’t go wrong with either.


Roger Edlund says:

I flew whit CX last from Amsterdam to Manila whit a short layover in HongKong and got upgraded from economy to premium economy for free, will allways choose CX as was such great service onboarn and had not that little items in my bag as u on my flight!

jxblaze says:

been on both flights and the only thing I hate is falling asleep once flight goes in the air, and woken up by food service 2 hours later… then I can’t fall back asleep

Giovanni Cueto says:

Looks like CX provides leg rests while BR doesn’t

Leo Liu says:

Just flew business on CX from HK to SFO. Most of the HK FA looked angry and irritated. Not a pleasant experience. To be fair, there were a few nice smiling ones.

Jim Booker says:

Sadly CX has over the years gone down the toilet

irongoatrocky says:

SEA to BKK via TPE you cant beat the PE price on BR and the TPE airport is easier to navigate as opposed to going to BKK via ICN or NRT plus the crews are nice and the service is very good too!

Anthony Acosta says:

funny that BR listed Calpis water on their drink menu, I think they should look for another vendor. Think about it for a while, repeat it in your mind a few times…Calpis water. Oh those flying cows

VolleyShiitake - Steven Shi says:

This is a very nice comparison video. Super helpful. Thanks a lot. I have always been interested in EVA Air’s premium economy class. Your video makes my decision to try it next time I go to Taiwan that much easier. 🙂

Andrew A says:

I Like Eva service better

Peter Park says:

Forget about the Eva and Cathay premium economy classes. The China Airlines premiun economy is by far better. Its seat is superior and fare much cheaper.

Nicholas Cornish says:

EVA air is far better than Cathay. People need be warned Cathay Pacific  will just tell lies. All to easy to make a big profit when you tell the customer one thing and then just go back on it some months later. They cost me 5 London Hong Kong returns. I even went to the head office and all the did was laugh. All in all a very bad experience they have had no interest in sorting any thing out as they have my money

veasna pon says:

What is BR stand for? Any body knows?

A_Bob_All says:

On EVA’s online reservation site, there are 4 Premium Economy seatings. Which one is this?

Montree Poteet says:

China Eastern Airline (business class) is the best for the price.

HipHop Silver says:

BR not bad but CX Sure win !!

2phalanges says:

how much !!!?? also all airline should really start letting the economies go in first then the premium then the business/1st class. is just stupid do to the opposite first. now the line is held back cuss idiots in the fronts needs to find their seats then put their luggage on top. while everyone is just standing around is just not efficient at all!!!

Vinai Lelapinyokul says:

BR all the way! Since receiving service from some rude ground staffs in Hong Kong, never CX again!

Jason Koh says:

Both are pretty good, if u compared to Singapore airline premium economy ……

Billy D Baker says:

Give me EVA. Their staff is the best trained and their planes are the cleanest. Move over Singapore Airlines.

Anna I. says:

Eva airrrrr ofcourse

Anthony Acosta says:

kind of an odd comparison since Cathy Pacific is an established 5 star carrier while Eva is known as a newcomer in the 5 star arena. From what I’ve experienced, Eva is the underdog throwing knockout punches. It might be the most underrated jewel of the skies. Very good product, undervalued best describes Eva. I’d like to see a comparison between Eva & Air China who are both headquartered out of Taipei. Both are under-appreciated long haul carriers that do a very good job and offer value. I’ve always loved Eva but China Air has a strong product as well with lots of food. One thing I didn’t understand, why did CX serve empty bowls?

Jack Ridge says:

I know BR flights always has good movies.

trent8002003 says:

CX never attempts to compete on cabin service. CX sells its network and frequency of flights. BR has to compete on cabin service as its network is less developed.

Ben Sultan says:

I am a vegetarian and I travelled on business class with CX once and they served me with a plain congee and a 6 small slices of shitake mushrooms. What a surprise! From there on, I switched to BR. Quite happy with BR service.

Roy Porter says:

I fly from Bangkok to Heathrow every year and back and I always fly with Eva. The Staff are really A1+ they make you feel as if they actually care and are anxious to please. As far as airline food is concerned they really do try and it usually works. My wife’s only complaint is that they use Chinese Noodles and not Thai ! in fact I am booked with them again to fly out at the end of the month and the only thing that I don’t like is the 12 hour flight, but there again they ALWAYS arrive on time !

陳艾克 says:

Br win

Comedy Xbox Gaming says:

Cathay is better than eva

vitasoy1437 says:

Thanks for sharing! Sad to see ranking of a brand like CX to be going downhill

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