EMIRATES vs ETIHAD vs QATAR Economy Class | Which Airline Is Best?! | Economy Week

Full comparative review of Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways Economy Class – which airline has the best seat, food, service and hub?

EMIRATES ECONOMY REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTdr0lkLhTAAMPlpVFOYQ4jYIObYKjDPE
QATAR AIRWAYS ECONOMY REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTdr0lkLhTAAMPlpVFOYQ4jYIObYKjDPE
ETIHAD ECONOMY REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTdr0lkLhTAAMPlpVFOYQ4jYIObYKjDPE



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The rules:
– Flights need to be on aircraft that dominate the fleet of each airline and are used on long-haul routes.
– At least two flights on each of the ME3.
– Spend at least two hours at each airlines’ hub airport.
– No lounge access or premium benefits allowed so I can accurately test the experience of “your average traveler.”
The route:

Zurich to Dubai – Emirates A380
Dubai to Delhi – Emirates 777-300ER
Mumbai to Doha – Qatar 777-300ER
Doha to Beirut – Qatar 777-300ER (changed from A330 last minute)
Beirut to Abu Dhabi – Etihad 787-9
Abu Dhabi to Muscat – Etihad A320

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benyamin danesh says:

emirates is the best airline in the world the is so yummy

Alghalia Qatar says:

I think Qatar was the best❤️

Ahmed The best bro says:

I don’t know what to say but I think etihad and Emirates

benyamin danesh says:

please say emirates love you

Joe Shoufi says:

I think all of this is wrong and you can’t just compare in one or 2 flight .

Gunnar Emausson says:

Having lived and worked in the Gulf area for several years, I have had lots of opportunities to travel with all three airlines. Overall I fully agree with the assessments made in this video, in particular after the inauguration of Hamad airport in Doha a few years ago.

Valli Jawahar says:

If you didn’t know HIA (Hamad International Airport) is shaped like a plane

John Anderson says:

Great comparison. I have flown all these airlines London Heathrow to Bangkok and my conclusion is the same as yours; Qatar. But I actually prefer the Boeing 777 over the Airbus A380 because of the length of tim boarding and disembarking from the Airbus A380. The cabin crew of Qatar are way best and Doha airport is clean with great facilities. If you have a sliver privilage card, the food at Heathrow terminal is incredible, Doha privilage lounge often gets over filled. When booking I am content to pay up to £20; US$30; 24 Euros more for Qatar than other airlines.

Renato Laporte says:

Although I found ICE system on Emirates to be slow, I managed to watch the entire season 3 of Broadchurch.

The airport, well arrivals looks awesome in Dubai, but the departure looks chaotic and outdated indeed.

SeaMacaw says:

Do klm

Prabhdeep Sekhon says:

Lufthansa is going down hard. No pun intended lol. Just goes to show how much branding and where the airline is from affects how people see it. “It’s German, so it should be good!” Erm… not so much anymore.

Karl-Heinz Günther says:

I wasn’t satisfied by the seats on Etihad’s 777-300ER because of their small legroom. The legroom on their A320 and their A330 were actually pretty impressing.

Gabriella's Channel says:


Gunsol Videos says:

Emirates has the best entertainment system, Qatar has the best food.

NZL says:

I like to fly from Auckland,New Zealand to Doha on Qatar,flight time i was told is 17hrs and 30mins.

Moh Lanzbay says:

here you compared the planes not the Airlines.

Aesthetic 894 says:

Etihad airways sucks regarding food and meals

DexStar Yu says:

I would love to meet you in person and maybe create a collaborative video. Also looking forward to meet you at HIA (Hamad International Airport).

Nick Li says:

1. Emirates
2. Qatar
3. Etihad
This is already reflected in the prices.

jazz miah says:

I don’t think you know what your talking about

Kat 1987 says:

still etihad ❤️!!!

joseph jude says:

emirates WON

Nidal Noufal says:

#We love Qatar

Syed Ali Abidi says:

Emirates has extremely poor customer service now, they charge you now for for a hotel if u have a long layover betweeb your flights, and they also dont provide u breakfast in the morning at the hotel, they say that ” oh u will get served in the plane n e ways”…on top of that Emirates also no longer provides meal vouchers if u have a layover for over 4 hours….never booking with them again…next time Turkish Airlines

Pretty Roqayya says:

Great video, sending love from qatar. Have a nice day.

dml4greatness says:

I am Qatar Airways greatest fan. I have flown Qatar Airways and Emirates and I would always chose Qatar Airways. Although the Emirates A380 is nice, I would prefer Qatar Airways B787 anyday, anytime.

Harry Truman Productions says:

Some other good on-board service is United Airlines. The most recent time I flew United, the crew was friendly and willing to help. Anyways, nice choices for the video! I love your channel!

Patrick Pick says:

excellent and informative!! So glad Qatar beat Emirates in your opinion.

Jonathan Saturno says:

Go for Singapore Airlines and Korean Air for comparison

Irish Derika says:

You should have made a review same categories..like same aircraft type, same service of meal as to lunch/dinner.. just saying

Ryan Lung says:

Qatar has hands down one of the best service you can find on any airline, plus their A350 is fantastic. Won’t be taking etihad until they finish the midfield terminal in Abu Dhabi, really chaotic last time I was there, plus there aren’t enough gates, so you’ll most likely have to take the bus.

dml4greatness says:

Qatar Airways

Jake Thompson says:

Could you speak any slower?

trumpBARF Dookie says:

Emirates is the WORST airline for economy on this planet. Dubai airport is a fucking cesspool of stinking people, crying babies, complaining passengers (at emirates continuous fuck ups with delays and cancellations)

Patrick Pick says:

Dubai and Emirates is nothing than a fake publicity and marketing scheme. Much like the Emirate.

ayad alzahron says:

Cool video

Grumpy Mc Fudge says:

How the hell could you afford this ? Hang on your coming across like a young yank bampot says it all

Hayden Lim says:

been on all 3 multiple times,100% agree with your comparison.Qatar is the best middle eastern airliner…..but surprisingly their service still loses out to SIA,ANA,JAL

Emmanuel Perez says:

3air lines is the best


Can you do ryanair vs wizzair

Tom Silver says:

What is the camera you use to record these videos?

r Bhattara says:

I just got back from India on Etihad. They have terrible customer service. Almost everyone in the flight stated they will not fly Etihad again. They sacrifice economy service for business class.

Afra Alzaabi says:


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