Emirates A380! Economy Flight Review – MEL to AKL

Today we’ll be flying on the Emirates A380, I’ll be showing you through the whole emirates journey such as the Seat, Food and Facilities from takeoff to landing with narration. Hope you have a great trip!

Upcoming Videos: Sea Princess, InterIslander, Kiwi Rail TranzAlpine, Air NZ B787 and Air NZ A320. There’s still a lot to look forward too. In two days time I’ll be filming the Sea Princess, so I’m not sure how that’ll turn out yet.

– “Emirates Boarding Music” by Emirates
– “Cliffside Hinson”, “Clumsiness and Innovation” & “Lost Cousins”
by C418


Dj's Aviation says:

Smashed it as usual man! Liked

OA - Aviation says:

I first flew the A380-800 back in 2011 on the old ‘Kangaroo Route’ from Singapore to London and the same return. Since then I’ve flown the Singapore Airlines A380 on a New Delhi to Singapore flight, Dubai to London with Emirates and London to Dubai with Qantas. All great experiences but QF for me really stands out, especially with the snack bar for us economy flyers and the footrests were a life saver.

Black knight gaming says:

I really want to go on an A380

Jaegiar Moses says:

How did u get on an a380 on a short haul flight

Dylan Van Der Wel says:

Love your videos

ERA Aviation says:

Awesome Flight Review! I did not know that Emirates use such a big Aircraft for such a small route. Thanks for sharing! Also when you landed it says 12am it’s meant to be 12pm.

FlyWithLuke says:

Terrific Video! It’s unfortunate the food wasn’t great, because on my Emirates A380 to Singapore they served amazing food. But Emirates are definitely a great airline, hope you enjoyed it!

Cairo Murphy says:

I flew to Melbourne to visit my dad september 2016. It was a virgin australia a380 beast of a plane. But there was an annoying baby next to me ugh

One World Flyer says:

Awesome video! It’s nice that they serve drinks just before landing 🙂

Aviation 30 says:

So cool can you check out Singapore to Gold Coast and Phuket to Singapore

NerdCat says:

Good job on easily surpassing 500 subs!! (600 I guess)
Nice vid as always and it’s nice to see you back traveling 😛

JJW AntiguaAviation says:

Amazing trip report

Positive Rate Aviation says:

I loved this, those cup holders are life savers, been waiting for this one since your last video WORTH THE WAIT. Hoping to review Thai Airways B787, B737 and A380 next year.

Jordan Porter says:

Yay Ive waited so long lol

Aussie Orient says:

That was the old ife screen, they are now white screens and a lot bigger

Rhyse Playz says:

That plane is massive

fabforces says:

My Emirates a380 experience was quite an adventure! I flew from SYDNEY to CHRISTCHURCH, I am a really nervous flyer so I was crying most of the way. On the way back I was even more terrified for some reason and once I sat down I ran off the plane while it was still boarding, my mother caught me and sat me down in the middle, I got many strange stares. I then met an air stewardess who helped me through the entire process she, was the best she made the flight fun. If you a nervous flyer like I am it takes some work, the a380 is an excellent aircraft to start conquering your fear. I flew on A6-EUE it was a brand new aircraft.

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