EMIRATES A380 & 777-300ER Economy Class Review | Zurich – Dubai – Delhi | Economy Week

Experience Emirates’ famous economy class on their Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-300ER + a review of their hub: Dubai International Airport.



Paid: CHF400 Zurich – Dubai – Delhi one-way.

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Airline: Emirates, EK
Aircraft: Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-300ER
Reg: A6-EUA & A6-ENS
Flight number: EK45 & EK510
Airports: Zurich International Airport (ZRH) to Dubai International Airport (DXB) to Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)
Flight dates: August 14/15 2017
Seat: A380 – 45K and 777 – 33A
Route: Zurich to Dubai to Delhi

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mikecar52 says:

qatar assists in economy

walnuts & pumpkins says:

EMIRATES is an overrated airline ……the crew is kind of rude especially with the Asians.

Sky Flyer says:

12:58 No New Emirates cabin (the planes you have flown on) only have power ports in seat A, B, D, F, H, J only. I had experienced it those cabins before.

Mr TheMan says:

6:13 have you been on a 777 with General Electric GE-90 engines? They’re as quiet as that, and Emirates mainly buys A380s with Rolls-Royce Trent engines, which are known for being loud

Josh says:

IKEA is not quality stuff

Vedant Patwardhan says:

nice review!

Sri Lankan Flyer says:

I rate 8/10

David Vest says:

What a flaming homo

tariq alli says:

Very good review. Have you done anything on singapore airlines

Firman Sandiyah Budi Cardi says:

i just bought a ticket to US and unfortunately i got 777-300ER, it’ll be very long flight from dubai to dallas for 16 hours!!! 🙁 and i just noticed that 777 after watching your video! thanks for sharing this, next time i will make sure to get A380

Holly Chasms says:

is there any space beneath the seat of the A380 to store a small backpack? or does any carry on need to be held above in the overhead lockers?

Nicolas Scheidegger says:

Hey Daniel,
Awesome Video!Did you like ZRH Airport?Greetings 🙂

Naiku F says:

I like how emirates dosent over book flights

Muhmmmad Ashar says:

Whats the song name when plane was landing in Dubai

TommyTommy says:

I love your voice <3

Moritz HD says:

Gutes Video

Leonardo Torquetti says:

Perfect! Thanks for sharing your impressions about A380 x 777

Ibrahim Qureshi says:

Thanks for making this video because I like emirates as the best airline BREH BREH BREHHHHHH BREEEEHHHHH

Chris v8 says:

Im flying from Australia to Europe do you recommend economy or business class

P1mpMyBr1de says:

I suffered huge hypoxia headpain while landing in Dubai in one of these planes

Jdog LAC says:

I don’t why but I found the A380 the hardest to sleep on when I went from Melbourne to Rome via Dubai. I went on the A380 on the way back from a Rome to Dubai it was a day flight. We landed in Dubai at night and then went on a Boeing 777-300er and I found it the best to sleep on on the way back home to Melbourne. I slept for a decent amount of time and got home at 3AM and played footy the next day because I got some good rest. Thumbs up to the 777-300er

Zyzo says:

My list
1: Emirates
2: Qatar
3: Etihad

ants in your pants says:

lol super

Alexander SANT says:

Kan du göra en video pa SAS? Det skulle vara jätte interessant.

khizr I says:

ha look at 7:57 and pause at the wing you can see it is the wing of a 777 even though he is on an A380

dieeser says:

Very good video review!!!

PSS FUN says:

Best ecomomy

Moritz HD says:


Λmadeus says:

hey man nice vid but can you try philippine airlines economy class:)

Zyzo says:

Fuck me that was a long takeoff on that A380!

Hakan Tosun says:

Dude!! definetly DON’T EAT anything at Emirates !!!! I worked at the kitchen…YOU CAN’T BELİEVE WHAT YOU EAT!! BELİEVE ME :))

Steinar Grindstein says:

Hi. FYI. Emirates have 3 difrent virson of the 777-300ER. 2 class virson is not the same as the 3 class virson. Try out the 3 class virson, and get a seat in the first eco section with only 50 seats. Here you get 34″ seat pich. Rest off eco and 2 class virson have 32″ seat pich.

Anindya Prathap says:

My first and second times on Emirates
Flight FAQ:
Aircraft: A380-846 and 777-314(ER)
Route: KSFO-OMDB-VOMM and back on the same flights
Flight duration: 14h [I WAS BORED OUT OF MY FRICKIN’ MIND!!!] and 4h
San Francisco Int’l to Dubai Int’l to Chennai Int’l and back

Antrenese T says:

So I’m hearing different things… I have an upcoming trip, flying from the US to Dubai. I’m 20 & want to know if I’ll be able to drink on the plane. Are they really going to check everyone’s ID? Thanks in advance.

Mike Nganji says:

I’m also from Sweden hej

Mr TheMan says:

The main aircraft in Emirates’ fleet are the A380-800 and 777-300ER. The rest of their fleet includes:


Over the years, the fleet has also included Boeing 727s
Fact: Emirates owns the 1000th 777 made

imran saleem says:

CAN someone plz help me!!! Do the seats at the front like you can see at 12:14 which seem to have extra leg room still have the entertaintment systems? I dont understand how that would be possible because the entertaintment systems are all on the back of the seats and in this case there are no seats infront of those seats

Björn Embertsen says:

A tips is if you travel on an A380 with only 2 classes onboard, try to get a seat in the economy-cabin at the upperdeck, its much better compare to the main-deck.

ze da Cruja says:

hello lol

Anjan Ravisrinivasan says:

I haven’t flown EK in a long time (last I flew was in 2013) as Jet Airways gave us the option to fly EY and accrue Jet Airways miles. 4 or 5 years ago, when EK did not have as many A380s, they operated only 777s and 330s for Indian routes, and many international routes. You could see the disparity in service between a DXB-USA/EURO sector and a DXB-IND sector. Same aircraft type, but the 777s and 330s which flew to India were old, rattly and not very pleasant (by today’s standards). The cabin crew weren’t pleasant on the IND sector either, though being Indian I must admit, IND pax weren’t pleasant to handle either (and some still aren’t), and F&B quality was below average in comparison to an international sector. EK has since upgraded the IND sectors as a majority of their business comes from IND cities.

Hakan Tosun says:

Dude!! definetly DON’T EAT anything at Emirates !!!! I worked at the kitchen…YOU CAN’T BELİEVE WHAT YOU EAT!! BELİEVE ME :))

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