Economy Class VS. Premium Economy Class | WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? | Lufthansa Airbus A350-900XWB

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Airline: Lufthansa
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900XWB
Registration: D-AIXA
Seat: 18A / 14A
Airport: Munich Franz Josef Strauss
Date: Feburary 2017

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The Good Good Fine Fine Player says:

The seats are terrible, it is as small as the economy class on Air France.

Alex Lielbardis says:

The difference is when you’re in EC you’re crammed.

Chloe spruce says:

Does anyone feel weird that he’s wearing a suit

nurettin ponsen says:

Does Every Seat in premium econome have the leggrest (what you see in the front row)?

Joaquim Duarte says:

Wich company does their premium economy seats? Is it Zodiac Aerospace? Love ur vids.

19bootsy68 says:

Having flown in LH premium economy I have to say I was disappointed. To me it seemed like I’d paid for 7 inches of extra legroom. I flew with Virgin Atlantic years ago and had separate check in…upgraded meals, priority boarding…a wider seat. LH don’t. I think LH have it so right in business class yet so wrong in premium economy.

Merve Aydin Fan says:

I love all Class and Aircrafts ❤️✈️

Lufthansa is really good ❤️✈️

Rosalind Hoover says:

Simply Aviation – thank you. Your inf helped in making my decision for my trip.

key West SUNSET says:

I am not someone who flies often, and mostly in the continental U.S., But it seems from the videos I watch and feedback, that some of these foreign airlines like Lufthansa, Qantas, SAS,and Cathay Pacific really are levels higher that the U.S. Airlines in terms food, service and overall customer service.

Mr. Robloxian Jews says:

Economy Premium Economy

1. Chair. 1. Chair
2. IFE. 2. Leg Rest
3. Table. 3. IFE
4. Seat Belt 4. Seat belt
5. Table

Just + Leg Rest

Troodon says:

So long story short, basically premium economy is economy with a little bit better of a seat. Could have just said that and made the video shorter.

Daredevil says:

I recommend flying in Premium Economy class because it gives passengers a cheap, luxurious, and safe experience, all at the same time for the duration of the flight.

AryanK27 says:

Both are pretty much the same thing

Joe Conway says:

Hey why did u
Say #BA

Zhaoyu Han says:

Haven’t tried a350, but my experience with BA premium economy was fine, the price difference was not so big but i had chance to do more. I have a 17 inch laptop which can be used without any problem since there’s enough space, and i feel much more comfortable with just a little bit more leg room.

Harry Hepworth says:

I subd and hit the bell icon

JohnTehYoutuber says:

my worst experience was on a 4 hr flight on tigerair my ears hurt the flight attendants were ruude af and I was cramped as hell

Rosalind Hoover says:

I wish I had known about Premium Economy before I visited India by Etihad airlines. The seats were cramped that by the time I landed after 17 hrs of flying time my feet were swollen. On my return home to US I paid extra for a seat on the exit aisle $ 116/-. I’m going back in Oct 2017 so will try premium. Do u ve a suggestion as to what seat I shud request. Please advise Simply Aviation – thanks. Wasted a whole week because of my swollen feet of my vacation.

Enrico Fasella says:

No meal differences from economy and premium too.

Matthias Fritsch says:

Hi we’re going to fly Munich to New Delhi on the new A350 in premium economy. Would you recommend the first row of premium economy? Both of us are around 1,80 cm tall. I heard some complain about the bulkhead seats that they have decent space to stretch out. What do you think? Is it an issue on the A350 ? Best regards

GavinM91 says:

I went on the BA flight from London Gatwick to Orlando International couple of weeks back and there was no USB or charging facilities in premium economy. So annoyed !

Borna yt says:

Cool video

Helen Galanis says:

Apart from a wider seat and leg rest, the difference in price is enormous. At least a better meal than economy would make the difference.

silver wolf says:

Respect for Lufthansa for including Arabic in the IFE

James Reed says:

United Airline had the worst seat I’ve ever flown on from Washington to Los Angeles. Too upright. Very painful

Min Yoongi playing Piano Is my Shitu says:

I’m taking Lufthansa from LAX to Germany and I wonder if the food is good wait.. is it?

L khan says:

Great vid..

Eric Thire says:

siege elegant mais repas de merde et cabine non privative en resumé produit a repenser

Jay Duce says:

Thanks for posting this. it proves what I have been saying for years and that is a certain country and its air carriers are crap!  Some of their “premium economy” seats give you an extra inch of leg room (no I am not kidding either) and that is it. I guess like always it is about money and not about the passengers. At least Lufthansa gets it right.

Mohammed Mortada says:

When he was reviewing the economy he was in a hurry

Joyce Ou Yang says:

Is that Singapore airlines???

Lukehk hk says:

touch screen hehind someone’s head rest not such a good idea imho

MX03 says:

There isn’t a major difference so I wouldn’t bother paying twice the money for it

Edd Coomber says:

I found it pretty average. I’m
Used to NZ’s premium which is much better and has its own cabin, unlike the pathetic little screen between economy and premium. Economy was right behind me so pretty much felt I was in there with them. NZ premium shares business’ bathrooms too.
Better portioning between economy and premium would make it much better however the extra space does make it worthwhile if you’re tall like me and struggle to sleep on planes.

roblox card says:

What’s stowage?

javahedz says:

I recently flew Air Canada Vancouver BC to Inchon/Seoul. 10.5 hours, and Premium Economy was WONDERFULLY comfortable at an affordable upgrade cost. This was on a 787-9 Dreamliner … truly fabulous experience! I’ll fly with them again, even considering the travel from Seattle to Vancouver. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

meowmeow44444 says:

I just made reservations with united,……then I did my research. I have a feeling I fuck up and this flight is going suck. If it does, I never fly with them again.

Prince Righty I says:

There’s a lot of :Ds

500.aviation says:

Looks a lot like SAS economy, except there is more legroom in SAS

Cals Calix says:

the premium economy class there is just like economy class emirates

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