ECONOMY CLASS on CATHAY PACIFIC’s A350 – A Review | Economy Week

Comprehensive review of Cathay Pacific Economy Class on the Airbus A350-900XWB from Singapore to Bangkok. Enjoy guys!

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Airline: Cathay Pacific, CX
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900XWB
Aircraft registration: B-LRK
Flight date: July 2, 2018
Route: Singapore – Bangkok
Flight numbers: CX712
Seats: 62K

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t anthony says:

My flight from dub to hkg A 350 was terrible, the flight crew the rudest I’ve ever had, felt like the soup nazl from curb your enthusiasm when asking for a beer, food was dialogical

WA DA says:

It looks comfortable!!
I want to board A350 of CATHAY !!

the handsome dude says:

OMG I was in the same airport that day

Michael Lima says:

Had no idea you could fly from SIN to BKK on CX. That’s great. Good BA Avios redemption option.

Murillo Volpato says:

would be nice a review of the latam

Infinite flight And more games says:

On my phone, it says you have 69 views and it was uploaded 1 day ago, and then it has 14K *wTf YoUtUbE*

Rix Vincent Salgado says:

I have a flight with cathay pacific in about a month, worried about my personal bag and carry ons, is their a weight limit for carry ons and personal bags? I’m just gonna have a backpack and a small luggage carry on with me

astrokier says:

Yes please have a video on UK to other places using points. Many thanks indeed.

Patrick Proctor says:

Hey Dan,

For economy fliers, we look for seat pitch stats on flights. If you look at Google Flights, you tend to see the distance between seats (in cm) and a statement of average, above, or below legroom with the flight. If you can look up the figures before you fly, it can also help people gauge what they’re in for as airlines inevitably try to pack tighter and tighter. If an airline posts a 79cm distance, but the reality is they get those 2-3cm above the standard 76 by using a more pronounced seat curvature without actually giving you leg room, then it helps taller or long-legged people avoid an even worse experience. My case in point is Air Canada’s 787-8 from Brisbane to Vancouver is relatively comfy with a posted 79cm in seat distance, the 787-9 from Vancouver to Newark is actually murder at 76cm seat distance. 3cm makes a lot of difference in a 4-hour flight, let alone a 10 to 14-hour one.

Also, will you try the Singapore to Newark 19-hour flight? I know it’s pricey, but as an NJ resident, I kinda wanna try it.

Brian Wu says:

Why did no one notice that the flaps were retracted after landing but extended to take off position shortly after?

William Warwick says:

Plz do a Qantas series

Nicholas Cornish says:

This company Cathy Pacific will just tell lies. All to easy to make a big profit when you tell the customer one thing and then just goback on it some month later. They cost me 5 London Hong Kong returns. I even when to the head office and all the did was laugh. Has to be the worst people to fly with dishonest as they come are Cathy Pacific. They just rip people off and think it funny. As for customer care they are just words to them. The spirit of ripping people off

Justin Hayvice says:

Hi Dan
Any chance you could get on an Air New Zealand flight sometime?

Hamish Travels says:

You should fly the qantas Dreamliner from London to Perth

Tuomaaszz - says:

What is the music onboard?

NOELLE says:

I love your videos and expert reviews. Please do a review on Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, if you can. And by extension Incheon Airport and their amenities. I fly both airlines often and find it hard to decide which is the better.

Jumingan Budiono says:

Have you try fly Garuda

Michmich Plays says:

Yassss go Singapore lol

Priya Paul says:

Cathays a350 is so nice

Pattaya Dreams says:

I did 30 hours of round trip flying with Cathay to Southeast Asia last month and I can’t say enough great things about the flight staff. True professionals and absolutely amazing at what they do.

dospalmascb says:

Interesting that you push amex. Certainly in the UK it’s the most difficult card to get even as a business user. My business accepts over £60K a month in credit card transactions and until amex accept me as a customer I won’t accept their cards.

Akhamm1105 says:

Love your videos btw!

Syed Sajjad Ahmad says:

The only reason to fly to Bangkok is their airport and lounge where the only dish they ever have is beans in red sauce, absolute disgust.

Captain Jagger Reed says:

Could you make the next economy week air trans and air Canada and Westjet.

Garrett Wilson says:

When’s the next time you come? I work in Hong Kong maybe we could do coffee 😮

Abigail He says:

I fly Cathay every time from NY to HongKong… 16hrs nonstop in the economy class… Thank god that the service and the food are always good…

Rayans Life says:

Great video! Please for your next economy week can you do Thomas cook, TUI and Jet2

nerets asabad says:

i will not use cathay pacific.. i worked with them before and they never care about their employees.. my family and I will avoid this airlines..

Galaxy Chan says:

Thank you so much for giving us opinion Daniel! I’m the crew on that flight it was a light loading flight and I still remember you! Cathay Pacific needs more opinions from you to improve! We definitely welcome you to film onboard to show our products and most importantly, providing you a nice and pleasant journey 🙂 Look forward to see you again, subscriber from Hong Kong!


Cathay Pacific in flight catering standard is deteriorating….

Cliff Nash says:

How come the flaps were re-extended after landing at 5:25?

rodrigo duterte says:

Cathay bagahi

傅王爷 says:

Haven’t take Cathay for so long. They were nice few years ago.

Imre Csoka says:

hey Nonstop Dan, would you perhaps know how i could travel with DJ equipment on Cathay using carry on luggage.
Both the item i have are just below 7KG. Would it be fine? i don’t trust the under carriage cargo with the poor baggage handling incidents that have happened.
Its few of a million, but still , just cant be to sure sometimes.

Zairon says:

I don’t understand why they don’t give you a full meal like this on their flights from Manila to Hong Kong, you just get some warm pastry with a cookie and water(was juice a year ago). But on this flight from Singapore to Bangkok you get a full meal. The MNL-HK flight is longer also if I’m not mistaken.

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