China Airlines PREMIUM Economy Food Review New York to Taipei

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Hey guys, I went to Taiwan again!!!

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Josh Wang says:

if you eat the plane food on the ground you taste more

Linda Songer says:

talk about a man who travels on his stomach…

jjgreek1 says:

Why am I watching this when I’m in intermittent fasting and tonight i skipped dinner

SenshiBuredo says:

I can make a better dumpling

Mar2d2 * says:

omfg those dumplings. 20 isn’t enough. ugh I would do bad things for those dumplings right now. also titanic joke? too soon. that movie JUST came out in 1998…

sandra stanley says:

LMAO – I’ve got some good news and some bad news…. I’m by the bathroom.

TheYlro says:

How do you eat all that in 24 hours, its a lot! But you do it for us!! Keep up the good work

kaylaramirez ramirez says:

Thanks Kathy know what I in no way

Rick Smith says:

OMG, suddenly I want to fly there just for the food. Mikey, youre awesome

NarwhalX says:

3:14 “Crispity, Chocolatey” PEANUT BUTTERY!


Joshua Han says:

that ain’t too much food! I could have eaten all that in my high school days! If you’re hot oil becomes a big hit. You’ll be rich enough to fly business almost all the time!

Bee Dee says:

The closed captioning royally sucks! There is no point to read it as I can’t freaking understand it.

kaylaramirez ramirez says:

I’m going in person

Ram Mahbubani says:

Any plans to visit India & try some Indian Airlines?

nani nani says:


Alerra Santos says:

so how was the search for manufacturer?

rere nomad says:

‘i dont want that’. not really into Asian food as a choice. i dont recognize it easily and the colors are off.

Ryan Hu says:

I never not take China airlines

MZ 754 says:

Oh i live in here

Antoinette Webb says:

Do you have to go to the bathroom first haha

I C says:

Mikey going entrepreneur! Good for you!

meeuh says:

I like how they were playing gfriend in the shaved ice thingy lol

Bobofet241 says:

The food on your flight to Taipei looks dreadful compared to what you’re used to and uncomfortable seats for so long!
Best Wishes for the success of your Hot Oil!

carableu says:

In awe over your metabolism…

Jaydon Ly says:

Welcome to Taiwan… AGAIN

Kathy Somers says:

I make your hot oil all the time (recipe #2)… I make sure I give it as much mala as I can pack into it, tho… it’s delicious!

Kelley Gabriel says:

Oooo crackers u reminded me of Homer Simpson then

Alinna_IsADuck ! says:

“alright hope the foods good”
that’s literally me

pratham kapatral says:

6:09 you just met your brother

chou jason says:

You have to try the kfc egg tarts in Taiwan

sandra stanley says:

I just don’t get SPAM.

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