British Airways Premium Economy Review
British Airways PREMIUM ECONOMY New York to London

BA Market its Premium Economy product as world traveller plus.
British Airways World Traveler Plus Review

Come and fly with me from New York to London in British Airways Premium Economy cabin on a Boeing 747-400.
This is one of the very few daytime flights from New York back to London, a personal favorite of mine as I think the time difference is easier to adjust to.

British Airways make a big deal out of selling premium economy seats to customers as a much high class experience compared to their economy product, but with no priority check in, a late priority boarding and almost the same food as economy class, is it really worth paying extra for it ? Watch the video and find out.

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British Airways Flight 178
Depart: New York (JFK)
Arrive: London (LHR)
STD: 7:55am (ADP: 8:09am)
STA: 7:50pm (ATA: 6:55pm)
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
First Flight: 23rd Aug 1998
Delivered to Airline: 3rd Sep 1998
Seat: 36A
Flight Time: 5h 46M
Tail winds of 250 KPH

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AdmiralPicard2010 says:

That didn’t look any better than the premium economy I had when I flew to Orlando with Thomson,BA should be ashamed.

Rob F says:

Only ever had one experience of Premium Economy with BA as an upgrade. Found it incalculably better than economy in terms of seat comfort and cabin privacy. That could, however simply be because BA’s economy product was absolute dire. I would, though, on the back of that flight, consider travelling PE rather than Biz on shorter daytime flights. I didn’t experience the pre-landing snack debacle though – that is indeed unacceptable.

Vanduraa sr says:

British Airways truly is a terrible airline and they seems to only want to compete with carriers like Easy Jet & Ryanair, rather than with Qatar, Singapore & Qantas.

Lamont Cranston says:

No arrival drink? Agreed on second ‘meal’ doesn’t have to be big but at least interesting or unique, a Kellogg’s bar is laughable. Is the IFE slow on the Panasonic system on the 747? Imagine much faster than that on 777, 787 and a380

RobertDoesStuff says:

Noiii i was at JFK 20hours before u… ill upload a finnair review soon too

Trevor Cox says:

It’s Crap

I paid from Gatwick to Lima. Old aircraft. Worn seats . Food was like plastic

Never never again

Ryan Robles says:

I flew this last week, paid extra but was horrified that flew a very dated 777, seat was very uncomfortable, and very unresponsive IFE. Not worth the upgrade paid

saurabh dasgupta says:

Nice one. How is the leg room in premium economy?

Steve Jones says:

I fly BA Premium Economy a great deal, which also means I have Gold Status which does allow me lounge and premium check in. However I completely agree, the ticket price (if you’re not travelling over a weekend) is well over double that of economy, and BA have to up their game. No premium check in is totally unacceptable, the food is terrible and many of the planes are tired. The challenge is always how locked in you become to the Avios scheme and therefore you put up with their inadequacies. It’s not a great experience, and if I were paying for these flights myself I would travel coach.


Use Turkish Airlines or Emirates

In 5 says:

Try Virginia Atlantic next time, the premium economy is fantastic great food, tons of snacks drinks and great seats.

John Monaghan says:

Your kidding the Jumbos are great flyers but the Inside on the Las Vegas ones are a disgrace broken toilets tiny seats entertainment system the worst and dirty I used to fly British Rubbish Airways all the time they were always that bit better but T5/T3 and Willie Walsh have murdered BA the crew are working for minimal wage. Emerites Ethaid Singapore airlines etc BA are light years behind them Well I stopped flying with them years ago there long haul fleet has to many old planes and the one that went on fire in Vegas why wasn’t it wrote off they fixed it up and put it back in the Fleet I would refuse to go on it ill end with the food rat poison tastes better

Michael Gooi says:

I flew BA at the end of June 2018 London to Sydney , stop over in Singpore, I found out soon enough that I was OVERCHARGED, one vide shows real cutlery, we had I dare say chinese plastic, we may have got a proper dish at some time, mostly aluminium foil. You were lucky to get those bars, we got cold ham and cheese sandwich, I have certainly flown BA, that is Bloody Awful,

A SO says:

Good video, very crappy premium economy from BA. Meals were poorly presented and the arrival meal…..not sure what more to say. Thanks for posting!

iancmcneill says:

I totally agree with you it’s such a shame I feel so ashamed that our flag carrier can have such a poor reputation; as for premium economy so not worth it with BA.

Charlie Clements says:

The pre arrival Meal was terrible! When I was in economy on BA Everyone was giving a Chicken mayo or Cheese and onion sandwich and a toblerone!

mcscootie says:

A 20 year old plane !!….no ta !!

My Travelogue says:

Totally agree that BA is disgraceful.

Thetravel Reviewers says:

In premium can u go to the lounge

Robert Rendall says:

Oh by the way if you fly BA on a regular trip you get business boarding if you are a bronze member

Steve Bee says:

How bad would the food be in economy

Yan Lee says:

Eeeeeeek…not the new seats

Lewis King says:

I only fly premium economy but it has gone down hill over the years, but better than being squeezed in the back.

Joe Evans says:

I think this is not the normal service on BAs premium economy class. I flew the more recent Prem Cabin on their 787 from London to New Orleans last summer and it was way better from what you seemed to have gotten here mate. Don’t write them off just yet. I got a lovely larger and tasty breakfast (Full English) on the night/ morning return flight and the pre-landing meal was English scones and tea, and on the outbound flight to New Orleans I got a steak dinner and the pre landing meal was very nice small sandwiches with tea again.

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