British Airways A380 Economy Class Review | London to Los Angeles Flight Experience!

Get the full flight experience onboard British Airways’ stunning A380; The world’s largest passenger aircraft!


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Video contents:
Entertainment system (IFE, PTV)
Meal service (Lunch, Dinner, Snack)

Camera: Panasonic HDC-TM60
Why do I travel so much?: To visit family and friends! It is not my job.

Airline: British Airways, BA
Aircraft: Airbus A380-841
Aircraft First Flight: April 24, 2014
Flight Number: BA269
Date: June 7th 2015
Delay: None
Flight duration: 10h 30 mins
Route: London Heathrow (LHR, EGLL) to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX, KLAX)
Seat: Row 31, Seat 31K

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Charitha B says:

this was really helpful. I’m travelling on this flight this december from london to LAX. 😀 My first international travel and I had my doubts about the journey … but it looks good 🙂

Ryan Spooner says:

Me and my sister are flying London Heathrow to San Francisco on September 3rd aboard an A380 so I hope our flight is as nice as yours. Thanks for the video.

Muhammad Osama Almulki says:

Maybe 1983 ,,

AviationChannel27 says:

Great report! Only two meal services on a 10+ hr flight is a bit disappointing though.

Ali Ismail says:

If I visit my cousin in LA this video will influence my decision about how to choose a flight class and airline. Will they give me a visa because I need one?

drunken pilot3 says:

Can’t wait to fly BA a380 from LHR-SFO next month!!

Monos Mou says:

I see this earlier video you had a different microphone?

Robocraft gaming says:

the lunch looks absouloutley disgusting but i bet you it was delicious!

Young Young Ma says:

what is the background music at the beginning of the video?

Robert McGhin says:

Dantorp Aviation Ellie Goulding and the Airbus A380 are a great match. I guess she’s still falling for you.

Hanif Bashir says:

This video uploaded in You Tube is very helpful….million thanks…….We love British Airways. Recently heard in BBC news that there will be expansion on Heathrow Airport for more planes runway…..I wish all success. Long Live Great Britain Airways

Alex Kay says:

Good Information and very well edited! Great!

FairFlyer says:

Great video thanks for sharing! Flying with BA in less than a month 🙂 Last time I flew long haul with BA was in 2009 and we got a little amenity kit! It’s a pity they got rid of it but atleast you still get the toothbrush!!!!

Nathan Greener says:

I’m going on the same flight soon and this revue was helpful

Josh Wells says:

Which floor were you on?

No name says:

holy Shit 666 likes

Cameron Renwick says:

I went in World Traveller Plus from La to Lhr, and it was a very bad flight because the flight stewardess and stewards were horrible! You have to be in Business nowadays for you to get nice flight stewardess!

Spamjim 0211 says:

Skon. Rly m9 it’s scone

Slicky Brit says:

Haha I think that airport you passed over was KSBD which is like 3 miles from my house, I always get aeroplanes over my house as they head to la

Si Davey says:

I have just seen this video. You just (well many months ago) met one of my celebrity idols! Amazing lady. Almost as amazing as you, but not quite 😉

GoopocalypseRBLX says:

Well, the meal they have there is VERY NICE, on my trip, all we had was 1 scary looking loaf of bread with meat inside

George Wright says:

:O ELLIE GOULDING I’m so jealous, I would of given her a huge hug and maybe my number 😛

DerpMuncherz says:

Please, do a Qantas Report.

Xx Swegmen Plays xX says:

Very help ful video. Im goning on the same plane from london heathrow to chile santiago cant wait.

Automotive & Aviation channel says:

What should I fly a380 or cs100

Naenae Gaming says:

I srs was on this flight after connecting from LBA

James Adcock says:

u would lose weight if u flew BA all the time

Philip Dobinson says:

Hi Dan,

I’ve just found your channel today and Instagram so subscribed to both! I’m Mixed Fleet crew for BA. The smart label which is on your tray the crew should have removed before they served you, but it’s nothing to worry about! The labels are in all the catering trolleys, and shows the crew if the food is OK to serve to passengers, the little tab of the end has a colour of it, it should be pink, if it starts to change colour and match the colour at the sides of the tab then the food has started to get warm and something is wrong with the refrigeration on board. If that happens then the food wouldn’t be able to be served and would have to be replaced. Keep up the good work your channel seems to be really taking off with all your videos and interviews with airline directors. Hopefully you will do one with the new BA directors. Philip.

Louis Smorthit says:

Do you get to keep the blanket?

Ivan Kovacevic says:

i really liked the video. lol i was gonna subscribe but then i realized that i was already subscribed.

Greg Lebona says:

I also travelled on the A380 BA 283 flight Economy Class from LHR to Lax on 28th January 2016 and had a similar stunning experience, Daniel……awesome bird and great service from the cabin and flight deck crew…..and took a photo in the left seat of the cockpit on my way back from Lax!

Jasmine Hill says:

The card was for the crew

Sebastien Lamoureux says:

Not a bad review, however i can tell you that BA inflight service in economy is pretty much average and no way near such airlines as Virgin or Emirates. Also if BA charges for seat allocation, they have lost all of my future business for sure. This is just a disgrace that they would do such thing meant for low cost carriers only.

Danny Hernandez says:

That label was self explanetory its for if the food hasnt been stored or kept at the right temperature it will change colors and like it said tell the crew not to serve the food

Sophie Grace says:

tom fletcher from mcbusted!

SiMoNe nObLe says:

Do you have to pay extra to be able to watch the shows and movies?

Behrooz KHaleghi Rad says:

I have a question :
when you are sitting beside the window in economy class, if you want to go to the toilet, is there enough space to pass without disturbing other passengers who sit beside you?
what about the time that front passenger seat is lying?

ARVIN says:

Ellie Golding on your flight… Wow even better flight then…

GODzil2a says:

Honestly: These are the best trip report videos out there. Absolutely amazing & fresh that you’re guiding us through your trip with the off-commentaries….really fun to watch!

Muhammad Osama Almulki says:

As far as I remember, the highland mineral water is from the lovely Scottish Highlands, isn’t it? I still remember that since 1982 ,

H T says:

Did you a free ticket to say all this? Jeez!

TerryTalk says:

I took a similar journey yesterday from SFO to LHX on the A380 upper deck rear economy. Relatively comfortable but the side lockers get stuck and have to be bashed to open. Also experienced turbelance with weird lateral shaking. I fly quite a lot and never experienced anything similar. I wonder if it is specific to location on plane? It was extremely disconcerting.

sameagain5 says:

Fantastic Video

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