British Airways Economy Class Review Boeing 787-9.
British Airways 787 Economy Review.
Flying British Airways 787 Economy class from Dubai to London on BA108 or Speedbird 108.

Come and fly with me in British Airways Economy class as we take a flight just over seven hours to see what its like flying with British Airways in economy class, Was the food any good ? Lets Find out.

British Airways are one of the biggest airlines in the world and fly non-stop to loads of destinations, over the years the quality of the soft product they offered has started to go down hill, So Lets take a look inside the British Airways Boeing 787 in economy class and see what its got to offer.

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British Airways Flight 108
Depart: Dubai (DXB)
Arrive: London (LHR)
STD: 10:05am (ADP: 10:24am)
STA: 2:15pm (ATA: 1:57pm)
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
First Flight: 24th Oct 2016
Delivered to Airline: 7th Dec 2016
Seat: 31A
Flight Time: 7h 26M

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William Evans says:

Is tne BA lounge in Dubai open to Economy ticketholders as well as to Business/First Class, then?

Kevin Taylor says:

Rolls-Royce too noisy compared to GE engine @

Chatta290 says:

I feel as if the retrofitted B747’s are better, the IFE is certainly far newer

Michael Kuecker says:

Dubai is a beautiful airport. They just remodeled it about 2 years ago.

Charlotte Isaiah says:

This is awesome. Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

JM W says:

I’m flying to Johannesburg in September with ba this was insightful thanks.

Yannis Moutafis says:

Fantastic flight review mate

Bradley Noneofyourbizz says:

THANK YOU! Videos that show the amount of legroom mean nothing unless we know how tall you are!

Joe Ross says:

I prefer Emirates. BA is just not the way it was many years ago.

Darren Hooper says:

on a recent BA flight London to new orleans the flight was in total daylight the whole way obviously passengers closed the blinds due to the sunlight…the whole plane was in total darkness for the whole trip and minimal use of the mood lighting was used
I have to say this one action spoiled what would have been a enjoyable flight
passengers don’t want to sit in total darkness on a daytime flight

mvbo31 says:

When I Travel The World, good video. I agree that the pre-arrival snack was paltry at best. BA should’ve handed out a snack box that contained mini sandwiches, scones with jam, and tea. That would’ve sealed the deal, in my opinion.

Tomcat Ace says:

I have flown BA 3 times US – UK and have had just a miserable experience…old 777 aircraft with broken seats, dirty tray tables with dried blood on them, in flight entertainment systems that don’t work, rude cabin crew that don’t pay attention to your needs, toilets that are not serviced in flight, old in flight magazines with abusive graffiti scribbled in them, greasy smears on window, cabin crew being loud and laughing and joking in the gallies having their own little parties where I heard a crew member say Fu*k twice. If I ‘have’ (and I really try to avoid) to fly a British airline….I fly VIRGIN, so much better!!!

EcSight Games says:

In my experience of 6 BA flights I found that the seats are comfortable on all aircraft, despite the age of some of them the seats were well equipped too. The meals on the 4 long haul flights were all nice and the crew would offer out snacks hourly and you could basically call them over and just ask for them anyway. Now, the crews on BA are absolutely fantastic and are trained fabulously, and as a summary I would choose them over all other European and American Airlines, over all Asian but Eva and Cathay, and over all Middle Eastern but Qatar and hold them to the same standard as Emirates and Etihad. Besides LHR is just brilliant and the planes are really clean.

GodAtum says:

it upset me greatly to see you slumming it, I hope all is well and nothing bad has happened?

Angela Read says:

It’s such a shame the way BA are dumbing down their service.

Peter Ransom says:

The Nutrigrain is a bit embarrassing!

Ran Diggerly says:

The catering was just simply unacceptable

Pure Aviation says:

Great video mate, really enjoyed it! What camera did you use when you were boarding? The image quality is excellent.

Laurence Hawkins says:

What is crazy is that a single from LHR to San Diego is February 4th 2019 is £11713 in First and a return in First going on February 4th and coming back on February 11th is just £4726….crazy error fare . Book through American airlines and operated by BA.

hoof2001 says:

The Scots would say fur coat, no knickers. Budget service, top prices. Crew seemed friendlier than the last time I flew with them – very sniffy then

claus stimpfig says:

i have not the Impression that the meal was bad. where is the bar Service? o.k. they should have given you something more nourishing as the second meals Option…

Ron Ortmeier says:

Nice video. I just flew on BA from LHR-JFK on their 747-400 and the ife system and arrival snack were different. The arrival snack was a sandwich.

One World Flyer says:

I won’t be too disappointed by the first overcooked meal but the second meal! Lovely video as always!

Talgat says:

I really don’t understand why anybody would fly ba on this sector if they could fly emirates. Unless it’s for one world miles and you connect in London to your aa flight across the pond. That’s really the only reason I could think of.

Serena b says:

The interior looks like a cabin back in 20 years ago.

Insaneclown Posey says:

I very much enjoy your videos. They give a real sense of being there for those of us stuck at home.

JimBear of Baltimore says:

Another good one James! I like that you show the complete take off and landing.

Dale Bjorklund says:

Great video as always! I like it when you narrate more. It’s a good accompaniment to and already quality trip report. Keep up the awesome work!

HopeRehabCenterThailand says:

looks ok so long as its cheap, they have become an uncompetitive dinosaur like the other EU national carriers compared to Middle eastern or Asian carriers – can’t run businesses in EU anymore, costs are insane

Chris Bird says:

I don’t know why ba run this service. Who would choose them over an Emirates A380 that’s also usually cheaper!

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