BRIGHT FINNAIR A350 Economy Class Review | Helsinki to Gothenburg Flight Experience!

Here is an exclusive first look at the Finnair A350 Economy Class configuration, seat and flight experience from Helsinki to Gothenburg! Enjoy at the bright, fresh ambiance of the cabin and the modern seat design in both Economy and Economy Comfort!





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Camera: Panasonic HDC-TM60
Why do I travel so much?: To visit family and friends! It is not my job.

Airline: Finnair, AY
Aircraft: Airbus A350-941
Aircraft First Flight: 16 September 2015
Flight Number: AY677
Airports: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL, EFKH) to Gothenburg (Göteborg) Landvetter Airport (GOT, ESGG)
Date: October 13th 2015
Flight duration: 1h 15 mins
Delay: None
Seat: Row 22, Seat 22E (Economy Comfort)

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X-Plane Aviation says:

Is the A350xwb ready for commercial use yet?

Jett Tyler says:

Great economy review. I enjoyed my A350 flight, I hope you enjoyed your two. I thought economy was quite nice for the 2 1/2 hour flight.

Aviation & More says:

The cabin of Finnair’s A350 is so beautiful. I want to fly with Airbus A350 as soon as possible! Great video!

AndreiTupolev says:

Nice bright interior, although the lighting and decor seem fairly conservative compared to a 787. I suppose that’s the operator’s choice, though.

You could do a series of these reviews, be interesting to be able to make comparisons between the services on offer.

SwagGamesMinecraft says:

Nice camera

Brisbane Aviation says:

Great vid man!!!!

LocalGames says:

The 777 recline looks better than a350 in my perspective

Benedito Luis says:

muito bom mesmo esse vídeo!

Lawrence Tout says:

do they give you a free flight for this promotion?

Harcix says:

I wonder are these economy seats comfy? I dont mean the space, but padding etc. I thought the old A340 and 747 seats are comfy in economy

Raed Alsaegh says:

I always fly economy class on flights. I haven’t got the money for business or first class. 🙁 nice video too 🙂

Sean Mangubat says:

The A350 is nice and all, but I still prefer the 777.

james737 says:

Cute girl on the airbridge enthusiastically waving you off!

Vice Virtuez says:

Cabin looks fresh

ClydesHiddink says:

This flight is making losses for the company no ? Very low demand, almost empty flight and how they gonna pay for all these brand-new A350s ?

TimePro says:

at 7:15 you were in bussiness class, why??

scotrail82 says:

Great Video as always bud 🙂

Koppecka says:

Thanks for the helpful video!

Tony Bananas says:

A big plane for such a short flight. Very nice

Justin Maxwell says:

was this a like inaugural flight, because I see these like firemen with hoses spraying the aircraft for like the two seconds.

RATED says:

I flew Finnair from new york to Helsinki then lithuania…. we enjoyed it more than delta

Michael Williams says:

Dan, what awesome videos of the A350!!!!! I would fly business class!!!! looks like Finnair has excellent service!!!! if I ever got back to Europe I would fly Finnair!! keep up the awesome videos!!!!

Saud Siddiqui says:

Another great review Dantorp! Do you reckon AY will operate the XWB to Toronto? Also, do you prefer the 787, or A350?

Tibis says:

You put the video to reverse at 0:11, didn’t you?

HBO 1 says:

Is there one exactly like this for A350 on economy from berlin to helsinki or helsinki to berlin reivew ? thanks

chai chai says:

Hei Guys, What the music name Start time of 3:10 ??? Thank QQQ

Lethal x gaming says:

Looks like gat airport

Ultimate PlaneS says:

good vidéo

Revolutions88 says:

How can anyone dislike this ??

Darkray says:

Can you revew the new alitalia economy class? At the moment there are only 4 airplanes with the new interiors but two of them are operating always on the route FCO-ABU and Venice-Abu Dhabi.

Maaxmara says:

God you’re cute!

Vilphy P.B says:

Beautiful cabin!

TranceElevation says:

Hi Dantorp, “Airplanes” is a channel who steals your videos. Just to be sure you’re aware of it.

Sparky and Me says:

ive only been on American Airlines. i wish i can go on this plane.

Thomas Türling says:

Great video Dan – glad Finnair has a “heart” for taller people being 6,5′ myself. The A350 is imho simply stunning

Michael Beh says:

Nice video! By the way, you’re cute! Hahahaha!

markotark says:

I’ll be flying with Finnair A350 from Helsinki to Bangkok on the 31st of December. As i’ve had some issues with economy-class legroom on long 10-11 hour transcontinental flights, i booked a seat in the “economy comfort”-section of the plane that you showed in this video. While it does cost an additional 75euros, i’m ready to pay an additional 7 euros an hour for even a chance to be bit more comfortable and not land with cramps and pains. Oh well, a good massage does cost only a few euros an hour in Thailand, but still…

Other than that, i can’t wait to go flying again. Thanks for the video, great work…

MrPeerum says:

wel one D.C.3 is a little bit for this Amazing video Dan.

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