ANA All Nippon Airways Economy Class Review! (FLYING TO TOKYO) (LIFE IN JAPAN EP.1)

We’re flying ANA (All Nippon Airways) from JFK to Tokyo, as we start off the Japan series on one of the world’s highest rated airlines.. What is it like flying 13 hours in economy class ? I take you through the experience, from JFK to Haneda and show off some of the food + drink options, as well as all of the amenities on the flight. Make sure to subscribe and have notifications turned on for a crazy month of episodes from Japan !


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村山武蔵 says:

Who make Japanese subtitles?
I’m Japanese but I can’t understand it lol

小野利彦 says:

途中でCAさんがカメラに手を振るの いいね!

rydmerlin says:

I was about to ask you about the seat. Yes they don’t recline backwards but rather the piece you sit on instead moves forwards. I just did a long haul flight on ANA and I didn’t get any sleep either.

Mitsuharu Enatsu says:

ANA the best!

Simon Williams says:

ANA is very Good

akui88 says:

i was on a short 2.5 hour flight and a Japanese man next to me kept calling for the attendant, i was like what is he doing?

he kept asking for more and more beeer, and they GAVE it to him, dude drank like 5 beers on a 2 hour flight!

サンダースカーネル says:


C L says:

The best airline I’ve flown but not the best airline in the world.


I agree, ANA is the best like every thing in Japan

elysiumfusion says:

Do they give everyone the thank you card or just you? That’s very sweet of them!

akshay malik says:

The food is not so good on this 5 star airline lol max

Flindo BK says:

can’t wait in another week i’ll fy this airline.

ItMeJack :D says:

They have the best flight attendants ever so nice

Japanic says:

Thanks for this video! It helped me get a flight i’m confident in

Ashwani Mishra says:

A flight review with no takeoff video ??

Landhaus Idyll says:

I fly each year to Japan and have only used ANA forever until they added the premium economy and everything went bad. They changed the seats at the “normal” economy. You can’t recliner anymore. Imagine 12-13 hours of flight sitting upwards the whole time. Leg space also shrunked. It’s a nightmare! That was 2014 and after that I changed to Lufthansa and Asiana. They still have the “normal” economy seats in spite of having premium economy. Bad decision ANA.

k k says:

No, the best is JAL, the other flag ship carrier of Japan.

Teeny Verse says:

You must be new to traveling, your final meal correlates with the time at your destination.

Hai Nguyen says:

Enjoyed flying ANA the last 4 times.

Mr Banana says:

I went on that airline and loved it! The ladies were so nice!

しきからくるでーい says:


拓真 says:

I think that your voice in airplane was very loud for Japanese. (I am Japanese.)

F That says:

Forget, fly american , if you want to experience the “roots” and the slave ships

Fred Cucciniello says:

2:55 is Ivan from Ivan Ramen on Netflix’s Chef’s Table

TJ Daily says:

Awesome video‼️

Prita Audriana says:

Hi Jon ! I’m Prita from Indonesia and i will be working in ANA Japan start from this October First of all, thank you so much for your great review. Glad to know your opinion about the “small thing means a lot” that we do just like the CA wrote a card for you, and like the menu on an economy class. I was really happy to watch your vlog 🙂

kindly let me know if you have other opinion or advice for us 🙂 hope to see you in Haneda someday ! 🙂

Keith Albarillo says:

Loved watching your video! super helpful as Im traveling to Japan in 2 days! Quick question tho, I saw that you had a backpack and a rollaboard with you at the gate. ANA allowed you to take both your backpack and rollaboard as carry on?

rachael says:

it slides forward so that it doesn’t annoy the person in back of you

shihlin1 says:

Flying into Haneda is so much better and closer and much more affordable! It’s one of the best-kept secrets flying to Japan.

The Mystery Traveler says:

The only problem with ANA is that the seat cushions are pretty thin, so your ass starts hurting after a while. I’ve flown with them about 20times so I have a lot of experience. JAL has way wider seats and thicker seat cushions. Just flew them for the first time a couple months ago.

Beau Blanchard says:

I LOVE All Nippon international flights especially.  Economy class is leaps and bounds better than anyone else traveling to and from the US.   You can’t even get a bottle of water from United

Maxim Daze says:

Of course. Japan is most famous country for customer service and hospitality.

暗殺教室 says:


ClayMC says:

I think ist a new seat design ANA tried out with the non-reclinging seats… That way it doesnt disturb the passenger behind you at all… But of Course its a matter of taste and I think most of People would still prefer normally reclinging seats… A mix would actually be cool…

5454silas says:


m Cave says:

Getting ready for our flight to Asia in 1 month with Nippon Airways super excited!!

babesi pepsi says:

Thank you for this vdo!!

I was looking for tickets from Bangkok to jfk last week there were 2 airlines in my mind … Ana or Korea airline
I flew Korea airline last year same route but this time I want to try Ana bc of the price and maybe service too !

furiouzzzz says:

Flew with Ana a week ago. Absolutely great experience!

ando1135 says:

is there wifi on the flight? im flying ANA to japan from LAX in a month and a half!

shihlin1 says:

The seatback not reclining, only the seat slides forward thing is a new design on some Asian 777’s. China Airlines of Taiwan has a similar design. It’s more a courtesy for the passenger sitting behind. Most passengers have their seatbacks so far back it’s in the poor passenger’s face, that’s the intent of this design. Most folks hate this design, but just imagine if you are the victim of an inconsiderate passenger in front of you, then you’ll learn to appreciate this design!

チャンネル710 says:


F That says:

Fly united instead if you want to experience a Roman galley in the movie Benhur.

Sherry Lu says:

Lol it’s because you don’t know how to put the seat back
Same as the bus or passenger side of the car
Press the same bottom n sit back

Ev. says:

Ah, there’s this famous Ramen guy at minute 2.44 kissing his wife (I hope).

Kyle Brewington says:

Dope video my man. Im taking the same flight here in a couple days.

shihlin1 says:

Nowadays when I know ahead of time someone’s sitting next to me, I just hope it’s not an obese person. I know that’s a horrible thing to say, but being squished against for 15 hours is no fun.

Raymart Lipat レイマート・リパット says:

Jon: Can we keep this?
ANA Flight Attendant: no…. *giggle*

Jon: Yes Japanese Beer.. sake.. Wine.. all available
*ANA Flight Attendant looks and waves at the camera*
At your disposal.

kvvia says:

I usually go between Hong Kong and US using ANA, because United is so full of shit I dumped it after 4 flights.

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