American Airlines Premium Economy

Check out my video about the all new American Airlines Premium Economy class!

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Martin Pintamalli says:

A question, why do you fly so many times? Is it only for your video’s? Im curious

El salado says:

hi, great video. What is the song’s name?

Spoon-E Luv says:

Has there been a release date for when this product goes on sale as its own cabin?

Callie Masters says:

The music track on this video kind of drove me nuts and grated my very last nerve.
Thanks for showing all the details, though.

Benjamin Teruel says:

Nice premium economy

Michael Steele says:

Great video. The overall product looks nice. Airlines are starting to roll back the clock with what they call each cabin. Since a true first class seat is on the decline of real buyers these days and looking at how fast business class seats and offerings have evolved recently business class is essentially old first class and PE is old business class. Smart move on their part, introducing something that’s “new’ but really isn’t.

Nick Weatherbie says:

No. This video is 4:20

Ella & Emre YT says:

How much did it cost?

Kuysieng Tubehd says:

I spotted 1 sticker on Air France a320 premium eco

James Stubbs says:

What stand do you use to record your time lapses?

Joe Fredricks says:

Really late but that Premium Economy looks very nice. It looks better than many other airlines. Also, by the way is there a way you can let me know how much this flight cost (in miles or dollars)?

Jonathan Slayer says:

Did you enjoy star trek beyond?

SSDE , says:

hi I’m back my iPad is broken so I’m using my phone

SSDE , says:

Star trek beyond!!!!!!


i been on the 2017 aircraft

right centrist says:

at 3:27, those people want to make me puke.

Mathew says:

I think that airport was dallas love field (im mot sure)

Joshua Page says:

It is probably Oklahoma City Airport

Tom says:

Would have been nice to see leg room for P/E bulkhead seat in upright as well as recline position.

Jeff Dale says:

Is this what they call the Main Cabin Extra?

High Flyer! says:

In the future, could you do a video on Virgin Atlantic?

Rogue says:

Hey great video man I love AA btw what is the name of the song

cchris874 says:

I enjoyed it, but you left out the basics: how did the FA’s do? was the seat comfortable? How was the food?

Marie B. says:

Great video! Thank you for sharing.

Mo Miami says:

how do u do timelapse if you don’t have a go pro and can u do it on a Samsung s6

ghostlink 123 says:

U the real MVP your vids are awsome

Grant M says:

Thanks for the review. I see you stretched out with your feet up(looks comfy), how tall are you? (edit: I see below, thank you) ..and did you feel you could fully stretch out in the bulkhead when reclined?

stmfmike says:

That airport is the Grand Prairie Armed Forces Complex. Naval Air Station.

Aubrey Campos says:

Dallas luv lol

Nice Naples says:

Seats look nicer than some United first class to HNL.

william kelly says:

premo econo well worth the extra cost

Lego man Adryan says:

That airport I believe was George w bush international airport I believe

Kevin Jacewicz says:

Nice presentation! I’m curious how the Premium Economy price stacked up against regular economy, or Main Cabin Extra? I’m frequently on AA’s 777s between New York and London and it looks like they’ll have Premium Economy on this route in the not too distant future. Thanks!

Milagros Portocarrero says:

did your seat recline as a bed?


the slippers you had on looks comfy…where did you get them?

PlanesAndSirens says:

Good old Classic Service. no weird caviar and BC centry champange.

Kevin Chen says:

which song is this specifically called?

Ari Heilbrunn says:

It’s houston


What the name of this particular song?

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