American Airlines ECONOMY CLASS Los Angeles to New York|Airbus A321T

American airlines economy class flight
Economy class from Los Angeles to New York
Flying American airlines economy class from LAX to JFK on the Airbus A321T

American airlines economy class product is a great economy product for a domestic flight. The seats are comfortable and the economy cabin is very small on their Airbus A321T, it has just 72 economy seats making the cabin small, but comfortable.

The IFE is modern and up to date and features a good selection and American now included a free meal service on the LAX-JFK routes for everyone flying in economy class.

Overall it was a very enjoyable economy flight experience at a reasonable price and I pick this cabin again for its economy experience.

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American Airlines Flight 292
Depart: Los Angeles (LAX)
Arrive: New York (JFK)
STD: 6:00am (ADP: 6:47am)
STA: 2:29pm (ATA: 2:51pm)
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Reg: N112AN
First Flight: 25th Feb 2014
Delivered to Airline: 18th March 2014
Seat: 20A
Flight Time: 5h 04m
Meal Service: Biscuit or BOB

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Justin Mahida says:

I stay at that Marriott at the beginning all the time!

Great video.

Avgeek Productions says:


Nachito sanz says:

In my opinion that did look like a comfortable flight… I really enjoyed my Economy flight from LAX to Honolulu 5 hour flight and I didn’t have pay for my Ginger Ale or Cheese Platter, same one you had. I’ll sugn you up on IG; safe travels!

Brendan Berkhout's Travel Videos says:

Great report WITTW!
Looks like a nice flight across the country with some great views 🙂 shame you flew this route before they offered the free meal. I am quite curious what it is.


Stacey's Girl says:

How long was the flight?

IBANEZ RGs 770 says:

AA should change its name to “MGA”… Meat Grinder Airlines

Amandeuce says:

hey mate great video. really like the American A321T, would love to try them one day. watching this really made me miss LA and california. love the little details you add to your videos like the ATC conversations. have a great day!

Abi Mason says:

You have to pay for food?! I have only ever flown in Emirate but I am thinking of American Airline to hopefully apply to be an air hostess on her because I have duel nationality English and American but what the hell?!

screw your feelings says:

Is there a way someone on the ground could see that flight map on a smart phone or tablet (with wifi) I know there are some apps, but they are not as nice as your in flight map.

tmreed says:

Not going to lie but unless you’re in Main Cabin Extra economy on that plane is not comfortable.

GeminiJets119 says:

What was the date of this flight? I may have got pictures of you departing.

Karl P says:

If AA make a habit of flying at 25,000 ft over the Rockies, no wonder a lot of coffee’s going to get spilt.


Wow nice flight I have question how I can hear ATC is their is their any program for it in the plane

Luci Perez says:

I am also going to a Spanish country and I am also going as the American airlines

Gerardo P says:

Wait! This isn’t a recent flight as Delta is no longer in terminal 5

Alan Va says:

Fantastic video, love hearing ATC and the pilots interacting.

Sports fan Attic says:

6:32 what camera issue?

ecoRfan says:

Considering all the different options between Los Angeles or San Francisco and New York, I would say it’s tight competition. Sadly as someone in Jersey though stuck with a grossly outdated economy product in United, who really needs to update the planes on the route. Then again there’s still Virgin America / Alaska from Newark.

Steve Coppin says:

Great video James. Thanks for sharing

FOHeming says:

A great video once again!! I like the ATC transmissions!

Archie Smith says:

How long were you waiting at the gate waiting for pushback James? Great video

CanuckJim says:

That must win sort of award – perhaps for Filthiest Tray Table 2018. I an NEVER making fun of people who wipe down their tray with alcohol wet-wipes again.

Jeff Christianson says:

Dude, at 0808 you probably didn’t know it, but you filmed MLETC! (Marine Law Enforcement Training Center) although I’m sure no one else cares. I was there for 2 weeks inJune 2017 for a boat school so I thought it was pretty cool. Also, what hotel was that at the beginning?

bailorg says:

Beautiful shots out of the window

Rob Buglass says:

I am convinced if this channel had a voice & not just printed description the subscription would certainly increase and it would give a better end product .

Don C says:

I can’t tell what the date of this flight was, just the date it was published?

claus stimpfig says:

“good” to experience you in eco class (again).

I`ll keep my mouth closed about that kind of inflight” Service”.

At least you`ll get now a free sandwich or wrap…stuffed with beluga caviar plus a sip of my “good old friend” dom perignon….

seriously I thank you again for that report

Max Hannon says:

Beautiful video 🙂

Jaime Garcia says:


tmreed says:

I love that plane, but the seats in Economy are not comfortable and the legroom is lackluster (but not as bad as United’s 757). If I can I get Main Cabin Extra seats. I need room to move my legs. Why was there a ground hold?

Daniel Hammond says:

Thank you for the video.

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