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Airline: American Airlines, AA
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200, Airbus A321
Reg: N798AN to N112AN
Flight number: AA141 to AA85
Airports: London Heathrow Airport to New York John F. Kennedy International Airport to San Francisco International Airport
Flight dates: February 14 and February 20
Seat: 1st flight – 21A, 2nd flight – 17F
Route: London – New York – San Francisco

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i love thus video

Nonstop Dan says:

CLARIFICATION: I’ve had a few comments regarding what I said about the flight attendants on my first flight. Overall, they were great, and I mentioned that. The comment they made was obviously not of bad intent, and given how hard they work, I’m not surprised they were happy about an empty load. I believe that professionalism should be maintained when working around passengers though. Do or say whatever you want in the galley or the crew rest, but there is no reason to say things like that in the cabin imo.

thenewmmc3 says:

this was a great video! thanks for all the airplane interior vids, very cool!

Kristin Wright says:

Honestly I don’t recline seats in coach at all anymore. The recline isn’t enough on any airline to provide any extra comfort and leg room is all I want on a plane. When the person in front of me reclines it kills whatever leg room and whatever scraps of comfort I had. I just can’t subject my fellow passenger to that when I get so little satisfaction.

Caden Fellows says:

If I were you on the second flight, I would move over to the next seat.

kashif mehmood says:

Emirate world N 1.

sunita adhya says:

Very good

vyomps says:

I just did my first ever flight report. Would mean a lot if you guys could check it out 🙂

Leo Thompson says:

Hands down the worse airline I’ve ever flown. You couldn’t pay me enough to get on one of their shitty old 767’s with a bunch of elderly, overweight flight attendants that couldn’t give a fuck. I thought about Business class as well, as LHR to ORD is fairly long, but I would have been absolutely livid if I paid £5,000 for that shower of shit. I get that some planes are older, but you can’t charge modern prices for a late 80’s early 90’s experience. Not even personal monitors. Disgusting. I joked when I booked that it’s probably some shitty old 767, but the agent checked for me…. I hate being right. I was very uncomfortable in Economy, and I’ve flown LHR to Hawaii with United and was fine. The beer selection was pitiful (Amstel or Newcastle Brown Ale…. in a can of all things!??). When they even bothered to come around with drinks (2 drinks service on an 8.5 hour flight!? Fuck right off you cheapskates!). I had to go find the fattest of the lot of the attendants through sheer thirst at one point, and there she was sat on her ass reading her book in the galley. She could barely get up…. I honesty thought she was having a heart attack the way she was sweating and grunting, but that’s probably just how she was normally. Yeesh! But the food was passable though, only because microwave personal pizzas are my guilty pleasure. Air Singapore economy (much longer flight and far more comfortable, even on an old 777) would put AA business to shame I’m sure. Not that I shall be finding out. They appreciate I have a choice in airlines i’m sure, and it will never again be them.

Aaron Zamkoff says:

You know American Airlines gives you free nuts.

Kristin Wright says:

I look forward to when Clear comes to the airports I use. I fly twice a month between Portland Or and Nashville. Clear is not in either location yet so unfortunately it is of no use to me right now. I look forward to this program expanding. For now I’m just grateful for TSA Precheck.


It depends if they are expected to have not a ton of people

Andy's Shop says:

I flew on a newer version of this plane, and I think it was a 2016, an American airlines flight from DFW to Kona Hawaii. It was a very nice plane, even in main cabin extra.


I felt so sorry when the seat. in front came back on you

Pavel Adamek says:

I am shocked that airline/airport security is a private business in the U.S. What CLEAR does is a government matter and interest in many countries. The “state” ((federal) government) should give the people the opportunity to register for the sake of pre-screening to expedite boarding for NO FEE, just like they are given the chance to file their tax returns online.

JJ Amaya says:

Love your videos dude!

Inazarab says:

I hate American but I’ve always had good luck in terms of the flight attendants. that’s the one plus I’ve usually had on American.

llama1728 says:

A321 better

Ricardo Moreno says:

How tall are you? idk if I should upgrade to premium economy

Daniel_101 says:


Tracy Runyan says:

Have had nothing but trouble with American Airlines. Won’t fly with them again. Very hateful company.

Steven G says:

sweet socks

Andres The Best AJ TV says:

I thought a321. Don’t have a luxury first class only bigger aircrafts I don’t get it? And also you were lucky because I just can’t explain lolol


Are From San Francisco??

captain plush universe says:

Why are there tv’s on the a321 they removed them months ago

Don Dada says:

American Airlines are fucking racists

Chris Scintillate Studios says:

I don’t like pugs

Jamie 14 says:

Please fly with aer lingus again

Sniper 101 says:

This is the plane I took to Barcelona

UnKnoWn M8 says:

Turkish airlines are way better than this trash

Speed Master64 says:

American is my favorite airline to fly and I flew it the most.

Michael Townsend says:

Thank Dan for the review I am planning a bicycle tour trip in Japan in 2021. Recentilly I won a 1000 usd AA gift card. So it is likelly I will fly American or JAL out of LAX (rather have SFO) . But I live between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. LAX is the cheaper option especially flying with a bicycle for me. Although there is a chance if the flight is JAL they will wave the baggage fee for the bike this has something to do with a tourist promotion. You showed me what to expect.

David Gigauri says:

You got paid I had to wait for 8 hours for a 2 hour flight

Lexsus Premsukh says:

Oh man this is soooooo sweet

Graeme Campbell says:

I only discovered your videos today, so good. I used to work in aviation as an Airfield Ops Officer, and I love flying so it’s great to see all this stuff and your presenting style is really accessible. Keep up the good work.

Joshua 윤호 Han says:

I had a full row to my self on an Asiana Airlines flight coming back to LA from Korea it was in the upper floor where its 2-4-2 and I had the 4 seats all to myself. It was great.

AirforceB3T says:

I love aa’s new A321’s

Rory Shade says:

I didn’t actually know that you were allowed to go to the galley to ask for food.

LightingMC says:

777s r cool but very cramped

Canis Lupus says:

American Airlines sucks!!! Worst customer service, late or delayed flights causing missing connecting flights, employees are cold and at times even rude. If you value you time and your money, stay away from American Airlines!!

Babicka Fantastica says:

50 people on a 777 is why the 757 should be looked into and re-developed.

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