A Review of WOW Air

All the information you need to know before flying WOW air.
Iceland based WOW air started flights from the US and Canada to Europe in 2015. This summer, I flew on WOW air from San Francisco to Paris. This is my review of the airline and stopover in Keflavik, Reykjavik’s airport.
!!!Since I posted this video, it looks like WOW has changed its policy on carry-ons and charges for them!!!!
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krister alfonso says:

thanks for making this video. it was extremely helpful!

Thomas The Pilot says:

wowair suck so bad the service is bad and everythin.

Scott Vik says:

No thanks, prefer flying Norwegian 🙂

Jeremy Francisco says:

I’m using my uncles account so I’m Joshua Francisco(My real account not my uncle’s) And I’ve been in the W O W Airlines picture taking 😀

alinette b says:

oh my, I just got a ticket and I am very nervous!

Mr Smith says:

Sounds like hell to me.

The Snicklefritzed says:

One of their A330’s lost a winglet sometime earlier in the year… did it ever get fixed?

zilkany says:

i try this WOW and I will not take this Island company anymore.Just add food and drinks on airplane will make u think that this company is more about to make money than fly.Plus u must pay for every luggage witch bring u around trip about $200 so.If u add extra cost of luggage and food and drniks you end up pay more than United or Luftansa.I got no delays but I hear people have problems and this wow company dont contribute in this,They charge money if you late they keep money .Funny job they do in Island.I think if they dont change people will only fly onetime and newer agian.For me and my family this wow Island company is done .No more.

flea sweep says:

Fuel Starvation.

Robert Kean says:

Wow air allows for one free carry on (placed in the overhead compartment) and one small personal item (under chair in front) without any additional fees? I have been looking this up for some time and have not found a 100% clear answer yet. Thank you!

cherifbar says:

No, I think I will stick to Business Class on Air Canada.

Pickles S says:

oh dear..well no thanks..sorry

Wolfgang Icarus says:

WOW! what a shitty airline, you would think that a glass of water is a given human right LOL


Just use icelandair

Semsem Eini says:

LEGROOM???? You missed the most important.

hainingphotography says:

Minimalist airline I loved it flew from toronto to Iceland to shoot an extreme weather sock ad. Round trip was under 400 Canadian per person. It is similar to Easy Jet or Ryan air in europe but with a cleaner more stylish look.

Thomas The Pilot says:

wowair is not much cheaper than icelandair. in wowair after you have baught everything you need for the flight you have paid 44,000ISK and in icelandair after everything u need is 47,000ISK. WoW-Air is not that cheaper

Zanfindel says:

The carry-on isn’t free anymore. Now you can only bring a personal item at no charge.
And those carry-on fees are pretty steep https://wowair.us/travel-info/optional-fees-and-charges/

ScrubTheNoScoper says:

wow air sucks balls they got fucking india supports

zilkany says:

Just fly regular companies and live simple life vacation trip should be without stress from air companies.U got by a cup of water and als.

wawa taffi says:

to honest with you it sound like the United Airlines may be they serve food included in the price but is disgusting and u end up buying ur on food in the way back but with this one u save around 700 sterling pounds


Check out the Eva air 777 at the beginning… she has no winglets or wingtips


CHECK OUT FROM SECOND 48… THERE ARE NO WINGLETS OR WINGTIPS… So that cant be an a330 a320 or a321!!!

doreme fasolla says:

I didnt even take my flight yet ,and I am already regreting it badly

lina svintozelskaya says:

How big can the carry- on be?

John M. Johnson says:

My wife and I just want to go to Iceland and hang out for a few days.  WOW is coming to Pittsburgh PA, supposedly, this summer so it may be soon.

filanime03 says:

Awesome review.

Zoonjse says:

Its good if you want to save some money and ride it as it is. I how ever always prefer to pay a little more and go with Icelandair which has more to offer. But, everyone had the choice. WoW Air is a great airline anyway and I’m sure you will be happy with what you pay for.

Big Boss says:

WOW, look at all that leg room. (2:20) I flew United and felt like a freaking sardine

cold123ice says:

thank you for reviewing wow airline

Jihane Eter says:

Are the in-flight charging ports really universal or do they only take USB? For example, if I wanted to charge my laptop with an actual charging cable (not like a phone USB), could I plug it in somewhere?

Herb Fong photography says:

Wow you filmed an A330 without the winglet from the inside! That is very rare!

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