WHAT A FLIGHT! American Airlines B787-9 “Great Seats Bad Eats”

Last week, I flew American Airlines B787-9 from Los Angeles to Beijing in their Business Class. It was a total different experience to my American B777-300/ER experience. It was very fun and enjoyable.

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Chef Chefton says:

That dog was scared Sam was going to eat him. Fat classless slob Chinese people like Sam & dogs don’t get along.

jian chen says:

Sam is the cutest airplane passenger

Johnny Fan says:

129.325 !!!!

C. K. says:

American Airlines has the best International US product next to Delta, in my opinion!

Tav john says:

looks fun

Snafsen says:

Hi! Whats the name of the first song? I like it 🙂

Ironic Irony says:

Pilot: “I’m not good with memory.”

*Forgets how to fly the plane*

Justin Hart says:

AMERICAN is the greatest airline in the history of commercial aviation. Sam Chui recognizes .

Andy Jones says:

This is a business class review Now what about doing a real review of same flight sitting in a middle seat in economy, dont reckon you would be smiling so much certainly not joking with staff and woe betide complaining about the food

Chris LosAngeles says:

Thanks, Sam for the video. Many memories! Was AA ExPlat for 8 years but left their loyalty program when they changed the rules of the game. I don’t regret my decision. I always wondered how many of us have abandoned AA…

I did enjoy the AA 787 3 years ago from LAX to Shangai. A brand new plane with bad Zodiac Business seats (mine was broken) Overall nothing really spectacular. No more occasional mileage run, no more pressure to travel on a few airlines only. I also now tend to travel with foreign carriers exclusively. US carriers are so far behind!!

hüseyin özel says:



David Shipp says:

The lounge looked impressive!

CaptainOShow says:

Nice, my best bro is a FA for AA. He loves the 787. I begging to really enjoy your channel. You’ve got great Content Sam.. I’m working on becoming an Airline Pilot & I hope I have you onboard one day

Meh Butt says:

A true airline review is pretty nice, I love that you are brave enough to give feedback to the flight attendants and say negative things. And American Airlines is amazing and a great experience.

Keyon Airport says:

13:46 absolute butter

Marcus LeeP says:

Looking very nice…Fly safe always…

johnson lin says:

love your video so much sam!
im also from Taiwan and now based in shanghai ! looking forward to see you !
Please add my WeChat ! my WeChat account is johnsonlin331

michael charney says:

Copy of air Canada

David Lui says:

Haven’t you heard the dream liner 787 is a very dangerous plane ?

derek03mu@gmail.com says:

Try First Class of Korean Airline Sam !!! It will give you a remarkable experience! (And I can also provide you some tour in Korea if you don’t mind)

victor 003 says:

Stop complaining About food guy rude

Jairon Moreira says:

Fantástic video Sam

Trainz and Planes says:

Do not fly Ryanair. It is so cheap, but soooooooooo bad.

michael charney says:

Great video! Can you fly 787-9 air canada dreamliner business class?

Jaf says:

Hi Sam. Nice video… I love Ice cream. Specially on the plane.. by the way i sighted Mahan Air A340 at 14:10 nice to see Iranian Airlines around. stay safe

Tav john says:

love the787

Radu Caragui says:

Well, that was rude when you said to that flight attendant that you didn’t like the food.

Jamie Atallah says:

a dog on a plane??? is that even legal

Learn App says:

Amazing videos Sam,always looking forward to your next review

Sergey Nikiforov says:


strongforu says:

I met Ari in the LAX lounge about a month ago and she made me a breakfast burrito. She was equally as kind and generous with me as she was with you. She’s an awesome person who loves her job. I had a 4 hour layover after returning from Sydney, Australia to my final destination in Philadelphia.

Bryson C.Y says:

@Sam…are you more of a vegetarian person?

AirSickSoda626 says:

Can you please do Perth to London

Jamie Atallah says:

he’s wearing Gucci

Howard Yue says:

HAHHAHA ‘let’s keep going, i’ll eat two’

Naeem Ahangarzadeh says:

seriously American Airlines food product should be brought up on war crimes in the Hague

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