Vueling Flight Review – Is Excellence Fare Worth It?

Here’s proof I don’t always fly first or business class!

This flight was with Vueling – the Spanish low cost carrier with the difficult to pronounce name. The flight was from Venice to Barcelona.

My Vueling flight review covers Venice Airport, a nice Italian espresso, a couple of fighter jets, some members of the UAE Royal family, a club sandwich, a can of Pepsi, the take off, landing and the onboard experience on the Vueling Airbus A320. If you look closely you’ll also see unvacuumed aircraft carpets and a quick glimpse of the baggage carousel at Barcelona Airport. All up it promises to be a riveting review so please sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.

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Sorry got a little carried away there. Here are the details of this flight:

Route: Venice, Italy (VCE) to Barcelona, Spain (BCN)
Length: 592 miles, 2 hrs
Flight: VY6405
When: March 2018
Aircraft: Airbus A320 registration EC-JYX – 11 years old
Seat: 1A
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP55

This video may not be reproduced without specific permission.

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Paul Blakie says:

I have flown the same route on the same carrier. The flight was fine. As you would expect from a European low cast carrier.

United Computers says:

Nice one!…the menu looked extra good too….better than some I’ve had to choose from !!

iamtuzii says:

I think its called VIEW-LING mate!

sugeypopplanet says:

Vueling is pronounced VU-E-LNG! Vueling comes from the Spanish word for flight Vuelo (VU-E-LO). You can also pronounce it as VU-AY-LING

mcscootie says:

Air Asia of the west. Flew both many times. Both decent low cost airlines

Varun Visakhan says:

V -you -Ling

4 Motion says:

My advice to everyone is apply for Chase sapphire reserve or Amex platinum Their insurance is A++++. Chase ended up paying for the clothes That I bought in the mean time that my luggage was lost. FYI. I don’t work for Amex or Chase. Base en my experience they are A+++++

Irene Legovic says:

How to pronounce Vueling: Vyouling

Bobby Scott says:

E m er its not em a rat es

Likith Nandigam says:

I would love to see Dennis review Air India business class

Braai Meester says:

Why didn’t you ask a flight attendant how to pronounce the name of the airline?

murrburr3 says:

ahaaaaa dennis clearly not used to flying anything that’s not business class.

Jack Verberne says:

Another Q&A video would be great Dennis!

Varun Visakhan says:

Brill video as always Dennis
Love the Aussie way of pronouncing vueling

Bryant Steury says:

Seems like a European spirit airlines. Fine for an hour or two but intolerable for longer flights

russell jacques says:

Need to see you do a review of Ryanair.. preferably one involving stag do trips to Magaluf or similar. Get the real traveler experience. 🙂

Jermaine Blackwood says:

Who here will probably never fly Vueling, but is just watching for Dennis.

Priya Paul says:

I really like vueling when I flew them from london to Barcelona to Ibiza

Jarad Robert Tromp says:

No such thing as fresh air outside at an airport

Noah Scull says:

The correct way to pronounce Vueling is Vweling.

Emiel Van Weert says:

great video

Paul's Trip Reports says:

Great video. Worth mentioning that often the Excellence “cabin” is populated by people on multi-leg Business Class itineraries in the Oneworld alliance. A lot of people might not notice the key difference when they book. It’s okay to pay a little extra on a one way economy fare but do watch out if booking a multi leg business class booking! It may have a BA or Iberia code.

William Pelletier says:

I’m flying Vueling in two weeks !! Same route ! Looking forward to this trip. Thanks Dennis !

Biem Onderwater says:

Great review as always Dennis!!

David Hein says:

Entertaining as always (even the intro text!)

Paul Kacirek says:

Vwayling! Spanish pronunciation.

Robinson Gitonga says:

Top notch sarcasm yet again hahaha

Citricut2 says:

I fly Vueling (boohweling) a lot and I think they offer excellent value for the money. Their attention to clients is far better that Iberia.

Pamela Johnson says:

Lolol “I thought the slice of lemon was a nice touch” … what – NO PAJAMAS?? I’m so used to seeing you in swank airline digs that this struck me as hilarious! Thanks, Dennis!

Waqar Ahmed says:

I love the vel vel you really are the man Dennis please keep up the good work

Roberto Golisano says:

Vueling – bwaling

65NART says:

Pronounced “viewling”. Never flew with them. Am off to Northern Greece in September, flying with EasyJet. BA no longer serves food to economy passengers on short haul, only in business, so am not paying BA prices. Saved £200 for full holiday.

Maximilian Mueller says:

Catching up on reading…with Foreign Affairs Magazin no less. Good choice! 😉

123Ryanist says:

Dennis! Will you try to make a review on Singapore Airlines new long haule flight Singapore – New York, the flight will take 19h and it will be only Economy Premium and Business class seats onboard. And the new Istanbul Airport will soon open, it will be the world largest airport. Will you try to make a review of these, will you?
Thanks for the great reviews!

4 Motion says:

I will give them another chance, because the flight experience and the crew

Wolfgang says:

I believe it’s pronounced: ‘Vueling’… Let me know if that was of any help to you.

Ranvir Singh says:

do flight review on jet airways business and first class

ozjuice says:

Slumming it i see mate? 😉

4 Motion says:

They lost my luggage flying from Amsterdam to Barcelona, That Could happens on any airlines, Their customer is horrible, however the flight experience was excellent, the crew excellent as well, 2 days later they ship my luggage to my hotel

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