Paid $450 for a one-way United Polaris business class seat, filmed a full review of it.
How I collect miles – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PevqzsAcX0U
Lufthansa Business class review – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2eOaseG0c4

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Chris Enitan says:

Seen Truman show, you should totally watch Looper or Hypernormalization.

Ilona Filiptsova says:

Film “Memento”, directed by Christopher Nolan, 2000

First Last says:

“La Jetée” is a decent new wave flick, it’s kinda short though, but you might like it anyways, so here’s the link ::::



Why r u always reading the logos wrong

Aero B says:

Yikes! I’m sorry you had to pay so much for this flight. If you had booked a Saver business award ticket, it would have only cost 60k United miles for the one-way trip (70k if you had flown a United partner like Lufthansa or Swiss), plus about $100 in taxes/fees. And it would have only been 55k Aeroplan (Air Canada, an Amex partner) miles. Also, for your husband’s ticket, it would likely be much cheaper to book MUC-SFO + EWR-BRU on one multi-city ticket. You don’t have to book a true round trip (anything Europe to USA and back is sufficient) to get round-trip pricing, and Brussels-New York is a much cheaper market. There are of course many other cheap options especially to/from Scandinavia like Oslo or Reykjavik. $1100 is not a good price for a one-way transatlantic business upgrade either! $500 would be the most I would suggest paying for such an upgrade.

Charles Mpanduki says:

YOUR HUSBAND?, surprised, but that’s a great couple though!!

True world & words says:

Next time come to India my whatsapp number +919082884037

Translation Services USA says:

Почему печкин не заливает новых видосов?

Mahi Rita says:

Hi marina teacher so long time see that good anyway friend lovely teacher example have watching experience word and pronunciation way line reach world amusing house and jest chose already point is possible see you bye

debdssssss says:

dont seem comfortable

Simão Lemos says:

You should watch the shutter island and the predestination too

The Think Tank says:

Watch *Predestination* you will love that movie…

Ihsan Ihsan says:

Have you got plan to show the unpopular and growing company/bussiness such as imigrant restaurant ?so that you can help them to promote or even you can inform us about that or even you can recomend us if we are there.

tsering Tsering says:

Marina u r not uploading videos much these days

Safwan Ali says:

Are you kidding me really you are married marina

Drej says:

Your all over the place with your videos. Your doing plane reviews now?

Lirim Sopaj says:

“Matrix ” movie should definetely be in your list movies

True world & words says:

Next time come to India

megatron says:


Manasa Chitturi says:

Hey marina..could you pls do a video on “planning”?

Jon V says:

You both look very refreshed after the flight.

Thirumal R says:


Mohammed Alktranee says:

safe Journey

yuriy arutiunian says:

4:38 i saw his uvula lmao

Ranjit Kumar says:

All videos are tremendous

roger vins says:

Watch The Prestige, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Her, I Origins, Ready player one, the greatest showman, the martian, the secret life of Walter Mitty, V for Vendetta and vantage point.

Bruno Maior says:

I heard on dude. I am sorry .lol

give me pizza or give me death says:

787 Dreamliner?

billy the boxer , says:

Sometime I can touch my chin with it

Humberto Cueva says:

You’ve to watch Predestitnation, your mind will explode

Fernando Leal says:

You should give black mirror a shot !!

william chearanai says:

Marina please could you tell me in general, how you started a business p.s. west world is the best

khaled7stars says:

Wait wait wait WHAT…… YOUR HUSBAND! are you married?

Marian S says:

Hope you are well!

BLADE says:

i took a break from watching youtube videos but i get your notifications and i am here to watch ur vids love so much marina

First Last says:

Hope you’re doing well after your surgery, stay healthy Marina!

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