United Airlines 787 Polaris Business Class Review

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So what’s the business class like on United’s new 787 aircraft? Watch this flight review to find out.

This United Airlines Polaris business class review covers the United Lounge in LAX, boarding, take off, the Polaris Business Class seat, the United inflight service, Polaris Amenities Kit and PJ and the United Airlines entertainment system.

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Route: Los Angeles to Melbourne UA98
When: July 2017
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 registration N17963 (Jan 2016)
Seat: 8L
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP55

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Khamaruzaman Man says:

How many hours it’s take from L.A to Melbourne?

Roy Saguiguit says:


Jake Doogily says:

I love your videos your honest and just everything a aviation youtuber should be

One World Flyer says:

Lovely video Dennis!

jgroneng says:

Nice video, as usual! I really enjoy your videos

Special Mango says:

Whose dad is this? lmafo

Robin Nunwa says:

Thanks for the great video

helloannemarie says:

I would really love to see you review Air New Zealand!!

Some Guy says:

In business class, do they refrain from breaking your guitar or manhandling you?

Fuck UAL.

K Nola says:

Dennis, really looking forward to seeing this, thanks for the video

Luc Gruijters says:

Based on your name I would say that you’re from the Netherlands xD

Chris v8 says:

I got the notification for this video while I was at work an had to watch it stright away. Nice stuff DennisBunnik

Matthew Canavan says:

I really appreciate the clear and balanced evaluations you provide on these videos Dennis. As a travel agent getting first hand accounts of the services my clients might experience is invaluable. Also when I need a laugh I can always watch one of your ‘who designed this?’ reviews of British Airways Business Class. Cheers and happy travels.

Mclean Milne says:

So nicely reported. Thanks for sharing your experiences and opinions. Take care up there. Hello from London : )

FEDJ306 Roblox says:

why fly united though?

Charlie Gordon says:

I ❤ hidden figures!

PandaTranCISH says:

I’m planning to make a review channel like you. Just asking, what app did you use to edit the video? Btw, great video!

Ansh Mishra says:

Hey Denis, what about aisle access for window seat passengers?
If I’m on the window and I wanted to move out after lights out, would I have to lunge over my seatmate’s bed, like in BA?

Stuart Lobb says:

….. nice clip, as always.

GAJ Gamer says:

Great video as always. But their flagship is on the B77W and not B789.

James H says:

Great video. Good narration. Hate those videos where only lines of text are shown.

Dř LØvê says:

btw love your review very straight forward

qBasAb says:

Hey Dennis, do you know the name of the background music, e.g. at 1:30 (https://youtu.be/-7ZLGreU428?t=90) ? Thanks!

Wow Wow says:

Everything is Polaris except for the seat. The Polaris seats are only installed in their new 777-300s. The business first seat you sat in came about with the merger of United and Continental.

Legalize HiFlowShower says:

This 787 has a 2-2-2 layout and BA 787 has a 2-3-2 layout – thus BA is cutting the cost of a lay flat bed.

Dř LØvê says:

whats the background tune you used ? from 0:28

airplane guy says:

This Australian man is one the best YouTuber,If not the best of all of them

Khanzada Faisal says:

Interesting Video…..Bon voyage!

Rachel Wolman says:

Another great video Dennis! Do you ever feel funny filming when there’s someone sitting next to you? Thanks for this!

John Horton says:

interesting review Dennis, looked a good product. Do you think UA and AA are finally upping their game ?

K Nola says:

Dennis, excellent video, looks like typical Untied business, w a new name. Cheers

Bob Bisset says:

Another good video

geariagaldgkja says:

I don’t know why I watch these, the last international flight I took was in a C-141 facing backwards into an empty cargo hold with one window down towards the middle of the plane…. can’t fault the amazing crew, they really took care of my 12 year old self, letting me spend a good several hours up in the cockpit pressing buttons and steering the plane. Air Force.

Or1onBelt says:

Great review. Thanks again!

Oliver Shimmin says:

Great, as usual mate. I am flying Emirates from ADL-VIE in economy mid next year, and am hoping to film some of it. Any chance of a sub to help out?

Pesopeso 99 says:

LAX or San Francisco??

Dziadek says:

You call 23 dollars for wifi resonable?

Robert1811 says:

Are United airlines dragging people of the plane jokes still funny?

OverUnderwhelmed says:

Glad to see they kept the ice cream sundaes when they updated their product. I flew Continental Business/First a few times years ago and always looked forward to those sundaes.

LOL TV says:

i love too the airlines that give a pajama in business clas!!!

Rohan Singh says:

At least they don’t kickout people in business class.

maximillian oscar hendrawan says:

im happy many america~product hv improved, so i hv another choice to try bside of asian top airlines

Francis Bagbey says:

Let us hear the roar of the engines on take off! Part of the thrill of flying. Thanks for this TR!

Juliet Williamson says:

Always like your reviews they are properly the best going around.

Honestly not a fan of the paid ad before and afterwards. I say this because before I hear your voice and I know it’s about the review which is exciting and interesting, but now we hear your voice from and it’s about something that isn’t of interest just some commercial and by the time you review starts I’ve switched off.

I would prefer to watch / Listen to a paid YouTube ad for 10 or 30 seconds beforehand.

Shanyu Hundekari says:

Best airline reviews on YouTube
Well done Dennis!

Kirk Nangreaves says:

If you think 2-2-2 in business class is fancy, you really need to get out more. This is a terrible product, even by US airline standards (which is a low bar to begin with)

farQuhar85 says:

I’ve flown United 4 times and they never left on time.
Have to admit their business product looks good though.
Would I fly them again? Not with other options available.

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