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Wolfie Wind says:

Casey no links???

Hugh Craigie says:


Kristina Martines says:

I love that for casey its hard to imagine sleeping for 8 hours straight

S V R says:

Dont do what my profile photo says

Iqra Qureshi says:

Candice is such a sweetheart.

Richard Donahue says:

I just realized something….
Casey and Roman have the same life story they became a teen parent with one person then had another child with another person

KittyPeri says:

“Be right out.”

*Films a few minutes of video*

DerpyCoCoa says:

I like his videos but i don’t agree with him politically

Nancy Mesek says:

Ahhh, de cote azur. So fine.

Audrey Meyer says:

I hate the city so good for you Casey

AllTerrainAdventures says:

Amazing how he can fly drone while riding boosted board

EpicEmu says:

I tend to binge watch all of his traveling/airplane review videos.

Claudio says:

I have seen many airplane review so far but his are the best ones and most fun to watch.

Lyna Jiang says:

My dad lost his luggage for like three days because of Air France (I believe). It’s so frustrating.

MattProductions TV says:

Nice a 767 for the flight with Delta one! The position makes it look like a 757

JR Plays says:

notification squad at ya

Adriel Rodriguez says:

Man i hope i fly with sometime

Zaba Zaba says:

okropnie brzydki facet; stac go chyab na zrobienie tych zebow; wyglada to okropnie :/

Geoffrey raposa says:

Delta is better with checked bags last 6 times I left the US I flew delta back to LAX AND my bags were the first 10 -20 bags out

Tyler Kuo says:

hi Casey my name is Tyler

Thomas Thornton says:

I just realized I was there at the same time as him just in Paris and rue sanit denis

Jane Jin says:

I saw you in Cannes Lions this June! Did you just go back? That was such an amazing trip! Then I played your famous “nobody knows anything” video in town hall when I went back to nyc, and ppl loved it!

Siti_Channel says:

Nice skateboard

Hannafi Muktah says:

I really like your movie with your son..

Nathan Chang says:

where is this?

Emmie Benson says:

The love of candy runs in the family! 🙂

Angelo Dumitriu says:

You are the best YouTuber ever

Daniel Ashcraft says:

Casey, Thanks for flying DELTA!!!

Amanda Fathiyah Din says:

This is what i want in businesss class

SethBrown321 says:

never knew you had a camera on your studio door

Suzumi Legend says:

If you subscribed say CASEY IS THE BEST

Akasha Kireka says:

Ehhh vous parlez en français et combien???

Jolyon Ward says:

has the son got a mental disability?

Hannafi Muktah says:

I really like your movie with your son..

lucy connor says:

Just think that on a plane u are over 2,000 feet or meters above ground

neil mitchell says:

The Grand is a lovely hotel. I’ve stayed there a few times and always had a lovely time

john says:

was there any light chop on the flight?

Sports king Vine says:

The earth is flat

Battle Axe says:

Where was he today? All cars were Mercedes

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