The Middle Plane Seat May Be The Best Soon With Revolutionary Design | TODAY

TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen shares a sneak peek at a new airplane seating design that could change the way you fly and save airlines as much as $700,000 per day through faster boarding times. The new middle seat is 3 inches wider than the aisle and window seats!
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The Middle Plane Seat May Be The Best Soon With Revolutionary Design | TODAY


Axel W says:

Oh so you can make the middle seat better by making it wider? Wow I’ve never thought of that. What a revolutionary idea!

Ateist Smart says:

also check out AirGo design. Improvements are under way in the economy class.

Hazoish ? says:

I’m an introvert so never ever ever ever

Bill Page says:

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SULLY says:

Yo mama needs this

949surferdude says:

Great idea! Until someone’s finger gets caught and cut off

XHAD says:

They would never do this because they want more seats in the plane

unpredictable.annie says:

“Sitting next to strangers.” Da heck travel with your friends or family.

Pro86 Vainglory86 says:

Today on the philippine airline we had a flight they made the people way in the back go first for example 62-72 they went in first then next was 52-62 etc… It was much smoother than letting everyone just go in

tessamersus says:

Fkn amazing invention!

ed me says:

low fare airlines in europe use the door in the back to board and leave the plane. it saves time.

SS Park says:

He sounds like Conan O’Brien

Yea Sexy says:

Matt lauer

Adam Pavlinek says:

Sooo… It’s the end of 2017 and I haven’t seen any new seats


Wow this guy is a Genius he’s gonna be rich!

Mort Goldman says:

Would never happen

Mr. Poopy-Butthole says:

Jeff never leave your luggage unattended!

adamdanieldavies says:

That’s one small arm rest…

Darwin Devonshire says:

I hate american news. Hey how was your summer? M8 i dont fuvking care

Mike McGlock says:

This doesn’t solve the legroom problem…

MoneyShot says:

*A family with a 6 year old son*
“Son, since you want the window seat, you’ll have to go in first. Good luck.”
*The son got lost and got dragged off the plane*

Miss Amanda's world says:

Bad idea

Evan Lin says:

So a kid has to be separated with a parents because they have to bord last if it was two kids and a adult

Steve Dorsett says:

This reporter is a monumental tool

abc says:

Why is this guy so enthusiastic

Puniigamer says:

those seats do not look comfortable at all

Gema Huerta says:

What if a family gets split up bc naturally the child might want the window? That’s the only concern

HQ Tutorials says:

That guy he sat next to looks like that old man from modern family

Adventure Guy says:

Lower ticket prices? *LOL*

Alexander ! says:

Its smart that middle is more Back

TheBayJay says:


Wyatt Mortimore says:

Planes don’t idle at the gate they only turn there engines on when they pushback

Anønymøus Víds says:

Didn’t solve arm rest problem

Lazy Chick says:

Great. Now fix airplane food.

George Hennen says:

That’s fair row seat gets extra leg room end seat gets window and middle gets a bigger seat. Seats should have two arm rests each

Jose Christian says:

The isle seat is either a hit or miss in my opinion either your gonna get the people who have to get up every hour or they don’t but I do like the isle seat for the fact that when everyone’s sleeping you don’t have to climb over people just to go to the bathroom lol

Harry Rushton says:

If your in the middle your just gonna have peoples elbows on yer lap

Sal R says:

Wait what about first class

Bodee Woods says:

what about people with smaller child’s that don’t know what seat to sit in if they have to go window to Isle

Supercars of Chester says:

Guy: “The middle seat is 3 inches wider than the rest.”

Reporter: “How wide is a normal seat?”

Guy: “18 inches.”

Reporter: “So, how wide is the middle seat?”

Guy: “21 inches.”

I’m guessing the reporter didn’t do too well in Math…

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