Living cheap when flying and traveling is sometimes hard, but today I found a flight with a price of $14 per airplane seat! The seat was super tiny making it quite a challenge, but also super fun to do a flight review and travel in! Behind the scenes: Instagram: iAmLivingBobby


KinkyJesus says:

Just stfu in the plane, inconsiderate bitch

Richard Owen says:

In indonesia there is an aircraft selling ticket for Rp 5000 or $0.4, but its on a flash sale and only for some

Henry Molina says:

That’s Avianca Airlines…

raed azzam says:

Lol 40,000 pesos is around 2000 u.s dollars, Google it people

Adam Malecki says:

14 dollars is very expensive. You can find international flights for few dollars/quid. That’s nothing impressive…

Nashir Mohammed says:

that’s hot $14

Joshua Vu says:

INSANE! I was here at about 20k subs. Watched every video. pls don’t change ur style. Cheap food videos are great

Legit Content says:

40,000 = 14 ?????

MLGKrypton says:

Ryan Air! $33 round trip from London to Nice, France ….including a $5 fee I paid to pick my seat next to my friend.


Nice! I flew $28 Round Trip with Frontier! Love the experience of travel!

Alex Mac says:

Worth it is really cutting corners

YOUR DAD says:

Why the fuck was he driving so fast

Greg Dundee says:

As long as they get me there safely, the rest does not matter

ramixsv says:

You’ll definitely have a blast in Cartagena.

LucentisGaming says:

I’ve seen London stansted to denmark for £5.99 with Ryanair

TrillZona says:

No video in 3 daysss?

Clorox Bleach says:

Ryanair for the win – approved by Clorox Bleach

Leannuh Renee says:

This is great like the opposite of what Casey Neistat does. Such a good video dude

Clorox Bleach says:

Went from Dublin to London (gatwick) for €14 in mid March

Carlos Cogosoft says:

En Europa Ryanair ofrece billetes por 5€

Gold Air says:

This guy is annoying to everyone the kid needed a shit or dunno but just ask urself just why ??? Skiddoo skiidaaai ur mom is now gay

Da Unboxing Geek says:

What do you expect in 14$

OnyX Magma says:

This is so stupid, 40,000 pesos isn’t 14 it’s actually 2159 U.S dollars. cmon guys

blabluble gamer says:

Check out Ryanair it’s cheaper

Smarmy Slayer says:

my knees never touch the seat

sadly, this is the only up side to being short

Preidak says:

lol, nope! the cheapest one are in Europe and they’re 10$ so delete this shit son and git gud

xTheJudge says:

2:20 my boy starring at you

Aashir Ebrahim says:

Who els yawned when he did?

Amelie Belga says:

It’s not the cheapest flight there is one that is ten dollars

que honda says:

1:41 that guy just knew where to look at

Shangguan Zhanglin says:

You are a fucking cheap asshole

Potato Tot says:


shishisheila says:

Mood: the man trying to fall asleep next to you and then switches with the lady next to him to sit near the window

TheDorkKn1ght says:

Looks like most of the planes I fly on in the states lol

Harlem Boy says:

$14, I sure as shit hope that the plane has engines

Sam Mansbridge says:

Managed to get a flight from Liverpool to Ibiza for £10

2genWong says:

people say i can’t it’s to much ! nigga stfu get a seat for $14

IamGuncha says:

Chepest airlines seats it’s ryanair for 7$, it’s the chepest what I see from London to Alicante

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