The Business Class Etihad Doesn’t Advertise

Etihad business class is one of the best in the sky – until you fly their smaller Airbus A320 aircraft!

This business class flight review shows you exactly what to expect when you fly business class on one of Etihad’s smaller aircraft – the A320 and A321. These smaller narrow bodied aircraft are used for regional services but also for much longer flights to some European cities, Asia and Africa. These flights can be up to 5, 6 or 7 hours.

This flight review covers boarding, take off, the Etihad business class seat, inflight entertainment and the excellent Etihad on-board service and dining.

My review of the Etihad A330 business class can be found here:

For further reviews including Emirates, Qatar, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, LATAM, Turkish Airlines and Egypt Air check out my channel DennisBunnik Travels

Thanks for watching and happy travels


Jazz Mills says:

You can tell it’s Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine Nine @ 3:39 on the comedy icon just from the awful blonde highlights (great video, it’s really interesting to see the variations of classes depending on the planes and flights.)

Alec says:

awww I got this seat back in 2005-2007 and around 2010 when I started travailing again I kept getting the new seats( the good ones) I thought these where gone like old models

Blau Bär says:

To fit full-flat seats into a small aircraft like the A320 would mean that the capacity had to be cut almost by half due to the space (and weight!) needed for such ‘A380-seats’. And even Etihad have to calculate their cost.

Gligow says:

I’ve flown TWELVE hours from London Heathrow to Los Angeles in ECONOMY.

Ali Al Hashimi says:

Thanks for telling me which airline to fly to Colombo.EMIRATES!!!!!!!

Dilshan Kathriarachchi says:

Do you travel to Sri Lanka often? You’ve mentioned it a few times, on the Malaysian A350 review and now the Etihad A320.

Ian Hamilton says:

Seems Homer retired, this makes Dennis the #1 airline vlogger in my view! Honest, straightforward, jam packed with the information and sound advice for PAX.

James Jack says:

Please do a review of this for ryan air 🙂

Josef Richter says:

Those seats look ugly, but comfy 🙂 Still, not good enough for a 6-7h flight to be fair.

dean brickland says:

The glamour shot with the music was hilarious. Love the brutal honesty. Useful. Keep them coming. Channel is growing very well.

Noah Bowie says:

this product reminds me of the Virgin America first class. if you ever get a chance to fly virgin America first class before it is phased out definitely take it

Edward Howat says:

How about you fucking think about all the people stuck on economy all the time u little spoiled shit

Aiyaphol Kemapuckpong says:

Dennis, are you planning to fly Thai Airways anytime soon?

Walid Afghanzai says:

they wont just make a resıdence fırst class on every plane they have

you only get that on planes that go to bıg cıtiest like london new york los angelas i mean you cant travel from pakistan to solmalia and expect to have a residence first class

and you pay way less for that first class the you do with a more modern first class

alfonso sada says:

Hey Dennis! Love your videos.
Can’t stop watching them. Safe travels!

Wyatt Pokorski says:

His work is browsing websites. What a job

dhan says:

i wonder how d economy class in dat 320

bobanyfingelf says:

Thank you – most informative videos…keep it on!

Kareem Gamal says:

Funny I’m watching this for the first time during my layover in Colombo xD

Toby Bloomfield says:

I like easyJet’s seats

The Walking Fruit says:

Stop complaining you rich douchebag

Richard Martinez says:

You’ve convinced me for my next travels I will be flying business class. Well done mate! Cheers from Southern California!

ashish paralkar says:

this is the kind of video that i want to like coz of the content, but want to dislike for the product that etihad delivered

Why should i tell you my name says:

Fuck, at least you’re in business class already. If you’re travelling economy imagine how they feel, some of them would probably feel glad they’re on an Etihad plane!

Laid-Back Flights says:

Hey Dennis, I watched several of your videos now and enjoyed all of them. Lovely videos! Thumbs up and best regards 🙂

Shabbadabadoo says:

You were heading for the what? I live in Colombo. So happy to finally watch a travel video coming in to Colombo.

mellowman1001 says:

This guy looks like Mark Little from classic Neighbours.

Indigo Red says:

Thanks for this. I’m planning a flight from Australia to the US and this aircraft is the final leg. I wanted to see what it’s like and you delivered. I’m looking at Qantas which I could not find a clip of, but figure this couldn’t be far off. Cheers!

spmPvP says:

Compared to America, this is amazing lol.

Malte Spielt says:

i fly A320 a lot, could be worse (ryanair B737)

mario kent says:

DennisBunnik Travels big fan !!! Please do a video on Garuda Indonesia

Muhanna says:

You should try the Saudi Airlines new First Class 777 – 300ER. It is the most improved airline of 2017. It went from having a 2-2-2 configuration in First Class to fully enclosed suites.

k k says:

do you get paid by emirates to say bad things about etihad and qatar

Fatima Mohammed says:

honestly one of the worst flights i ever been in. the food was bad, servis was horrible. one of the cabin crew dropped wine on me and he ruined my top and it was 6 hr flight uae to London

brickman409 says:

I want to see him review the low class budget seats one of these days

Zain Ul-Abiden Aziz says:

I call this one rich people problems

Tranefine says:

The seat looks similar to the CX Premium Economy

Deepali Srivastava says:

Didn’t like my journey from Abu Dhabi to Delhi. It felt like me travelling in go indigo domestic flight. Business class was pathetic

Etihad Crew says:

I am Crew Member Of Etihad!

kameraderie says:

I agree with you. SQ is better than EY in terms of the plane and service quality.

brettney72 says:

i would not pay what they charge for that at all

Nutty Gaming says:

can you do a review on an A318 domestic flight

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