THE $8,000 AIRPLANE SEAT!! (Delta Airlines Business Class)

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Flying business class on a $8K airplane seat with my boo was quite the experience on a Boeing-757 courtesy of Delta Airlines. Thank you to my father for working so hard everyday on the luggage ramp for a great corporation and ultimately, for making this video possible.

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Andrew Mucci says:

shout out to pops for the hook up!

Daniel Lingen says:

If I was sitting close to you guys I would be so pissed have some decency and don’t act like a bunch of idiots act professional

claus stimpfig says:

no first class cabin available on Delta international. only businessclass…so it`s businessclass. very emotional video though danke schön

Ness Bazaez says:

More videos with you gf!

Igor Ćuk says:

I am over the moon!!!! Keep it up!

Anthony Ronacher says:


RayFri says:

nice vid man

Dave and Sarahs World says:

haha your girlfriend was hilarious when explaining the stuff in the bag for first class! Its always great when you can add humor in a relationship and accept it! Embrace the goofyness, thats how my bf got me 🙂 You two are seriously so cute!

Relic Rescue Crew says:

That was awesome William. I enjoyed your style. You guys are a cute couple. I’m going to watch more of your videos over the weekend!

Jessica GW Han says:

Ahhh cool. I would fly to my boo every weekend if I could sit there lol

Yoko DWz says:

ssssssssssssoooooooooooo spontaneous <3

RoboShooz says:


jonathan coba says:

it was a 767 I believe. not a 757. nice video

Paris Chic Style says:

Good job! 🙂 You two are so sweet.

Ivy Edan says:

you guys are so cute ….you are so sweet to her

Will Ortiz says:

cool video! It’s great to see you guys having a great time. Thanks for checking out my vlog as well.

ProtexGames says:

your editing homie…

Tyler J Cooke says:

Totally agree, if affordable 8k wouldn’t be bad but otherwise that’s a little extreme! Great editing

Cow Parkour says:

Wow, your videos are so fun and interesting. Traveling is my love. Anyway I am from that vloggers group and I subbed 😀

Mark Stinchon says:

That’s a cool video! I was lucky enough to fly First Class on Emirates at Christmas from Dublin to Seychelles to meet up with my wife. It was the best experience of flying I’ve had. I did a video on it just like you did here, but it was one of my first attempts at doing a video / vlog….lol

Jordan Hauser Digital says:

WHAA WHAA WHAT?!? Awesome video man! You and your girl have incredible chemistry… Keep it up!

Theimageneer Presents says:

Yea .. yall are pretty funny bro..  Just got a chance to watch , was in my notifications , but wanted to give it attention .You guys make a good match.. look forward to seeing more content with you both.

Rose Rasaa says:

I like that! lol works every time.

it's Ajobi says:

lol omg still cute… how long you been together for?

CrateZombie says:

Top notch editing from you on this one. Great job G.

ARIAM C says:

I’ll be so fucking piss, if these two fucking monkeys would be in front of me and they don’t stop talking and not letting anybody to sleep.

Rian Talamati says:

Great video… greetings from your new subscriber from VOY 🙂

Lais Juliany says:

I loved your video!!! Your girlfriend is so cute and hilarious (:

b-hart studios says:

Such a rad video!!! Keep it up!!

Elis Froes Rodrigues says:

I love u guys together

bushyconn says:

$8000 one way!!I can fly Sydney(Australia) to London UK – more than twice the mileage and return for that amount – or just a little more. And use Emirates, QANTAS, Singapore, Virgin or any of the Chinese airlines.
But. At las. Someone who can make the contents of the amenity pouch interesting.
Thanks for that!!

Salama Kadzo says:

love u guys

Panagiotis Rafail says:

Hey man you’ve making some good vlogs keep going!! Found you on dailyvee and came by to see what’s popping 😛

Jo Mighty says:

what animal is that? LOL! haha 🙂

the DIY Bees kids says:

omg! this is the best vlog I have ever watched!! I can’t wait to see more!

Everyday Life with Rudi and Alicia says:

We wanna do business or first 1 day too

DJ Odom says:

Dude!! This was super fun to watch! Your gf is hilarious.

Shira says:

I got mad respect for both you!
You’re both good with each other!
When you two have kids and Betcha they first or 2nd words gunna be

” I like that, ….Alot”

Doug Thebigdp says:

What? How the heck did I miss out on watching this? I gotta say that OF COURSE there’s a difference between buying something and affording it, problem is sometimes it just doesn’t matter due to circumstances. But, yeah, going first or business class, which I’ve done exactly once, is ultra cool and I liked that…..(wait for it)….A LOT!

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