Sri Lankan Airlines Upgraded Business Class

Sri Lankan Airlines have finally upgraded their aircraft on the Melbourne route – this means you can now enjoy their upgraded 1-2-1 business class product.

Join me and we’ll experience it together as I fly to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka!

If Sri Lanka is on your bucket list – and it should be – then check out the following 2 companies who offer tours to this wonderful destination:

Note: I co-own both the above 2 companies so I think they are brilliant. I’ll leave you to make up your own mind – either way, you’ll love Sri Lanka.

Back to the review! The Sri Lankan business class flight review covers my flight from Melbourne to Colombo. It features the Qantas First Class Lounge at Melbourne Airport, boarding, take off, the new Sri Lankan business class seat, the Sri Lankan inflight service including their wonderful crew and delicious on-demand dining. I also cover take off, landing, the inflight entertainment system and the Sri Lankan Airlines business class amenities kit.

Route: Melbourne (MEL) to Colombo (CMB)
Length: 5,199 miles, 10:00 hrs
Flight: UL605 Seat 6A
When: 30 Jan 2019
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300 registration 4R-ALM (Nov 2014)
Camera: Panasonic HC-VX1

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David Rathmann says:

Another great video. I am amazed that you don’t have more subscribers.

J D says:

Thank you very much for the great report!

Callum says:

Wow, I impressed that Sri Lankan has dine-on-demand, not overly common in business, as you said, only Qatar and Etihad have it, so interesting to see Sri Lankan up with those heavyweights.

Tommy Gale says:

Hi I’ve just uploaded a new video could you check it out :)✈️

Marcus LeeP says:

That was nice….Fly safe always…

David Stone says:

You and Jeb Brooks are starting to look alike

cardiff_flyer says:

The food in the Qantas lounge looked very nice! Sri Lankan airlines look pretty good!

Ucnamuc says:

I visited Lanka in 80 and 00… Arugam. Bay.. Surfing… I really recommend this book on Lanka… Only man is vile by William McGowan

Mitchell Gibbs says:

I always look forward to when you upload a new video Dennis! This one is another fantastic video!

Muthu Kumar says:

Nicely Presented, Dennis. Your voice on this video is different!

Buddhika De Mel says:

Ohhhh.great video. I hope to fly with sri Lankan airlines. It is a great airway.good luck dennis. We want only sri Lankan air lines videos

Laura Ashdown says:

Dennis, what do you do for a living that has you flying so much? I love your videos and have been watching for a couple of years now, so I’ve always wondered.

Bullet-Catcher says:

Stopped for a week in Sri Lanka, worst place i ever been to, plus everyone was trying to rip you off. Lucky i then went to the Maldives. Thailand or Malaysia 100% better places to go.

Ryan says:

I was going to like the video, but it was at exactly 747 likes, so I didn’t want to ruin it.

Thomas Ross says:

Great review, thanks Dennis. Looking forward to trying out Sri Lankan business class. Happy travels!

David W. Smith says:

Looking good Dennis!

Len Crites says:

Great video; handsome smile

Anthony Kernich says:

In terms of Sri Lanka itself – what’s it like as a country to visit? I’ve never considered it as a “must do” country, like Japan, New Zealand and Vietnam are.

Gusti Iqbal says:

Awesome…good report sir

Larry Reed says:

Great review as always, my favourite reviewer.

Bob Sellars says:

Another excellent video, impressive improvement from what Sri Lankan were several years ago.
My partner and I are going on a Bunnik tour to Eastern Europe in August/September, just hope it will be up to the high standard set by Dennis with his trip reports!

Xavier’s Flight Review says:

Go to Maldives!!!!

Sebastian Ayling says:

So now Sri Lankan have a better seat than BA.. Great video, Dennis.

Jeb Brooks says:

Looks like we need to get you your own pair of headphones there, Dennis! Seriously, great video!!

Joshua 윤호 Han says:

haha do your own Jeb brooks and bring it on board! You just gotta make sure you have the adapter so you can use it

omfgitsshan says:

Every time I fly Colombo – Melbourne in Business Class, I prefer to go with Singapore Airlines. The seats, the service, the food and onboard entertainment can’t be beat. Sure Sri Lankan have the direct route advantage with no stopovers and they price it more than the Singapore flight, but hey a few hours in the Singapore business lounge being spoiled while you’re in transit isn’t that bad a proposition! Also given that Singapore uses the A380 and newer A350 on some of the SIN-MEL flights, it just makes for a more pleasant trip. One thing I do like about the Sri Lankan Business Class is that the meal options really do cover everyone. As someone who is steering away from red meat for health reasons, I find it great that the choices included; chicken, lamb, salmon and vegetarian options. This means there is something for everyone. In some of the previous business class flights Dennis has flown, it was sad to see the choices limited to just 2 options and both of those being red meat options. If you only eat chicken and/or seafood then you would have nothing to eat so credit to Sri Lankan for that! I hope you had a nice time in Sri Lanka Dennis. I know your company has an office here so I’m sure the staff are always happy to see their boss drop by 😉

Bradley's plane spotting says:

Great video Dennis liked have you seen my videos

Charles Cook says:

Great video, the carpet in the lounge was trippy!

Sarinf Serg says:

Enjoyed your video, I checked the notifications to get information of the tour operators but I couldn’t see them, would you be so kind to send them,please

B2EVIL says:

Every Indian airline i have been on has been a disgusting experience , The flight attendants are lazy , and this is coming from someone who doesn’t even bother them on most flights because of how busy there workload gets but indian airlines (and PIA /Biman) on a whole take the piss , they’re rude , the food tastes horrible even in business and first class , the flights are always delayed and don’t get me started on the passengers on these flights who stink like shit and act like they have never been on a plane or any mass transport. Before you call me racist , i am south asian myself. Horrible experiences whenever i fly with these shit airlines who charge just as much as emirates do for a ryan air like flight. Don’t fly with them :/

The Haines' says:

Great video as always! I get so excited when I see a new video from you Dennis. My husband and I are looking for a special holiday destination next year for my 40th, the Maldives is at the top of our list but obviously we can’t fly direct from Aus….after seeing this video I am thinking via Sri Lanka may be the perfect route for us? I will be in touch when flights become available for the time of year we’d like to travel 🙂

knick007 says:

Looks like a massive improvement to the old business class which I really didn’t rate. (The crew was amazing but looks like they’ve stepped it up in terms of food)

Two Bins says:

Has anyone ever used the coat hook?

Mark Hughes says:

Great review as always Dennis. Gotta love the Australian unions. Every time there is a threat of a storm the ground crew stops work for about 5 hours.

Planes, Trains, Everything. says:

Another superb video. You show the aspects of the class off so well.

Brian Hook says:

Great video as usual

Henri Santoro says:

I love watching your videos on the plane while I sit in economy

Mohammad Usman says:

Looks just like the American/Cathay business class seats. Nice job!

Andy Sorensen says:

That’s really cool that they encourage you to take the menu as a souvenir. Have you made the recipe yet?

Pritam Koli says:

Five star coverage


Big Thumb for Australian Market! Unlike Canada, everywhere is Monopoly!

Daniel Hammond says:

Thank you for the video!

アメリカ在住陸マイラー/Dr. AvGeek says:

Excellent video as always! I never consider flying with Sri Lankan but after watching your review I think I will give it a try next time.

Charlie Wilson says:

Someone’s upgraded there microphone

Vasek Vdolecek says:

Jet Airways YouTube must try.

Deplorable Asian says:

Dennis is the best in the flight reviewing business. Thanks for the great videos!

Paul Clarke says:

Great video. 121 config!? Wish me luck I’m BA business with family London Gatwick to Antigua in April on 777 with 2-4-2 config at front of plane. Will be very cramped. Probably worst biz class arrangement in the air!

ishtaq says:

Big Den, Schweppes ain’t bog standard bro

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