Spirit Airlines Big Front Seat review

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The Big Front Seat option on Spirit Airlines is a huge change from the very tight standard seats, and a very comfortable place to be for longer flights.


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Heavenly Crowned says:

I just started working for spirit as a gate agent. Yes people need to understand that spirit is low cost if you’re flying only with a small bag. Other airlines charge for baggage too, I don’t know why they get mad when we charge too, were not the only ones! I’ve also worked with Virgin america and I know people are willing to pay for luxury. If you want luxury don’t fly spirit. That’s the reason we are so cheap. There is a reason we call it Bare Fare!

Michael C says:

I flew my first leg in coach to Vegas and I hated it. I would have been more comfortable with a lawn chair for my back. On the way back I chose to upgrade to row 1 and I really loved it! Totally worth the $70 price for the upgrade. I was never going to fly Spirit again but after my upgrade I now recommend it! I could stretch my legs fully straight forward almost to the forward bulkhead and I had plenty of side-to-side space. I slept well! I never had so much space on a flight before. Keep in mind there are no amenities so be prepared for that. A large bottled water was $2. I am doing it again…..

Mark Rcca says:

I often buy tickets to the big seats, if I feel tired and hope to fall asleep on the flight, or if I expect that the flight will be very full. Definitely worth it; $35 for a 2.5 hour flight.

Hot Dog says:

2:59 Do they EVER clean the traytable??

Tyler Price says:

There is nothing good about spirit. It’s shit

DaLoneAdvocate says:

Unfortunately I couldn’t grab the big front seat for my trip to Dallas from BWI. Sold out. Hoping I can get an exit row for free on the day I fly out or pay $20.

foycur says:

I am flying spirit cross country. Got the big seat upgrade for fifty bucks. Return flight in United a first class seat starts at 160.

Slaying Fascist says:

It looks like a pen for dirty animals.

Brendon Hoogenboom says:

That airbag in the seatbelt, is supposed to protect you since there is no seat in front of you to brace against during the event of a crash, the seat that people brace on is supposed to collapse a bit (move forward) and cushion the effects of a crash, since there is no collapsible seat to brace against in that case, the airbag is crucial to one’s survival in that seat.

fattyeli17 says:

thanks for the video…silly question…do any of the big front seats have power outlets anywhere near them????

brian williams says:

25 for my flight, but they really need to have a 5-10 $ clean my seat and tray table option since they charge for everything else. I’d be willing to pay.

david duran says:

I’m planning to take a trip from new York to Columbia Bogotá and I’m about 6 feet with 2 inches and the flight is gonna be I believe 5 to 8 hours…. is it really worth paying the extra 50$????

Alice the Great says:

Delta has tight seats too. I don’t believe spirit airlines are that bad.

Margaret Mims says:

Are extended seat belts offered? Thank you for this informative video.

Joshua Manuel says:

I call Spirit Airlines my private jet. I learned how to use their model very fast and I save hundreds when I fly and I fly quite often on my own dime. I’m a pretty big guy and I save on Spirit by buying the big front seat and save even more if I find the front seat available when I get to the counter to check my bags. Ticket prices are also cheap when at the counter too. If you are a frequent flier, check for your seat and destination and watch the savings roll in. If you are into penny pinching this is your way to travel. They damn near go everywhere. This is definitely not the airline for those who say money is no object…Emirates or British Airways is your cup of tea there. I will say that Dalls/Ft. Worth is the worst when it comes to baggage handling for Spirit. It’s not to blame them, they are just a startup airline that has to deal with the hassles of buying gates at airports and that could be expensive to the business model. That being said, as a traveler with Spirit, consider adding the insurance to your itinerary for your round trip and if anything happens you’re covered up to 500 bux….It’s that easy!!! Blue Skies to all

Happy Jiggly says:

More fees

Matthew Kelly says:

BTW the seatbelt airbag is on EVERY Airbus. Not on any boeings though. Only an Airbus thing

Dymin Phillips says:
Lizzetrixe Studios says:

In December I might take spirt airlines

ainahko16 says:

This is why I Southwest is my go to airline for domestic flights. Bags fly free and it has wifi*.
*$8 to use but still can watch TV on your tablet or phone for free.

Bobby Paluga says:

I have little respect for anyone sacrificing comfort for price. You’re too cheap for your own good.

Julia Burton says:

They don’t close the overhead bins on the first seat as a “courtesy”, they do it because you don’t have a seat in front of you to store your bags underneath and they cant just be out in the “open” so they have to make sure the overhead bins are avail to the first seat passengers per regulation.

Corn Fed says:

I wouldn’t fly on this airline even if someone gave me free tickets.

timetosaynext says:

The tray table was disgusting.

J S says:

I have flown Spirit airlines “Big front seat” trust me it is as much legroom you have in coach at JetBlue

MicroFSXPilot says:

Those seatbelts like that is highly similar to what we have in the Cessna’s I fly. They are safety features. If I remember, they’re airbags

GeminijetsBDL says:

The airbag is for safety so if the plane crashes you don’t kill yourself hitting the wall right in front of you a lot of airlines do it they just do it randomly because the cost of airbags is so expensive if you’re talking about roughly 150 seats on the plane

UPRR railfann7479 says:

the airbags on your seatbelt prevents you from hitting your head when there is an emergency on the aircraft a new technology that they tested that works on airplanes when it comes to an emergency

Tristan Shover says:

I will stick with Emirates

Stratosfear12569 says:

I’ll stick with American Airlines thank you..

Glenn Patin says:

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