Spirit Airlines A321 Review

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Welcome onboard this Spirit Airlines A321
Class: Main Cabin
Origin: San Diego International Airport (SAN)
Destination: Las Vegas McCarran International Airport
Flight Time: 48 Minutes
Takeoff time: 3:44 ( 09 minutes behind schedule)
Landing time: 4:32 ( 21 minutes before schedule)
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Registration: N664NK
Recorded with: iPhone X

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Welcome to iTripReport’s flight reviews, where we review everything from the service to the flight. We make sure to to put every single detail on each of our flights, from a first person real time perspective. We record everything from the cabin to the flight itself, this video will make sure to include everything you are looking for in a flight! Enjoy!


Zoes Greaman shepard says:

Luv spirt like if you agree

Bill Steeves says:

I dont get why people bitch about Spirit. You book online, which is the exact place they tell you to pay for your luggage because its cheaper than paying at the airport. You all also know before hand that the seats dont recline etc etc….Go ahead and pay an extra 4 to 6 hundred dollars on another airline so your bags and refreshments are “free”

JuânDiėgō LopęzCąströ says:

Hablas español???

Flea Balzary says:


I was gonna go to a place and I was supposed to be on it by 12:27 and you know what they did?


Bryan Zhang says:

*and we’ll see*

Drawing Dancer says:

I have to ride to Vegas from Georgia here on spirit (one like=one prayer

love you ivy says:

this is worst company…everytimes got problem with them! i am done..no more

Juju Gurgel says:

Now I know exactly what to expect! Thanks for sharing

Crim_ son says:

I went on same flight

Kirbongo says:

Spirit Airlines is so bad

That instead of flying they are driving on a highway

Spirit Airlines says:

Hello there

Waveylooto says:

Guess I’m in luxury with Delta. Built In Screen for games and movies even with a flight tracker so you can see where you are in the air, free wi-fi, even a place to charge your phone. AND REALLY GOOD THINGS TO EAT FOR EVERYBODY NOT JUST FIRST CLASS :)! But that take off sounded pretty smooth


My men drives a Porsche and buying cheap airline ticket lol

129jaystreet says:

I like your shoes.

Spirit Airlines says:


TΩwmaX says:

2:21 ;-;

pete5668 says:

a flying banana

TΩwmaX says:

1:59 ;-;

Soso Xiong says:

I hate spirit cause
Not honest
They make you pay for your bags without weighting or to see if it fits into the weights machine
That just how they do their hidings charge

Fox Mulder says:

ATL to Vegas, terrible Airline. Great price up front but then you have to purchase your seats, then you have to pay for all bags, and more. The y are not really the cheapest. Be warned do your homework to figure out the total and then ask yourself, if an uncomfortable seat for how ever long your flight is.
Delta is worth the price, trust me.

iiEpixius says:

I loved the clips of the intro how big yellow banana

Paul Harger says:

Great video! Fun, lighthearted, good humor, smart tips. I travel regular airlines for business, but go Spirit for leisure travel whenever possible. Do your research, know what to expect, and you will be happy!

Kelsie Cuba says:

I’m a flight attendant with Spirit and I’m so happy for this review! 🙂 Spirit gets a really bad rep but we really aren’t bad! I’m glad you enjoyed your service

Olivia Lalk says:

Well I just recently flew to San Diego for the annual NCFR conference. My group flew back on Spirit Airlines. The flight was originally at 1:29pm, it got delayed to 2:29 pm. However we did not take off until 3:30 due to plane malfunctions, the engine would not turn on and neither would the air conditioning system. The flight was not smooth at all, and neither was the landing. Also before take off, I am pretty sure one of the wheels was flat because it was making the squeaky flat wheel sound! However, the only good thing about my flight was that the attendants made it good. So after my paragraph, I will NEVER be flying with Spirit Airlines again. I would rather take Southwest, American, JetBlue…more reputable and safer airlines.

The plane spotter BG says:

So Spirit is the American Ryanair.

Harriot the Alien says:

1:45 typo

joaquin rizzo says:

Love your videos !!! Man awsoke quality!

One Nation says:

You look like a noob walking around the airport with camera

NKTCS and More says:

Did anyone see that cost was spelled cosgt?

CJ The Reactor says:

8:35 marine corps recruit depot

Karen Antonellis says:

I flew spirit to Disney they were great and especially cause we FLEW OVER HURRICANE FLORENCE it was a great flight and trip

George Rybak says:

You. Pay for what you use never had a problem. At the point of sale you pick your preference. Spirit has rules and extra fees but if you can read you can save big. Use them all the time !!

Detriot Aviation says:

Anybody see the thrust reverser deploy and then close at 16:34?

rjr 19 says:

I flew IAG to MCO a few years ago on Spirit. I really liked it! If you do your homework on if, you can save TONS of money! People complain about how you don’t get anything, but it really isn’t “free” on legacy carriers. It just means higher tickets. I would totally fly them again!

Chuyito Chuyin says:

Why the fuck don’t you speak on your videos

voicetube says:

I really seem to be like water to oil with Spirit Air – From the nickel and diming with the seats, etc. coupled with more than once incurring extreme delays of SEVERAL hours occurring last-minute (thus, hours upon hours waiting in the airport). Although I realize not everybody has had this experience, however, personally, I’ve had almost nothing but bad experiences with Spirit.

For some positive notes: It’s a GREAT name and I LOVE the yellow color and the fonts used, etc. The flight attendants and crew overall once you get on the plane are not bad. A couple years ago, I had had some problems with ground crew (I’ve only flown Spirit three times — unfortunately, two out of the three didn’t go well).

Now to those blankety-blank (horrible) seats! I had NO warning how uncomfortable they would be including being not very comfortable in the butt (and I’m not super skinny) + they freaking don’t recline(!) which really sucks (even for 2:15 minute flight from Las Vegas to Dallas) (!)

And those tray tables are joke OMG. And the arm rests? Very thin and somewhat flimsy. You make ANY little “wrong” move and they make this thumping sound, which late at night can wake people up – just crazy not cool That an airline company or airplane manufacturer would even allow this to occur. Sad.

As regards the seats, the best way I could sum it up would be that this is what an airliner might be considered to be like from Soviet-era Russia from the 1960s or something – Basically a flying Third World bus or something(?) (You know, now come to think of it, I think I heard a sheep baying in the background, from seat 36-A:-)

I guess the worst situation (Regarding my flight from Vegas to Dallas a couple days ago) I could add would be the surprise and shock of having to pay $52 (instead of the normal $25) for my checked bag … and had to take stuff out and carry it with me (STUFFING it into my personal small Carry-on bag) to get the luggage down to 40 pounds (!) (most airlines allow 50 or so).

I’m concerned that more airlines will follow suit, once they realize people will start to get used to these “bus seats,” extra baggage charges, etc. which takes us unfortunately further away from what was originally A MUST for airline travel for the general public (as opposed to let’s say maybe military) – a (relatively) comfortable experience when traveling by air.

Mr middle school says:

Omg I love Evian

Susan Dickson says:


YuneecRX says:

Vegas has the worst turbulence

Jon Newman says:

I have flown Spirit about 5-6 times. Boston to Florida, Vegas, BWI, Here are a few comments
1. Make sure the savings is worth the lack of services. All of the routes that I have flown them, also are serviced by other airlines. However many times the savings ARE worth it. Flown to Vegas for just $100. And Fort Myers for around $150 Round trip.

2. Because of how tight their schedules are, and the # of planes they have, weather can completely screw them up. Two times I had my flights canceled on my return from Florida. The first time, I had to wait a day to get back. The second I found a Jet Blue flight and threw away the Spirit return. So in winter if you can’t waste a day, you might want to consider alternatives.

3. If all goes right, they are fine. The planes are new, but seats are tight. One thing I noticed is that on the longer flights the seats are better than those shown in this video. I think the longer flights they are using an Airbus plane. (You can find out the plane before booking.)

4. If at all possible, fly with just a back pack. Its free. Once you walk on the plane, no one has ever hassled me when I put it in the overhead bin.

5. Bring an Ipad. And if you have a netflix or a Amazon video down load stuff first. That will make the time go by. Also Kindle books are fine.

6. A nice thing to do, and will make the trip more pleasant is offer your seat mate to buy them a drink. The $3.00 will make the flight much more pleasant.

Remember, you are flying on a budget airline. Your flying to get you somewhere, not to have a good time on the plane. When you land, you have saved lots of money to make your visit more fun.

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