Singapore Airlines NEW Double Bed Business Class – Singapore to Sydney (SQ 221) – Airbus A380-800

In this trip video, we review Singapore Airlines’ newest double bed Business Class product on board an Airbus A380-800 flight between Singapore and Sydney.

After our free transit day tour of Singapore, we relax in the SilverKris Business Class lounge where we have a bite to eat from the buffet and freshen up in one of their many shower rooms.

The aircraft flown in this video is one of the airline’s factory-fresh 4-class A380s which sports the newest Suites and Business Class products. There are 78 lie-flat Business Class seats arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration and spread out over 2 cabins on the A380’s upper deck. The coveted double beds in Business Class can be found only at the bulkhead middle seats in row 11, 91 and 96. In the video, we review the seat in immense detail with a focus on the different seating positions, storage spaces, legroom, seat space, IFE, lighting, in-flight service and so forth.

During the 7.5 hours flight, two delicious meals are served – dinner and a continental breakfast – on luxurious Narumi fine china. The Business Class menu is inspired by a handful of world-famous chefs and has a good selection of on-board cuisines. Despite that, we opted to pre-book our main courses using the airline’s “Book the Cook” program, which lets you select a wider variety of meals.

Mid-flight, we also get to sample the lie-flat double bed which comes with a comfortable mattress pad, a couple of oversized pillows and a thick blanket. Sleeping in the double bed makes you feel as if you’re flying in First Class!

My next review will be the new A380 Suites double bed, which is infinitely more luxurious than this flight – stay tuned!!!



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j kkk says:

You will enjoy your trip and have a good time…actually so nice video tape ..take care

amypoon poon says:

Very informative, just wondering if you can let us know how much it costs of the flight that you are taking or they are sponsored by the airline?Thanks

Dara Ayuda Maharsi says:

Very nice and informative flight report. The best flight report channel in my opinion. No shaky camera, no prolonged unnecessary information of introduction, no awkward conversation with flight attendants, and no annoying music background. Simple yet informative narration. Good job as always 🙂

Pierre Turrat says:

I follow your work since long and i really appreciate the way you film in a plane, always respectuous about privacy of others.. Customers and FA as well. Sia a380 is an amazing product.. Classy video thank you for the great work

Sithabelamandlawenkosiwodumoemangalisayo Yebo says:

It’s been said not to take your shoes off and get too comfy before takeoff because in the even of an emergency you will not have time to put them back on. Only do so after takeoff.

William Ng says:

Row 11, 91 &96??? How long is that plane

My Trips says:

Your reviews are really among the best of this type, so informative and detailed. Looking forward to the video of the suites!

Balochistani Tech Support says:

the problem with them dbl bed conversion is ‘ it can only encourage them acts of a naughty nature by certain passengers !!!

Yeske Lumakeki says:

I enjoy your video

kissfan003 says:

WOW! Seat 96F That is an odd number for a seat on an airplane, for me anyway. 🙂

As usual, wonderful job Sir!

zakelwe says:

Great review Eddie and “sson to be” Mrs Khoo ! Those business class seats for couples seem to me better than the Etihad first Appartments for couples as you do not have the big divide. Looking forward to the First couple suit review, as far as I know not many people done it as a couple. Shame the Singapore business suits are getting more and more narrow, I like the big eazyboy type sofas they used to do, looks a great product still though.

Everyone’s wondering whether you and your good lady tested the seats “fully” ??? You know what I mean…..


Martin Ichikawa says:

you should go on ANA airlines

paul sullivan says:

thank you for sharing – we did this two nights ago and it was great. Cant wait for suites !!Love SIA

noamaan muhammed says:

Great one Eddie. It presentation is so classy yet so simple and pleasing to the eyes. Hope people like Danstorp aviation learn from u.
In the end a great unbiased awesome review. U r getting one subscription. Cheers mate

Vicky P says:

The seat design looks really nice, but the food looks really unappetizing for a business class. Plus, all flights to Sydney depart from Terminal 3 from Changi, the worst terminal reserved for hilly billies, the only terminal that contains a food court instead of nice restaurants. Also from Sydney to Singapore, all passengers regardless you fly business/economy, are lumped together in a small waiting room that feels more like a refugee camp, that really ruins the experience. In the past, you waited in a big open space but now passengers need to go to specific small rooms 🙁 I refrain traveling to and from Singapore because of this, and also from flying SQ.

Coddiwompling Miguel says:

That was wonderful! I thought all business class seats on SQ are angled making it a bit awkward to sleep on but the seats on this A380 are awesome!

Sydney Trains & NSW TrainLink says:

Hi Eddie, this is another great video! Really informative and well-filmed as always 🙂
I know you use a GoPro for your window seat flights to film the takeoff and landing, but how do you put it on the window? Is it by one of the GoPro adhesive mounts or something else? Cheers 🙂

Janice Spyby says:

Lovely breakfast

Ben Fox says:

Great video Eddie as usual

#amazingHK Study Blog says:

Dude, acc. to me you have the best aviator channel in the world. Better than even Sam chui and Dennis bunnik. I really love your videos.

Please keep uploading more videos.
My all wishes are with you.


Manan Agarwal says:

Hi eddie, do you miles for your bookings or do you pay for them?

OliverTravels says:

Your videos are really great. Channel subscribed.

Chung Chuong says:

Great video but I would like to know the costs

Gourab Ghosh says:

Another really great video! Your presentation style and filming is class apart.

Frederick König says:

Thank you for sharing your video with us!!

knuckles2587 says:

Do theses rows cost a premium

Aloha Snack says:

All the while I thought you were a Singaporean. Anyway, great video as always.

Gregory Baker says:

Great work but did they ask you which meal you would like as they often state only to have one or 2 meals om a 7 hour sector. I fly this route many times in all classes incl Suites?

DOUG and NIKI says:

We flew an A380 and Vlogged about it on our trip from NY to Shanghai. You did a great job with this video…keep up the great work!

Steve Parfitt says:

Gosh mate missed your videos.

Airplanebear 1129 says:

I love your videos so much! 🙂

Jeff Wolcott says:

Thank you

Shannon Driscoll says:

Thank you! I am always on the lookout for couples travelling options like this! It’s almost confusing that the higher up you get, the fewer options there are for companions to travel together! Sometimes the obsession with privacy goes a bit too far. 🙂

homer3152 says:

Excellent report, very comprehensive and systematic!

Pritam Koli says:

Five star coverage

Steve Bee says:

Always look forward to an Eddie Khoo review and never disappointed. Great video. Thankyou.
This looked like a very impressive product from Singapore airlines. Just out of interest which is your preferred airline?

Haris Kyritsis says:

Another amazing video my friend Eddie.This new double bed business class was MAGIC.The double bed was awesome,the foods very cool,the private area is very good.I think that for a journey from Sydney to Singapore and the opposite,is a very good choice to travel with Singapore Airlines and in this MAGIC business class.Eddie keep it up with your AMAZING videos.Waiting so much your next flight.

Charleston Felimon says:

Great trip report sir! :))

Bethany Bloomfield says:

6:54 Someone just got a Tinder message or new match 😀

Gregory Baker says:

Thanks for the reply and current situation but wish to say that there was for a time one meal choice in F and J and doubt you would get 3 but that may have changed but still a quality carrier. I have flown them on that sector to Australia 55 times and would nott make that statement as have seen some disgruntled J pax before question this. Good to know there was 2 meals as per the menu. I recall seeing a menu several years ago and it state which meal option you would prefer. Safe travels anyway. ps I have flown 3976 hours as pax block time in all classes on 54 airlines paid for myself.

Michael Jayatilaka says:

Hi, I have an upcoming flight to Europe with my partner on these flights. Just wondered how you came to only aisle 11, 91 and 96 could have double beds? I thought all the central sets would support that?

vellfire007 says:

SIA new business class more like other airline first class and far better than previous business class with super wide seat.

Tjitte Kamminga says:

great design & food!

Janice Spyby says:

Looks delicious

Tazzie Devil04 says:

i really want the leather qantas bag u have its so beautiful

Arif Abdullah says:

SIA new A380 Business Class seats are much wider and better than Malaysia Airlines A350 errrr “First” Class.. my comment will give Malaysia Airlines fans butthurt.

Masdie World says:

So nice vedio tripi love it … ♡

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