SEAT REVIEW | Ethiopian Airlines BUSINESS CLASS aboard the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

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Airline: Ethiopian Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 (Boeing 777-300ER, only last scene)
Registration: unknown
Seat: unknown
From: Addis Abeba Bole
To: Vienna Schwechat
Date: October 2016

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AdAndPlanes says:

Amazing! Ethiopian looks like a great part of the Stars. Really looks comfortable! If I can ask, how do you get into business while an economy passenger? Please done feel forced to answer, it can be too far 🙂

Cork Aviation says:

Brilliant short review can’t wait for trip report

Minas Demian says:

graet review but I have a question it’s allowed for you to do a cockpit review if so it would be really coll and all you reviews are very GREAT

Shaun Elemens says:

compared to Emirates and Delta bussiness class Ethiopian bussiness class looks like economy! I flew Emirates and Delta bussiness this does not compare! the seats on Ethiopian look like they been glued together by Gorrilla glue.

HowToCompute101 says:

Not too impressive, more like a premium economy seat mixed with legroom. Their is enough legroom that they were like, “Hey, let’s make it a full flat bed!” And than they made it a full flat.

pressure gaming says:

i love it

Yannis Moutafis says:

nice and modern seat.Bravo to Ethiopian Air and to you for this great seat review.

otto zwet says:

Can you do A flight review on a kenya airways

Max T. says:

Yay!!! Can’t wait for the classic Simply Aviation trip report

Simply Aviation says:

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Heathrow Aviation says:

Excellent video! 🙂

Minas Demian says:


Richi rich says:


Life of Aviation says:

Super Video 😀

Umi Hanik says:

can i subscribe

Junior Lee Walker says:

Good vid great content!

My Tree says:

nice video man

starboom crash says:

In my opinion this is the business class of all times

Edu Cataño says:

Nice business class

Matthew Lai says:

nice video!!
BTW I remember they got two types of business class seat. I guess the seat shown in this video is the domestic one, right?

Ramisa Tasfia says:

the seats are very colorful…ha ha ha

Degman says:

Solid airline for a country ravaged by poverty.

Flugzeug Dokus says:

I would like more privacy but in general it’s awesome

Cahyyam Bergkotte says:

Why do so many of your videos have red lines under the thumbnail?

Starley says:

Nice 😀

William B161 says:

Amazing video

Liongamer 123 says:

Kannst du bitte einen Report machen

pressure gaming says:

whats the name of intro song ?

Elizabeth Tembui says:

Hello dear,I’d really like to see the seats of ‘ premium economy class ‘, that’s if there is anything like that lol. I’m traveling to Singapore soon with ET and I wanna see how the seats are. Please kindly send me a link. Merci

zahid hussain says:

100th like

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