SEAT REVIEW | China Airlines incredible BUSINESS CLASS seat aboard the AIRBUS A350-900XWB!

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Airline: China Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900XWB
Registration: B-18905
Seat: 18G
Date: February 2017

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justin Limnardy says:

China airlines has been upgraded its class

Napoleon Blownapart says:

why is the title in portuguese?

tris mer says:

Is this recent or the first flight out of Vienna back in January? I remember watching that one you posted and I think you said you ran out of time to review the business class seat. So they did another invite?
I really want to try the business class too unfortunately nothing to Australia yet! However we have 4 business class upgrades from TPE-AMS-TPE so I am really looking forward to that in September.

Addefsx123 says:

Hi! Great video!
Are you planning to make another Norwegian trip report soon?

Gabriel Cabarles says:

Hi Simply Aviation thank you so much for ibspiring me to fly and go to many more countries and i hope you will still make videos like this and keep inspiring others thank you so much.

500.aviation says:

Looks a lot like Qatar…

My Tree says:

wow der Boden ist episch und ein wirklich gelungenes Video.

DiamondBlobfish says:

I don’t want to force you, but…
DO you have any plans for Garuda Indonesia? I am flying them next year, so I would like to see what it is like.
All the trip reports I’ve seen about Garuda were not in English and they fell asleep for 3/4 of the flight…
If you could, that would be awesome!

By the way, you’ve earned a subscriber.

vernwash2012 says:

We’re flying premium economy- too bad you didn’t “wander back” a section!

Thanks for the video!

Flexi says:

nice Video!

Pazep says:

when did you fly with agean??

Johan Lawrence says:

Hello again Rember me

Edison Zheng says:

Now they need better safety 😛

Rehana Suhail says:

You look so fucking sexy

Yannis Moutafis says:

I prefer the window seats.Comfort and with a great outside view.Excellent video.

Marek Jacečko says:

china airlines first class please

Evandrie Salsabila says:

please trying to fly with garuda indonesia someday^^

Rehana Suhail says:

Can u do a reacting to hate comments

SkyHighGuys says:

I’m thinking I should fly them soon XD

Rorzy O'Boyle says:

And I thought China Airlines was a bad airline!!!

IAmTheOne5 says:

I really wanna fly the a350

Amnas2011 says:

Amazing seat review,super vid,enjoyed:)

Phenomenal RR says:

Anyone here who can recommend me good model shops in Frankfurt,Munich,Amsterdam,Paris,San Francisco or lax

Gamer Girl says:


Jármű Fotóblog says:

awesome video,nice 🙂

Mariusz Skowron says:

Hi can u review LOT airlines?

Omari Joseph says:

this business class is very appealing to the eyes, i like the colours and the attention to detail,love the little seat lamp…very cute.Overall very nicely done.

Andrew Anane says:

Every part of the A350 is stunning

shit happens says:

Thanks for the preview, looks comfy. We’ll be in there on June 30 SFO-TPE and returning July 15. How was the food and the service?

rcyw1112 says:

All I can do is dream… 🙂

TikTakPINEAPPLE Lazar says:


the great flyer says:

you might remember me I changed my name from tomtube360

kristanto soewandi says:

how can you film the whole thing but not take a flight with it?just my curiousity 😀

Economy Flyer says:

Hi David, I know it’s getting hard to reply to comments nowadays but I would really like to hear this from you what do you say to the Cabin Crew when they ask you to stop recoding?

Aviga Games says:

Because what the description and the name of the video is in portuguese ?????

simon crawford says:

Another great seat review, and I really enjoy the fact that your no too serious, and that you wave to us twice when you see yourself!! Some people are too serious, and to them it’s all business. All report, review! Another good reason your so popular! You are thorough, informative, and enjoyable to watch. And as we see, very fun! Thank you.

Youssefs Kanal says:

can you take to Tunisia and fly with TunisAir

RoaringSkiesStudios says:

very nice!

Aero air says:

Are you going to do an economy class seat review soon?

Denis B says:

For you “cheap fares” how much it?

raffy tube says:

please tripreport garuda indonesia what ever the class economy, bussiness, or maybe first class please………

Hugo Nordendahl says:

Oh, that’s a really nice seat I think

One World Flyer says:

Lovely video! Love these review so much!

RTPatYYZ says:

David, did they let you keep the amenity kit for your collection?  Also, I’d love to see you review an Air Canada flight.

ByKinimod ByDust says:

Hey could you fly with westjet? You can fly from vienna to london gatwick and then from there fly from london to toronto

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