This is a comprehensive Flight Review of Kenya Airways Boeing 787-8 Business Class and Economy Cabin from London (LHR) to Nairobi (NBO) on KQ101 featuring their Business Class cabin as well as Service, Bar and Food on Africa’s Best Airline.

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777 Lover says:

Nah Ethiopian or SAA.

Endah Dry says:

please review GARUDA INDONESIA

Avadhoot Gaitonde says:


Thomas Callope says:

Love your review of Kenya Airways
The cabin looks so comfortable and relaxed
Thank You

Bob Oyoo says:

Is that a PlayStation 4 1:30 ?

Aditya Joshi says:

That’s true the Africa is relaxing but the people are good.

wild nfl says:

Privacy… yup, the opposite of the couple sitting next too you due to camera angle..

Paul Fric says:

Josh, Thank You for your videos! I look forward to watching all your well made and great videos…

Dennis Karuria says:

Thanks for the Review On Our Airline….Hope you Fly with them Again Soon

Oswaldo Öberg says:

Nice and very interesting trip report! Did you only get one meal service in the 9 hours flight?

Kevin Watts says:

Good for Africa
Thanks for such an awesome video

Pritam Koli says:

Five star coverage

Barbara N says:

I love this airline..they’re always my first option when flying!They truly are the best airline in Africa!!

Miguel Prado says:

Thank goodness Kenya Airways show respect to people who are recording, unlike Etihad

ClaytonTheCruton says:

Getting to sit on the cockpit for landing mustve been pretty awesome. Great video and review this one Josh

Yusuf Ismail says:

Josh….nice work brother..Kenya airways the pride of Africa..

Ricardo Marcel says:

Looks nice, hope they gave you some nuts ….waiting too long for a meal is not what I would appreciate. Especially in Business. But good impression!!

sadat ali Khan says:

I’d say South African and Ethiopian are miles ahead of Kenya airways.

hugoeri says:

Karibu Kenya ! Nice video, I have been flying with KA many times

Stephen Njoroge says:

KQ is a great Airline. But a lot of improvement is needed in order to be competitive. That said, It still is the pride of Africa. Thanks for reviewing this airline that most people tend not to pay attention to. PS. There is an Inaugural KQ flight from Nairobi to New York (Direct) Set for 28th of this month.

Nicholas Toko says:

I saw this and thought, I wonder if it will be a truly objective critique of Kenya Airways? I started to play the video and within seconds, Josh used the word “exotic”, falling back to the usual Orientalist view of the world by Europeans. Then, we were reminded that it is part of the Skyteam and the emphasis on “standards” then Africa’s “slowness” “easy going”. Again more Orientalist comments used by Europeans to describe Africa, the continent, not the countries that make it up. So overall I found the video an expression of a European on “African” culture rather than an objective overview of an airline. Kenya Airways does not claim to be the best airline in the world, nor does it have the commercial power of the Middle Eastern airlines so a rather unfair way to review what is basically a fairly good standard way of travelling. And the food reminded you of your grand mother?! Not one of Josh’s best reviews.

Rob Youngquist says:

Josh, have you experienced South African Business Class? If you have, which do you prefer … Kenyan or South African?

Iam Shuvo says:

Where is Bangladesh Airlines?

antony rodrigues says:

i thought it would be African cuisine.

Paul Duncan Irwin says:

Josh. Honestly. You are so handsome I can’t even. And I love your flight reviews! Me = fan.

Lillian Nalima says:

For those who say Kenya airways is not good prove them wrong button the worst flight I have ever seen in my life is air Arabia bad flight

The innocent Citizen says:

Just liked before watching..Do they serve only once?

Josh Cahill says:

Follow me on Instagram for daily updates: – Currently travelling in Sri Lanka, so check out what I have to share!

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