Review: JET AIRWAYS Business Class NIGHTMARE FLIGHT to Mumbai

This is a comprehensive Review of Jet Airways Airbus A330-200 from Delhi Airport to Mumbai Airport featuring their Business Class cabin.

Jet Airways Terrible A330-200 Business Class Review on 9W362 from Delhi Airport to Mumbai Airport.

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Michael G. Steele says:

In general, shorter flights are worse than longer transcontinental flights. Flying from Chicago to London was great, in-flight movies, free coffee, and all that. Once you took the shorter flights from say London to Madrid or from Dublin to Rome, the plane was older, noisier, and the seats reminded me somehow of those on an old yellow school bus of my youth. No in-flight movies and you had to pay for any food and drink.

Mamata Dasa says:

Rather u should have fly with Emirates

Shrivats Bhartia says:

Vistara is the best

stash master says:

Indigo is the best

EJ says:

Did Jet Airways respond to your review?

No U says:

So better than PIA or worse?

Bhide Bhide says:

Chutiya…Please never ever come again then..We try to do better everyday..And one day we will succeed

Takashi kai says:

I think you hate India..

Rajarshi Mukherjee says:

All are same but indigo is still better

Alex Campos says:

Aeroméxico way better than this shitty airline!
I think it’s the worst A/L I’ve seen judging from other YouTubers videos!.

Kushal Hira says:

Emirates because it is really good

Imad Magh says:

If this was Business class, just imagine tge suffering of people in Economy 😉

Apurv Chaturvedi says:

Jet Airway sucks. I am an Indian and I can say that. There are other better airlines in India. Check them out

「KOOKIE play」 says:

Actually, this is weird and cool design of seat >_<

Shambhavi Dikshit says:

jet is broke.
it doesnt have money.
jet has degraded a lot.
while air india is much better

Sree says:

Great Video. Jet Airways worst indian airlines. please review Indigo Airline

rupraj sengupta says:

The Indian passengers discourtesy also makes the crew rude!

Anupama Menon says:

Air India

Eric S. says:

India is a shithole

Zafran Khattak says:

I salute your tolerance
Dirty Indians

Satish Kumar says:

Yes jet airways very bad airlines ❤emirates

perry dhillon says:

One of the worst airline

gaming world gamers says:

not every flight is same there . u buy cheap airplane ticket

Dash er says:

I am not a frequent flyer but I travel once a month and have traveled through all of the domestic airliners. In my country jet airways is the most greedy airliner. In terms of quality jet airways, air India, go air all of them are the worst. Go air is the cheapest of them so I won’t complain about their quality as at that price I won’t expect anything more than a ticket. Indigo and Spicejet is good and Indigo is the cheapest between the two. Indigo had some bad customer service in recent years but they are okay. Air Asia is a cheaper airliner and not that good customer service. Vistara is good for customer service at most of times.

vickypedia watch says:

U just wanna show india poor… U jealous

chinnaraj N says:

I can totally agree jet air ways and india arlines is not good insted go on singapore arilines

Travel Logger says:

It’s a good airline…I honestly disagree…have travelled a lot with Jet..

Bla dex says:

It’s all bcuz of T-Series

Shambhavi Dikshit says:

another thing is vlogging in indian planes is tough because of norms by dgca.
dgca earlier had banned internet wifi.
thus any plane over indian airspace cant have internet

Diana Jenkins says:

This airline looks disgusting

Anupama Menon says:


Shreyas K M says:

Hi bro, you’re in a typical domestic (within India) flight, where you have to be just awarded with a less legroom, small table , and a magazine. The airline is in huge losses, and can’t fix it’s bank debts. So they don’t have money to fix those things.

Atharvaa Potdar says:

Try vistara

ios tech gamer says:

Try airindia it has amazing sevice but delays might disturb u

Hitesh Aggarwal says:

How much money did u spend bro…pls mention that too….

akshay parashar says:

oh damm your a guy your giving reviews like your a lady or so its hard you should have called cabin crew if your not feeling good .

kartheek kn says:

Jet airways is the Worst full service private carrier in India,The flight charges are very high and service quality is very bad

Vishal Abhyas says:

Jet is really bad. Kingfisher was really awesome for international flights even in economy class the provided really big seats.

M Gnoidagab C. says:

Disgusting waisting money for this airline

accessaf says:

India. What did You expect. They don’t even respect each other let alone you

Berozgaar says:

Air vistara is best . I’ll happily pay 5% to 10 % exatra for air vistara

Anupama Menon says:

Spice jet

Josh Cahill says:

Follow me on Instagram for daily updates: – Thanks!

Can we get 5000 subscribers!!! says:

Me like planes ○_○

Boeing 777-200 says:

try indigo. sj i hotrrible

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