REVIEW: IBERIA’s NEW Airbus A350 Business Class on the First Flight

This is a comprehensive Flight Review of Iberia Airlines brand new Airbus A350-900 Business Class Cabin from Madrid (MAD) to London (LHR) featuring their new Business and Economy Class cabin Seat as well as Premium Economy, Service and Food.

This is the first Video of Iberia Airlines new A350 Business Class Product which had his inaugural flight on July 20th from Madrid to London.

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Sukruth Rajesh says:

Love your videos!!

Vedant Satam says:

Wow Seems like many Airlines are having similar Business class seats like Iberia .. Air Mauritius has similar one , even Hong Kong Airlines has this one .. Reminds me of Etihad’s business class onboard their A330.

TerrelLism says:

I wonder if they will be use this on the ORD route….?

Gregory Epps says:

Mad LHR is international!

Protocol Officer says:

Again, a very comprehensive and enjoyable review. I like your reviews due to the fact that you seem really laid back. That, in my opinion, is half the battle. I look forward to seeing much more from you. Also, looking forward to seeing your follower’s numbers increase exponentially. Cheers, Colin.

tom m says:

Really enjoyed the behind scenes glimpse of the crew rest area- everything looked so shiny & new

Semsem Eini says:

They have great coffee on Iberia. The best in my opinion. I am going hopefully on Qatar 350 so it’s interesting.

Aviation Lover says:

Excellent balanced review- looked like a brilliant flight!

John Ryoji Izumi says:

Sire, do you have a China Eastern Airlines review?

farhad oskoui says:

I love both Iberia and Spain!!

Simon Pilkington says:

Which seat number where you in Josh as I will know to book the other rows which have the seat closer to the window with increased privacy!

Steve Leech says:

Love the aircraft Josh

B.J. McKay says:

This looks very, very nice. Overall I have a poor perception of Iberia but this provides real insight. Unfortunately I’m always in Tourist Class. Great review, sir!

Adnan Sayeed says:

Again awesome video bro
I’m your biggest fan keep it up bro
Come India bro & make video on Indian airlines please it’s my humble request bro please come India & make a video not on jet airways make other air lines

fritz says:

josh i really want to fuck you

Ryan Essex says:

Look at the size of the fat bloke, He should be in the hold.

John Ryoji Izumi says:

Domestic flight? Well, still a great video.

Josh Cahill says:

Follow me on Instagram for daily updates: – Thanks!

Mark Chamberlain says:

Hi Josh – thanks for another great vlog – As Kyle asked below – how does this service compare to BA (obviously also part of IAG group)?

Henry Wong says:

Again, suree sirty? Why do you have such a heavy accent which affects your poor english pronounciation?

Fex Fexcelix says:

Also, cut the hair a bit. Longer does not suit you very sexy.

wesley thomas says:

OMG! you have most amazing videos !! i also have started to do travel vlogging. please checkout my channel too!!

Gusai Emad says:

all love from saudi arabia

Patson Lim says:

fuck you —google do i look like i need you tell me which class i am in? i will show you one day i will fucking destroy
—facebook until it is nothing

Blake Edgington - Airborne says:

Great review. I could not make the inaugural flight but will be reviewing economy next week on this aircraft and can’t wait.

bryan pebs says:

It’s just so funny that in 2018 Iberia’s Biz cabin is tons better than poor old British Airways Club World…………………how the tables have turned.

Mo Ti says:

Where did you pick up your australian accent ?

Why did you use this english name and not your native german one ?

Aser Helmy says:

Greetings from Cairo

Mithun Shiva says:

Found the video immediately on the notification bar, viewed it as soon as possible Nd loved it so much! Thanks Josh!

Sukruth Rajesh says:


Alvin Tse says:

Only you could rock those shorts with such class on an A350 inaugural. Keep it up Josh!

Kyle ! says:

BA need to follow there partner with this business class seat

Fex Fexcelix says:

You got this with the miles too?

JC Mendiola says:

You should also try PAL’s new a350 soon!

mohd atif says:


Coddiwompling Miguel says:

I’ve wanted to watch this vid as soon as it popped up in my notifications but sadly I was at work. Awesome video as always! Hope you could try Philippine Airlines’ A350 too on it’s non stop flight from MNL-JFK later this year. ☺️

Ravish Narain says:

Hey!!! Pls pls pls make a vlog while flying with Surinam Airways bussiness class! Not a big airline. But great service and food! Thank you.

Kaidan Alenko says:

You should review PAL’s NY-MNL route on their new A350 starting Oct. 28.

Joseph Legros says:

happy to see you back on youtube!!! hope you feel better. have a safe futur flights.

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