Qantas Airbus A330 Business Class: seat, food, and lounge

Flying a Qantas Airbus A330 in Business Class. Experience the seat, the food service, check out where’s best to sit and see the Business Class lounge in Melbourne in this travel vlog.

I was flying on QF35 from Melbourne to Singapore with Qantas. The Airbus A330-300 has 7 rows of 4 seats in business class.

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‘Flofilz – tsuyo’ by WHATZZZ

Camera gear:
Filmed on a Canon EOSM6, various GoPros, and sometimes my iPhone.


Laid-Back Flights says:

I really start loving your reports! 😀 So many details and very nice editing! Keep it up and I am very looking forward for the oncoming videos. Best regards from Munich 😉

Joanne Roberts says:

me too

Gabs says:

Thanks mate, now I know where I want to sit when I take the same plane BC to Japan in a few months.

bs2502 says:

Thanks Stefan for your video. It was unique, warts and all, (softening the butter, dropping the biscuit etc), easy to watch and real. +’d and sub’d.

brad well says:

Hi Stefan, yes the TRS (custom queue) in the morning due to all the Chinese. I hour is not bad I have know longer

jezz frein says:

Your a really good youtube i love your vids and Thanks for posting all of them

Biggles Aviator says:

Ive gotta say.. I love all your travelling vids but the somewhat distracted filming and talking about flying RPT seating classes, food, lounges and the like really is a 1st world issue and a distraction from the real world of flying. Your vids for say Longreach and Euchuca were brilliant along with “your'” flying..Keep those coming but for me…food, seats and business class is lost

ramyhakim says:

awesome edits!

bushyconn says:

Most entertaining. As a right hander person myse;f,  I would agree with you about seating, but, surely this is not ideal for left handed people – they may prefer odd numbered rows!!

Paul Stewart says:

Great video Stefan! You were fortunate to get an A330 with the refurbished interior as Qantas seem to regularly put the older A330-200s on the route to SIN with the old skybed mk1s!

Tim Jacobson says:

Good Videos!

fifolopolus says:

Another great vid Stef, hope you guys are having a great time. Thailand pics inducing awful jealousy in me and Ben. Nice to see Carls in a vid! Fi

Jody Arnott says:

Love your videos Stefan. I’m a professional videographer (NZ based), you’ve got a great eye – love all of the detailed close ups and the editing, and of your videos are all super engaging. Keep making these!

Yoshi 7567 says:

The experience looks great! Great Video Mate

Brady McCallum says:

Great Video and edit.

I’ve recently flown United B787, Emirates B777, Hong Kong Airlines A330, Qantas A330, A380, B747 in each Business Class and by far the refurbished QF 330 Business is the best overall product in my opinion. I’m so glad to hear that the 380 will eventually get the seat upgrade.

Andrew Rogers says:

Stefan your videos are brilliant. Cant wait to fly QF in a couple of years for my 27 wedding anniversary. Keep em coming.

alex2073 says:

Nice video. But if you’re going to be frank, how can you call the MEL QF Business Lounge a ‘nice one’. It’s a cave and the worst QF international lounge in the network!!

Paul Kacirek says:

Great video. Informative personable with good humour. Congrats.

Joanne Roberts says:

watching your reviews,are you vegetarian?

Paul Connors says:

As an American, I am somewhat ashamed to say that our flag carriers just DON’T COMPETE with the likes of Qantas and other European and Asian airlines for the quality of service, food, comfort, lounges etc.   Another OUTSTANDING video, Stefan.  Is Qantas your favorite airline?

Ash B. says:

1:46 is that a bowl of full carrots?? haha wtf

Spiro says:

Even number, good idea, looks like you have your own personal man cave. Food looks good too. Hopefully you can give us a tour of Singapore including what the food is like there. Thanks Stef


nicely done – however it would have been better if you showed the middle two seat configuration for couples. (more couples than singles on business class)

L-E-C Aviation Model model reviews and more says:

Nice model notifications on

Lisa Sutherland-Fraser says:

Have to say the food and seat look fabulous!!

Jodel Flyer says:

Enjoying the travel videos Stef. Keep up the great work!

Jack Verberne says:

Hey Stef, cheers for the great insight. Just a quick one for you, as a QFF platinum, how do you rate the Melbourne business lounge? I am currently tossing up between Brisbane and Melbourne for a connection through to Singapore and would be keen to get your thoughts!

Robert Barnier says:

You guys just love the lounge eh


What are the toilets like? I love tolets

david Webber says:

Another great video. What’s your profession Stefan out of interest?

dan172 says:

I’m glad you enjoyed the catering Stef. It’s my job to put that on the plane for you, Up here in Brisbane though.

Joanne Roberts says:

has the lounge refurbished since last November?

HyoRidaa says:

I absolutely freaking love Changi airport. one of the best airports. so much to do and see there. did they still have the free $50 vouchers to buy things from the airport?

Matt McPherson says:

Thanks for that Stefan…

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