Mabuhay! Philippine Airlines Business Class Review

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Flight review of Philippine Airlines A330 Business Class from Manila to Dubai.


Plane Lover657 says:

I wanna try philippines airlines next

gamer jahiana says:

its so heart mealting from joy of people who vlog anything from my country Philippines thank you!

siegfriedandroy23 says:

Can you jerk off without anyone noticing in that seat?

John says:

Definitely the asian based airlines give some of the best customer service in the world.maybe the best.

Hanifa Begum says:

Can I have some money

Peter Saphire says:

Hi Sam! I really hope you could try the A330 Tri class or the A350 once it arrives cuz it has a much better configuration than that one, probably flights from Australia, Tokyo, Honolulu and Hong Kong are the flights you should try out to test out they’re new product

shanaka jayatilake says:

Wow hospitality-wise.. PAL is the best . Thanks SAM should try this out..

Keith Ayson says:

I like your video but I don’t like the Philippines business class suite.

Mahin Ibne Moyeen says:

only 15mb use allow then 5 dollar hour..what..15mb or 15gb

John says:

Meanwhile, see u guys in coach.

Abdulbasit Khan says:

best youtuber, SAM

Badmington Sunset says:

Yay ur flying my county’s airline (The phillipines)

Wang Karen says:

Envy your job

Laura Plays-Vlogs and more! says:

PAL is the real mvp

BlackTwice Fan says:

Thank you for coming in our country

Beth Craddock says:

Thank you, Sam for finally reviewing my motherland ‘s representative airline. Been following you for a few years now.

Leanaster says:

I went a trip to Dubai from Manila and I didn’t like the Appetiser tbh

Flip Baller says:

The Pretty Girl on the Awaytravel skit is very good actually in acting, plus she’s so beautiful

Arjay Cruz says:

Seems ok with the first class seats but once you try the economy its terrible.. iam 5 foot 8 and i could not stretch my leg properly. My knees are already kissing the front seat while my back is in firm 45 angle with no chance of slight extension..

Celestial Tigress says:

The business class I rode on there is like the cathay

#DontListenToMeNigGa Bitch says:

yeah my man PH i love youre Blog

Mysticfusion GD says:

NAIA terminal 2 is international airport sometimes but always national. But only 2 international airports are terminal 1 and 3

Christan Curry says:

Rhis is the old model Plane and it is the only one left that is not reconfigured the other one is so nice i road it to bangkok smells new big seats and new things so you should try to review on that type of plane the tri class this is the mono class one

Mark ledesma says:

the crew seems very friendly, the food choices need to improve and the seats in business class is cramped, also in the lounge, western food should be available

MagicNarwhal Gaming says:

Yes, we say ‘Videoing’

Michael Vincent Tubog says:

I really like the way you give your review. Honest but not offensive 🙂

Alpha Max says:

The bit where you try to sell me a suitcase is SO cringeworthy.

Mrtribru69 says:

Nice to see this airline review. The crew is so welcoming and courteous! Hope the airline is doing well.

grammus cc says:

Mabuhay = ma bu high. ay = i as in ‘high’ or ‘line’. Fiesta Class (economy) might be a different story. 😉 Nice video.

Benjeih Retes says:

Sam what camera do you used when you do a vlog? Thanks

Hey! Its fral! says:

Thx for sponsoring my country

Apollo says:

Looks scripted soooo cringe

Za ch says:

That is one crowded business class.

chesilly says:

Just discovered your channel! I love the format of your videos — will definitely subscribe!

AlbridgeDabs YT says:

I’m a filipino but I ride gulf air and saudia

Kaye Zambas says:


gamer jahiana says:

i’m from Philippines i usally use philippine airlines

King E says:

13:38 girl in the middle super cute

Geoff Empleo says:

1st time to see where cabin crews have their rest. Thumbs up!!!Sam!

Matt Marshall Moreno says:

I’m a filipino

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