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Good to see you made it to one of my reviews! Hope you get what you expected!
This is the first review of 4 aboard Emirates Airlines in Business Class, whole trip was Zurich-Dubai-Seychelles and back! This video reviews the ZRH-DXB leg on the A380!
The business class on Emirates A380 is one of the best out there, among Singapores and other premium carrier C classes. The seat is great and you get a lot of privacy, all seats have aisle access and are featured with several nice features, like the minibar or a great amount of touchscreens 😉 But have a look yourself in the report!
The crew of my flight was amazing, really cared for every passenger. I don’t know how it was in economy but I had my personal FA who pampered me really good! 🙂
The food was awesome too, very good quality and wheew I was filled up pretty good!

Please enjoy!

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Linx IN says:

Thats not a limousine losser

Riff says:

4:15.  So, I was going to say “More like 20k lol”  Then I check the views.  1.8 million!  Congratulations.

Heel Scholar says:

Lol the caption at 9:40

lynn bond says:

i remember flying on air bus n military and jumbo 757 nice !

Clorox Bleach says:

Bro, that bathroom is literally bigger and nicer than my house

*9$/2$C.e?nt#3. says:

seriously ? it looks so fucking congested!

Brooke Jones says:

Love the plane awesome

Zoe Ivey says:

This was such a great review! You captured everything. Thanks so much. I’m assuming the buffet and the bar on the plane were free?

Fin Tozer Vlogs says:

1234567543 i bet you didn’t even look at the number you just skipped it. I bet you didn’t see the letter in there.
haha you went back to find the letter even though there wasn’t one. 🙂
Can i get 200 likes

RAPTOR FAN2015 says:

garuda Indonesia has a much better responsive and quick life,Hainan airlines,Cathay pacific and KLM are all better than Emirates

Aisha Azeem says:


Ed Vincent Calaguas says:

I got a question, with a business class is everything included like the drinks and foods in the bar?

Chris Dans says:

AMANDEUCE i love ALL your videos. You get a subscribe from me. Great work so keep it up….

pedberoguerrero says:

12:41 yooo they even have a strip pole!!!

umair ahmed says:

Nice video , how much cost the tickets ? If dont u mind

Алексей Лисицын says:

14:44 This face …. amazing

Angel Bryant says:

It it’s comfortable enough for a 12 hour direct flight??

hans1302 says:

i was lucky and got a free upgrade from economy to businessclass, nice experience

Steves Leonardoss Mohnss says:

beautiful my friend

Roger MetalgearSolid says:

what is the best lounge you have been to? which airlines have the best lounge and food and everything.) thanks:)

Shilpa Kher says:

you should stay hungry for 2 days flat if you want to have so much food in a single day

Cole Taylor Gallagher says:

I much prefer chocolate from Belgium

Tammy Teo says:

Had the same experience. Kuala Lumpur to Toronto via Dubai. Loved the flight and the amenities on board. The bar on board was just fantastic.

Malte Spielt says:

*1500€ gone lol*

4z tech tips says:

Business class of a380 has more privace than b777

Ogi Plays says:

The longue is only for business class?

Troll Mania says:

Where is T3 located

Jose Rizal says:

Totally tubular

Moe Szyslak says:

Fly private.. Now THAT is worth the cost.

Ahmed Habichuela Adam says:

Food choices not that good, only the chicken. & that desert i could eat like 10 of those little cakes LOL

But beautiful plane

Zandieh Byn says:

I was flying alone when I was 14 business class from Sweden to Iran they gave me that champagne at the begining of the flight but idk if it had alochol in it but sure tasted horrible!

Heyheyhey2pointo Ypuiejswwieidhxbd says:

The only difference between first and bussiness is that auto door

RAPTOR FAN2015 says:

#15:21 drunk plane=drunk passengers=drunk world

Will Steward says:

If you’ve seen this guys videos he eats like a tank.

thechocolatefactoryhunter says:

you could buy all these things and eat at home…i dont see the point lol

Manol Govedarski says:

Is the food included in the ticket price?

Everygamingstar - EGS says:

I’m only 9 years old and I got to go on business class on an emirates flight!

Jürgen Stahl says:

Great video, perfect quality, good information/explanations during the video, wonderful sense of humour (the toilet scene and the drunk plane). More of these. By the way, which camera and which video software do you use?

Radim Tylšar says:

Amandeuce – you have best review!

Sulaiman Alzeyoudi says:

جو روعة

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