Korean Air 747-8 Business Class on the Upper Deck

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This was my first ever flight on the 747-8 and my first flight on Korean Air so it’s fair to say I was really looking forward to it.

I flew business class on the upper deck of the Korean Air 747 – there is something magic about flying on the upper deck of the Queen of the Skies – much more so than the upper deck of the A380. Sadly the 747 is slowly disappearing from our skies so I was very happy to be able to experience it.

This Korean Air Flight review covers my flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Seoul, South Korea and features: check-in and the business class lounge, boarding, take-off and the onboard service from Korean Air including the business class seat, cabin, inflight amenities, entertainment system and meals.

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Route: Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) to Seoul, South Korea (ICN)
Length: 5,316 miles, 9:55 hrs
Flight: KE906
When: July 2018
Aircraft: Boeing 747-8 registration HL7636 (2016)
Seat: 17A
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP53

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Etho Delahunt says:

Hello world

Flyboys Aviation says:

Nice one! The concept of robots must be alien to Australians 😉

JordanCO_ TV says:

Heyy! Caught that very same aircraft at Atlanta! Glad to see you enjoying it!

MD says:

Who serves broccoli for breakfast! Hahaha!

BobEckert56 says:

The Queen at her absolute best. That how she flies baby!

Daniel C says:

WOW! Great video Dennis but i’m very interested to how you get the money for all this travelling

CO27 says:

747 likes as of this comment. I want to like the video but don’t want to ruin that number! Ha. Awesome video as always Dennis.

Rohan Dhillon says:

What do you have to do to get a upper deck seat on a 747

poundhill22 says:

very enjoyable as normal. nice to fly in the Queen of the Sky’s long may she continue to fly . thanks once again

Luca Mino says:

His face when the robot “walks” by…
Absolutely nailed the review as usual mate!

DaD says:

Good one Dennis I wasn’t that impressed with the menu.

Kym Moulds says:

Another great review as always. Thanks.

Doenjang Stew says:

Anyway most of gonna sleep, why do spend more money.

LRsoup says:

Dennis, thank you so much. It is a pleasure to follow your videos, your opinion is very honest and genuine. In combination with your voice and way of filming, I feel like I want to travel immediately. Thanks for reminding the beauty of the sky, we often forget the beauty of flying.

James Stanton says:

Dennis, was looking forward to see if Korean had a pyjama offering – sadly not! Keep up the great work mate. Always a pleasure to see that notification when you post a new video.

Charles M. says:

My wife and I flew business class from ICN to SFO on the 747-8 business class in the upper deck also. We enjoyed our flight.

BubbA says:

999th like

Pad z says:

Would love to see you and pauls trip reports collaborate.

jake Jones says:

do the air lingus business and economic class

iatsd says:

That layout is like an old version of JL’s new business class design. Dennis, you really need to try JL new J. It’s fantastic.

There *is* something nice about flying on the 747, but holycrap you realize how noisy they are after flying on an A350 or A380! Boeing’s really are just a lot noisier to fly on.

Santi Janethumrong says:

You look gorgeous today

Kingsley Cheng says:

That robot doe

Arvad Mansingh says:

I had a 6 hour sleep on Turkish Airlines economy make sure if you fly with them you choose the A330

JoschiHH says:

Really too bad that the B747-8i hasn’t been that popular among the airlines. It seems to be that many travellers still love the Queen of the Skies, even the modern version

Samuel Cope says:

Love your videos !

Lev Rubinstein says:

Dennis, you are the best in class! We, fans of commercial airlines, shall create a similar ranking as SkyTrax, but for Vloggers 🙂 I am sure Dennis will be having 6 stars out of 5 possible!
Welcome to Estonia and its national carrier Nordica!

SethC12 says:

Oddly I almost feel like Korean air didn’t do a great job given the breakfast wasn’t great and the seats were hard. Plus for business class that had to be. A pretty ridiculous pillow. Still I’ve heard nothing but great things bout them especially their business configuration. Hope you tried the bibimbap on the next flight.

And you being passed by the robot was hilarious but then again my reaction would’ve been no better. Or likely nerdier

Emiel Van Weert says:

your videos are the best

アメリカ在住陸マイラー/Dr. AvGeek says:

Great vid! This biz seats are installed on Korean air 787-9 (2-2-2) as well. But I assume width of 747-8 fuselage is wider than that of 787-9. so does that mean biz seats in 747-8 is more spacious? JAL has the same seats on their 777-300ER and the configuration is 2-3-2.

Rob Youngquist says:

Oh Dennis … those cloud formations upon departure from FRA were stunning!

SEAN McLaren says:

Great video as always! I recently flew Korean Air’s A380 in economy, and it was pretty awesome in my opinion.
Next time try the Korean meal though I think Korean air is better at that over western options.


Good job nice videos please which routes are the 747-8 go on i wish to try it one day thanks all best

Ronald Fish says:

Very nice enjoyed the video

Magic Yo-yo says:

Do asiana or Garuda Indonesia first class or new emirates or Singapore first class

Noah Bowie says:

Sometimes I like not having WiFi on a plane because it means that I get some time away from my work and enjoy the flight without worrying about my work


I was at that same spot at the Frankfurt airport like 3 weeks ago lol. Nice video btw

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