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For those of you who have noticed, I had to delete the first version of this review because I used copyrighted music, my mistake. I just edited new music to it and reuploaded again. I’m sorry that you have to rewrite your comment if you already dropped one 😉 Sorry for any inconvenience!
So some details about this review…this is the return flight of my short NYC trip in September 2015. I could choose between Delta’s non stop flight to Zurich, KLM or Air France. Since KLM is a very likeable airline and added brand new business class seats to their planes I decided to give it a try. Our plane was a rather old 747-400 combi, meaning that there is a cargo compartment behind the economy class.
I really enjoyed their business class service, everything was pretty well organized, the delta lounge is pretty nice and I really liked that new seat. Pretty comfortable, a good amount of privacy, a very large screen and some nice details make this a good business class seat. And I had my best and deepest sleep ever, though I’m not quite sure if the seat was that great or the alcohol hit me hard this time 😉
The crew was doing a great job, they were always friendly and helpful, very attentive and in a good mood. Initially one of the FA’s was a bit skeptic about me filming all the time, but after a nice chat about why I would walk around with a camera all the time she was totally relaxed about it.
The food was good too, meal service started quickly after takeoff and there was enough time to get a good amount of sleep. Only thing I can say is that I didn’t like the plastic dishes.
Anyhow, KLM offers a great business class product and I would fly them anytime again!

Here is the link to my Delta Business class review:

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blknjiggy says:

Those wall seats in economy looks like torture. Love your videos!

RoyalArtz says:

Why aren’t you speaking?

Luc Gruijters says:

Watching this report from time to time and still love it!

Carson Myers says:

I like the seats, the entertainment system, and the amenity kit. However, I would be disappointed if I paid for a premium ticket and received this catering. Thankfully, I can always count on Amandeuce to make high quality videos!

thihal123 says:

Do u get to keep the headphones?

Bonnie's MoTo-Ranch says:

5:57 whats that wall for?

gibbyh65 says:

ya, that stepping over someone is crap..just shite

Larry Hawkins says:

Do members of Delta’s lounges have access too KLM’s lounges in AMS seeing their both Sky Team partners?

Kampamba Chomba says:

not that impressive compared to UAE airlines

goodbaby holland says:

i always want to go to bussnis class in klm

Sarinf Serg says:

It is a pity that you don’t have an isle seat available without going over another passenger just like in economy class, just wondering, do they give you pajamas to change into ?

Kay Ineson says:

This brings back so many memories for me! I did that exact flight but the other way round AMS to JFK on a 747 but economy. The staff we’re brilliant and have never had so much food in all my life! Love your videos and keep em coming. Your also hilarious

Cheetah Lover says:

I flew with klm to Abu Dhabi just so so nice and lovely staff especially I was sitting by my self

DaPunchyDude YT says:

Also NEW YORK-GENEVA? xD Swissair 111

jan says:

I’am duchts

Rj Ti says:

I don’t think this was the most recent version of business class cabin. Because the layout was all angled with the back to the aisles resulting in everyone having an aisle. Maybe this was a concept layout that hasn’t been reworked?

The Minecraft Bros says:

2:51 XD

goodbaby holland says:

klm is my fave plane

Hannah Holby says:

I like all of your videos and i like planes to but can you stop saying bad words?

Walte Grassi says:

LUV LUV LUV KLM > the staff truly welcoming and professional! ALWAYS an awesome experience. Wish we had them here in Indianapolis – I would AVOID Delta, United, American to NYC, ORD, DTW, BOS for my connection.

Mark Barden says:

This is no different to the old Royal Class (a couple of single seats).

craig carlin says:

really enjoyable  ,  having travelled and been on most aircraft the 747 is still my favourite , look forward to more of your blogs

Steves Leonardoss Mohnss says:

hi my friend you welcom to Israel

Dan Frederiksen says:

One obvious thing all planes/airliners should have: access to outside cameras on the display. Instead of a super dumb map telling you where you are, show the effing outside. Multiple high quality cameras in all directions including light amplification and thermal. The display could also show radar returns and transponder data so you could see ships passing in the night, so to speak.
So dumb. Planes shouldn’t have windows. They are significant structural complications.

Rodney Morgan Brown says:

Bootsys Toilet Move? What’s that?


I gone to KLM flight before

MrMash says:

I have Done this in 10 h, best 10 hours in my life!

Thestratblackman says:

Fuckin hate delta

MERC says:

I come from the netherlands i live my land ik hou van NEDERLAND!

Salah says:

The only thing is, why do airlines make a huge luxury class just for flying to another location?

davewreslt says:

I’m taking this flight in August. I opted for 1A. Why didn’t you pick a single seat like 1A or 4A?

kit bertch says:

amenduece, how is homer? is he still flying and filing the best flight reports ever? i hope he’s well.

Henrik _Official says:

I Love your videos!!!! 🙂

Rj Ti says:

Yes, DL, KL, AF all buddies.

davewreslt says:

delta charges for food in their lounge? how tacky. Virgin Clubhouse in heathrow you never pay

Michael van Noort says:

if you like watching the sunrise from the plane, you must know that that not always happens. #Loveklm #KLMISTHEBEST

Rj Ti says:

747-3 notice the engine wind up. From JFK there is a lot more plastic. What was up with 11:17 and Bootsy????

Jentul Jay says:

Dutch Design always stands out…

goodbaby holland says:

but i have never

Jeff Christianson says:

There’s nothing like a classic amandeuce video!

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