JetBlue Mint Business Class seat tour in 4K

Here’s my quick video review and seat tour of Mint (, JetBlue’s transcontinental business class.

I really enjoyed the experience, from the dedicated check-in, to the fast boarding but I really loved the seats. They become flat beds and four of the seats are individual suites with doors. Service is personal and very good and the food is great too. Meals are inspired by NYC restaurant Saxon + Parole. I think it easily compares to American’s First Class service on those same Airbus A321s (except JetBlue has no lounge).

The service is available between LAX and SFO and JFK and costs around $1,500 roundtrip, with online specials dropping the price to close to $1,000.

Photo gallery here:

Filmed in 4K on the 4K Sony Action Cam

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The Gaming Brothers 2.0 says:

Its actually 4A. Plus there’s no 4K on the planes. Business Suite is 2A, 2F, 4A, 4F

cincpac1c says:

Which do you recommend, mint or AA F A321T ?

globalste says:

How did you find the bed mode? British Airways have these seats on their A321 for Moscow, Amman and Beirut and I feel like I’m laying on the floor, I also find the massage function really annoying!!

xXSpeed_MinerXx says:

wow jet blue is better than I thought!

Mark Barden says:

It’s not 10 rows,it’s 5 rows of 2-1-2-1-2 each side.

King Beef says:

lost cost airline my ass LMAO

JJ Garcia says:

They could have at least made the seats wider.

JT Leon says:

To hell with the storage, let’s see the menu!

TheRealJordan says:

Omg! I love jetBlue, they need to bring it to Boston! Also, that mint seat looks like a high class Emirates suite or something haha

Zach Kirzner says:

I flew on MINT to and I remember it being 5 rows

Dan Frederiksen says:

How is that business class? that looks more like above first class ultra expensive.

Tish Villalobos says:

This. Is. My. 2time. Flying. And. I. Going. To. Love. Jet blue. Air lane tish. Villalobos

Easter Bunnymund says:

Your talking need to be more excited

Robert Diedrich says:

How much is it for one of those seats?

TSG says:

How ironic. I watch a JetBlue video and the ad that comes up is for United.

tinasexy35 says:

Wow!! that’s really nice I’m a Delta person might do a change!! Thanks for posting

Colinz2 Gamming says:

puts on viva on jet blue (YEP ITS THE REAL THING)

Millennial Monitor says:

OK, I get there is more space and a TV with a controller. And a private “door”. But Luxury? Not buying into it.

cameraman655 says:

why isnt they in houston


The suit ticket is 4 thousand dollars?

A says:

Very nice, wide, and comfortable business class. Such an extreme difference too, as I actually read the safety instructions the last time I flew in their economy.

Basant Gaur says:

What camera are you using? +Freddy Sherman

chrisz71 says:

Which would you say was the more comfortable suite, American or Jet Blue? Both sound awesome compared to what I fly on (southwest. No frills and they cram you in there).

key West SUNSET says:

Was the flatbed comfortable enough when you go to sleep?


Adam Sonntag says:

does it cost more for a private suite?

1012x2 val says:


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