Japan Airlines Business Class – Tokyo Narita to Sydney (JL 771) – Boeing 787-9

After coming off a British Airways flight from London Heathrow (BA 5), I head to the Japan Airlines First Class lounge to freshen up before my flight to Sydney. I spend a few hours here reviewing the lounge environment/ambience, seating, staff service, food/drink offerings, shower/spa and business facilities.

I head to the gate early to board JL 771, which is a Japan Airlines Boeing 787-9. Priority boarding is well organised for Business Class and Oneworld status guests, but there are a LOT of them! The B787-9 has 44 SkySuite seats spread out over two Business Class cabins. I review the SkySuite seat in immense detail throughout the flight, with a focus on the different seating positions, storage spaces, legroom, seat space, IFE, lighting and so forth. During the 9 hour flight, two meals are served – dinner and breakfast – and I enjoyed how there are both Japanese and Western food options. Throughout the flight, passengers have access to a dine-anytime menu with various of meals and snacks to choose from. I get to sample the lie-flat bed on this red-eye flight. Although the cushioning of the seat and pillow is on the firm side, I still get a good night’s rest. The SkySuite is very private due to the hardshell and wall partitions surrounding the seat. A decent amenity kit by Zero Halliburton is provided, as well as a Japan Airlines jacket (not pyjama) to keep you warm throughout the flight

Although the flight departed Tokyo late, the pilots did an impressive job making up for lost time such that we landed early in Sydney. Being a Business Class passenger, I was able to disembark the plane early to be reunited with my priority-tagged luggage.



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Dany Xie says:

i love it!
good experience eddie!

Francis Bagbey says:

Great trip report with all the detail and information I like. Well filmed, well edited. Thanks!

Dũng Bùi says:

“All pictures” i can’t feel good see that :((
This is video…. 🙁

Alan 1 says:

Excellent Video as usual. Looking forward to the next video. Thank you for sharing.

JDI BS says:

Nice xD 😀

Ben Fox says:

Thank you Eddie as always. Hope you enjoyed it!

scott hughes says:

Awesome video! Could you please fly AA (American Airlines) sometime because there are not many reviews for them just Emirates and the exotic airlines. Thanks! And good job for making 31k, I’ve been with you since 25k and watching your channel grow!

Ryan Tan says:

Glad that you are posting vidoes again!I love this vid:)

Queenbooker says:

Great vid. So want to fly 1st class, it’s on my bucket list.

zakelwe says:

Great report as always Eddie, love your style of reporting, very distinctive compared to other flight youtubers.

JAL food is always epic !

Joanne Roberts says:

great review as per usual.thanks Eddie

Haris Kyritsis says:

AMAZING VIDEO MY FRIEND EDDIE.Thats talking about.From your best videos.I like it very much.You know i thought that Tokyo to Sydney are 5 with 6 hours.Lol.Alost 10 hours journey.Also the service,the menu generally the Japan Airlines have very good orginize.Thank you so much for the video.Keep up your great work.We waiting the next journey,the next big flight.KEEP IT UP EDDIE!!!!!!!

PocketRishi says:

awesome job! loved watching it, will you try PER-LHR on your next Europe visit?

Arthur Mc Dowell says:

Never disappoint Eddie.Keep them coming mate.

jslasher1 says:

I love JL’s service. However, the meals shown in your video do not appear particularly appetising.

Fly Around says:

Great Video Eddie! Still in the process of watching it until the end but I already love how detailed this trip report is once again 🙂 Can’t wait for your next one!

John Horton says:

nice work Eddie ! wow, impressive how much attention to detail for business class by JAL.

Ramkumar Suresh N V says:

Sorry for watching the video very late. #EddieKhoo #JALReview #JALBusiness #JALFirst @5:45, you said the chairs were free to use but in 6:35, you said it needs to be booked.

always in beta says:

That was fully detailed vlog thank you Eddie khoo

Laid-Back Flights says:

The product looks quite good in my oppinion! The staggered seating offers a very good amount of privacy at the window seats, doesn´t it? Very nice flight report and thanks for sharing, Eddie! Best regards from Munich

Unknown Traveller says:

Great looking flight, but boy that sure looked like a ton of food they give you. Can’t complain about the service well done JAL

mujinsai says:

Another great flight review looking forward to the next

Steve Bee says:

Business class flight…first class report (as usual I might add) thanks Eddie.

Dat Bacon says:

Second Comment and great video!

Mozez Cotsoglou says:

I enjoy watching your vlogs, they are so detailed….keep up the g8 work : )

Patrick Woo says:

I believe JAL’s software (customer service) is top 10% in airline industry. However, I really don’t like its hardware (2-2-2 business class seat configuration) for long haul flight. SQ and CX are used 1-2-1 for all tran Pacific flight and I love it.

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